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The universe is self-similar and arises from its own image. (R A Antonius)

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“The Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.”― J.B.S. Haldane, (British geneticist) From his book Possible Worlds. 1927

If you are someone who likes to ponder over the deepest mysteries of the world, if you are fascinated by its beauty, and if you are curious about unconventional theories of the origin of our Universe – then this story is certainly for you.


Read about the artistic world of Richard A Antonius and his Creo+Art style based on his hypothesis.

But how it all started?

Many years ago...

When I was a child, I yielded to the charm of an extraordinary idea: to construct an universal language.

I imagined that using such a language I would be able to understand the world and describe it better. The world, which, especially in my childhood, lurked just around the corner as misty, menacing and impenetrable. I wanted to reveal its deepest secrets, to discover its logical structure by using such a tool. And somehow to tame it.

Certainly, at that time, I didn’t know, that the idea of a philosophical language had already come to the attention of many thinkers throughout the centuries.

Here I recall two such historical figures:



Knowing nothing about the authors of Ars Magna, or Lingua Generalis, I tried my hand at creating a "classification of everything" on the assumption that the philosophical language must have its lexical-phonetic base included in a specially constructed table. Even then I felt that I was doing something extremely difficult, by attempting to solve a problem with a solution that touched upon the limits of human comprehension.

I remember an old print published in a popular science magazine. In addition to its unusual composition, I was fascinated by the fate of the wanderer, who had reached the borders of the world. I studied it often. The print looks like this:

I too, as was foreseeable, in my naive speculation, inevitably approached borders, which turned out to be the borders of Utopia. On approaching those borders, I discovered that my mind was not so eager to use the same rational methods of research and preferred, instead, to seek truth by sailing on the waves of imagination and by listening to the promptings of intuition. In this way, my own artistic nature revealed itself to me. Well, I had to accept the fact that my mind is not able to use mathematical reasoning.

Through the artist's eyes.

Nolens volens, I had to quit work on my utopian project of philosophical language (a priori type), and my notebooks full of tables and sketches went to an old trunk.


At the same time, in the library, I came upon something quite extraordinary: textbooks of artificial languages. This discovery was very exciting; it seemed to me that I had a spritual bond with their authors.

In the years that followed, my interest in prakseolinguistics moved on to literature. And then I myself created an INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE. But this time, the A POSTERIORI type. I anchored this language – just as J.R.R. Tolkien had done – within my own world of graphics and literature.

You will find the outline and the grammar of the Atlango language in my fantasy novel: “The Eighth Island or The Mysteries of Qanaria” (an old version) and the newest one on WWW.ATLANGO.COM as well.

Atlango is easy to learn and pronounce and much more euphonious than old constructed languages - Esperanto, Ido, Occidental, Novial, Neo and Interlingua. Let’s be clear: I wanted to create an easily understood and beautiful sounding language, which would be neutral and could contribute to strengthen the educational and the civilizational solidarity between The European Union and The Americas.

When I close my eyes, I can see the flag of Atlango blowing in the wind of history.

Some time has passed.

One day in my new studio I opened my trunk with old notebooks. On their pages sketches and speculative diagrams formed a magical landscapes. At some point I noticed that throughout my work one particular figure consistently appeared.


I believe it was a voice of intuition telling me to take into account a dynamic aspect of the world by creating a table of classification of everything in the form of a CIRCLE. And furthermore, it told me to draw the SPIRAL as a factor of movement and variability.

Now, after many years, when I look at my drawings, I can see very aptly included in them, a very specific SYMBOL.


To me this drawing is a kind of Eureka.

Let's take a closer look at this drawing.

Copyright by Richard A Antonius

Intriguingly, in the lengthy dictionaries of symbols throughout human civilization, until today, there did not appear a symbol or ideogram, which combined the ancient sign of a CIRCLE, a FOCAL POINT, a CROSS and a SPIRAL. (Therefore, I was able to obtain adequate protection in the patent office.)

