Helen Keller BY: kelli lahman

Helen Keller was a huge inspiration to many. From learning how to read and write while deaf and blind, to being an author. She had many struggles in life, but overcame them all and showed people that just because they're not the same as others, does not mean they can't do anything.

Helen Keller was born with the advantage of eyesight and hearing but lost them both when she got a sickness at nineteen months old. She had already learned to speak at six months old but turned to braille after she caught the illness. Although her life was very difficult, she went on to achieve many goals she wanted to accomplish.

Helen was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama. She grew up in her home with her two parents - Arthur H. Keller & Kate Adams Keller. Helen was a big inspiration to her parents especially, her friends, and her teacher, Anne Sullivan. Anne Sullivan was one of the many helpers in Helen's life. In fact, she taught Helen how to communicate with others by using braille.

Helen went on to college and earned a Bachelor of arts degree. She was the first deaf and blind person to do so. She wanted to pursue her dreams by writing. She wrote her first Autobiography titled "The Story of My Life" which was translated into 50 languages. Helen's thoughts were that violence was unreasonable and she protested in World War l. She traveled to Japan in 1948. Millions of Japanese came out to see her and show how much they appreciated all that she did. She also traveled through Asia at age 75 for 5 months bringing encouragement everywhere she went.

Helen joined the American Foundation For the Blind in 1924. Helen loved working there because she could support others with vision and/or hearing loss. Helen traveled across the U.S. to support and reach out to others. Finally, state commissions for the blind were created, rehabilitation centers were built, and those with vision loss had access to education. Helen Keller changed the world completely. She spoke at a service in 1946 for deaf and blind persons and sent messages of courage to others.

Helen Keller died in 1968 of natural causes. Helen was such a great person and she showed many others that they can be too. She created many ideas to help the world and she definitely changed it. Many people did and still today look at her as a role model

Websites: http://www.afb.org/info/about-us/helen-keller/biography-and-chronology/biography/1235




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