I keep finding these elements, but in different, simpler configurations:

Years later, I came across a somewhat similar figure:

Leonardo da Vinci

It is possible that Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) tried to discover the structure of the Universe and The Spiral of Evolution?

Another interesting picture made by Jacob Bernoulli (1654-1705), a mathematician from Basel.

It was he who coined the term “logarithmic spiral.” He also called it Mirabilis. Fascinated by the wonderful properties of the spiral he studied, he directed that his tombestone should be engraved with the logarithmic spiral and the inscription:

„Eadem mutata resurgo (semperdem)” (I shall arise the same, though changed, again and again).

Under mysterious circumstances, as if by magic, another spiral has appeared on his tombstone – the spiral of Archimedes. Moreover, because the meaning of his maxim was contrary to religious dogma (after all, there is only one Last Judgement and there is no Reincarnation) – someone softened his message by shortening it to the first three words.

In this way, they erased his brave message about the cyclical nature of the world and existence.


I have copied my ideogram very carefully and it has never been returned to my old trunk of relics. On the contrary – it has found a place of honor on my desk, in my computer, on the walls of my studio, and finally in my literature and art. I gave it different names: THE ANTONIUS CODE, THE ANTONIUS WHEEL, THE SUPERCOSMOGRAM and THE OMNIUM.

As I already mentioned, a spiral is an important element of my Supercosmogram. And if a spiral, so – as human intuition and nature suggest – it must be a LOGARITMIC SPIRAL, and even similar to the so-called Spiral of the Golden Section*.

* The Golden Section is also known as the Golden Mean, Golden Ratio and Divine Proportion. It is a ratio or proportion defined by the number Phi ! = 1.618033988749895...). Golden Section has many unique, intriguing relationships and properties found in nature, music, art and mathematics.

A spiral drawn within the Supercosmogram, in contrast with the old, static symbols, introduced explicit dynamics. And what’s interesting – it also divided the diagram, as if it pointed to the distribution of the main ingredients and their proportions in our universe.

At today’s level of knowledge, we call it Matter of the Visible World (Ordinary Matter) – (on the spiral line), Dark Matter (MATREX) and Dark Energy (PATREX).

Here are some well-known standard static, non-concentric pie charts showing the Universe content and percent composition:


Here is my own CONCENTRIC concept about the Universe, its content and precentage:


As we can see by the illustration above, the Supercosmogram clearly shows that our local universe develops within a spiral tunnel, between two clashing, mysterious elements – dark matter and dark energy. Here is a place for time and space, light, atoms, molecules, stars, our Earth, the galaxies and all the civilizations of cosmic beings.

It is helpful to recall, at this point, the famous drawing made by Profesor John A. Wheeler, the physicist, who introduced the concept of black holes to cosmology. Here`s how he aptly presents the self-conscius U, namely the Universe.

And at this point, we’ll try to carefully place a hypothetical indicator of our location, at this point in time, on our flat spiral! It’s important to remember, however, that we are still dealing with a flat symbol.


In my novel THE OMNIUM (on your right) there is a scene where a little boy Adam, the main character of the novel, listens to an unusual lecture on Universe content and proportions.

The book covers by the author
This novel contains a special cut-out.


I am a writer and fantasist. But above all I am an artist. When I worked at advertising agencies, I frequently created logotypes or trademarks. So, no surprise, I always studied, with great interest, ideograms derived from different cultures and epochs.

I was particularly fascinated by those connected with the ancient myths about creation of the world. I saw images of a cosmic egg, which a Primeval Bird, the Bird of Heaven, the Dove and other creatures laid on the infinite Primeval Ocean. ( Here is my animation.)

And we should add to it an image of the serpent or dragon, which in the old drawings, surrounds the cosmic egg, binds it, and sometimes crushes it.

RAA pinxit

There is also an interesting Chinese myth about the first living being, the creator of all, giant Pangu, who lived inside the Cosmic Egg. This story is about his struggles to separate the two cosmic forces – Yin and Yang. He succeeded – but he had to squeeze between these two elements to prevent their reunion.

Very similar is the myth of Maori from New Zealand. There, two cosmic forces Rangi and Papa, (Raki and Rakinui) were so close to each other that their children had to separate the parents by force, to make a room for time and for light!

RAA pinxit

Isn’t it similar to my SUPERCOSMOGRAM where the spiral seems to squeeze between two oppositions – Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

I am convinced that at the bottom of these fabulous ideas the truth about the structure and evolution of the universe is concealed. Perhaps our ancestors-shamans, through an unconscious genetic resonance, came closer to the truth and then passed it on, although imprecisely.

The Cosmic Egg

Yes, the Cosmic Egg of the World is very similar to my SUPERCOSMOGRAM. Moreover, the sector of Dark Matter can be associated with the egg yolk, and the Black Energy sector – with the egg white!

One of the oldest belief systems in the world that is still being practiced today by Yezidis, a small community in inaccessible mountains of Kurdistan (Iraq), tells about the creation of the world in a particular way. Here the Spirit of the Universe creates a pearl. This pearl comes apart in pieces. And only a being called King Peacock knows how to put these pieces together and make the world of it.

RAA pinxit

Looking carefully at the different pictures of this sacred bird, we can conclude, that he achieved this knowledge through the spectrum of his own spread feathers, so similar to a circular plan of creation of the world. Yes! An Angel in the form of a peacock may be a kind of metaphor for my Supercosmotangram. And we should recall here the mysterious 8 Deities emerging from the Cosmic Egg, as it in an Egyptian myth. Or "at the very beginning," the ancient Greek Chaos. But, wait! The other version of this belief about the Peacock (Pavo)-King tells us that this Pavo-King also laid the Egg of the World. And, yes, in all these myths a cosmic egg or a pearl – breaks.

It’s not difficult to note that the divisions in my circular Supercosmogram resemble a cracked eggshell. And in addition the spiral appearing in it could be associated with a snake binding this egg, or a Dragon-Snake emerging from it.

Let’s take a look at this seemingly insignificant, elementary symbol. Do you notice a rich, hidden message in it, as I do?

In this symbol I can see an endless story, the story of self-creation of the Super- universe and the story of the future of our cycle. But that’s not all. I think that by switching on our imagination – you and I together, we can do the impossible – we can do both: look at the so-called Big Bang that is the starting point ALPHA (the begin- ning of our cycle) – and even recognize OMEGA Point (the end of the cycle of our universe (!) – and as we continue to follow our imagination – we can draw an as- sumption about ... future worlds, which will occur come into being after this one.

At this point the Supercosmogram seems to confirm – in its very specific way – the theory of CYCLICAL WORLDS already known to cosmologists.

My inquisitiveness and intuition demanded that I spend a lot of time in cogitation overthinking about the symbol of the Universe I had developed. Sometimes I felt like an ancient philosopher, drawing an image of the Logos with a stick in the sand.

Other times, like an alchemist, into whose hands a recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone unexpectedly had fallen.

Another time, I felt like I had discovered the Holy Grail of physics. But being an artist I also noticed something else: Supercosmogram had revealed itself to me as a source of fascinating aesthetics. It emanated a mysterious kind of beauty.

The Antonius Flor

I recalled the words of Albert Einstein:

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science.

I must admit that this statement, in which the great scientist invites both ART AND SCIENCE to experience the beauty emanating from the deepest mysteries of the world, gave me the confidence and encouragement for further research and exploration. Of course, I never fail to keep a certain distance and to exercise restraint over my own speculations. Often, I imbued them with my innate sense of humor.

RAA pinxit

In this way my philosophical and linguistic speculations and unconventional games with the magic of forms, has led me to further exciting observations and because of this, I have created an aesthetic and philosophical system based on the SUPERCOSMOGRAM.

Maybe, in the future The Antonius Code will connect all thinking beings within a common understanding and will contribute to a universal peace agreement. Who knows, perhaps even on a cosmic plan? (If you only could hear my sighs!) Yes, I realize that my words resonate with the utopian dreams of Ramon Llull and G. Wilhelm Leibniz. But – isn’t it beautiful? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?



Let’s go back to the ancient myths. As we say: AB OVO! Let’s return to the myth of Ovo Cosmica – to the very moment when the Cosmic Egg crashes, and the (big) bang causes the beginning of the Universe in our cycle.

Perhaps for a real researcher it would be hard to accept such a whimsical research method. Today not every self-respecting scientist would dare to carry out experiments that are nearly a joke. For example – causing strawberries or frogs to levitate. Actually, fun is nothing but a half-sister to scientific methods of research.

After all, I, a certified Master of Arts – an artist – am using these unconventional methods myself. (To you, my reader, I leave the task of assessing whether I used this method successfully.)

So, one day, pondering the cracks in the shell of the Cosmic Egg, I reached for the scissors and... I cut my Supercosmogram into pieces.

Like this: Snip! Snip!

Scholar and alchemist Sir Isaac Newton separated light by passing it through a glass prism.

Master of Arts R. A. Antonius separated Supercosmogram by passing it through the scissors!

RAA pinxit

The forms that have fallen on my desk looked like the spilled pieces of a puzzle. But I’ve never seen such a puzzle! My imagination immediately started to whisper in my ear various unusual possibilities. I have received 8 logical elements here.


(The central element of the Supercosmogram I cut out together with the smallest element of Dark Matter. (Plasma?) The result revealed a symbol representing sprouting grain).

Let’s take a look at the world of puzzles. Of course I know traditional puzzles and the typical Chinese tangram too.

Puzzle and tangram

There is also a puzzle constructed by Archimedes. (Yes, the same Greek math- ematician who at first cried EUREKA!)

Archimedian tangram

Archimedian Loculus is also known as the Syntemachion. It consists of 14 polygonal shapes.  One can build a square from them in 536 ways!

(In November of 2003, Bill Cutler used a computer program to enumerate all solutions.)

Sir Roger Penrose, an admirer of puzzles and impossible figures created by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher, is a world famous professor of mathematical sciences and theoretical physics at the University of Oxford, England. Sir R. Penrose is the author of his own puzzle tiles so-called Penrose Tilings. Interestingly enough, Sir R. Penrose is also known as the creator of the Cyclic Universe Theory. And this hypothesis is one of the basic ideas underlying The Antonius Code!

RAA pinxit

In light of above, I eagerly started to test my new puzzle.

And then, while having fun, I made the next discovery: Elements of my Supercosmogram imposed their own logical connections!


I’m a filmmaker and animator, so at first I made computer animations with these forms. And then multiple systems began to form from the replicated eight basic elements.

These eight basic elements, these flat fields, I named CREONS. And each one of these systems, consisting of 8 Creons, I named COSMOTANGRAM.

It is interesting that each of Cosmotangrams had a specific set of potential moves. Could it have naturally resulted from the system of Creons... magnetism and gravity? So... ”Creonic Mechanics”?

It is worth taking a closer look.

CREOGRAMMAR or magnetism of Creons, their movements and gravity of Creonic systems.


So the basic figure – the eight-element form, would be the COSMOTANGRAM. Figure with sixteen elements – the CREOGRAM. My next query was how to name these Creonic figures consisting of multiple Creograms? I decided to use the name CREALS.

Oh la la. C’est magnifique!

One day I made another discovery. This time, in the Antonius Code world a new Eureka was to organize 8 Creons – alternately.

Thusly, a fascinating form revealed itself. The inverse form of the initial Cos- motangram. It was as though the Supercosmogram - The OMNIUM had disclosed a second aspect of itself!

And if we refer to this first form of the Supercosmogram as: The Cosmotangram – Matrix, then, the final form, without hesitation, we can call The Cosmotangram – Patrix.

And Patrix represents also the common potential of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

If we look at both figures it’s not difficult to guess that one form always includes a second one. So here we have confirmation of the union of two indivisible cosmic aspects – female and male!

From this moment on I use these two forms together, because such an approach demonstrates:

1. The joint potential of Matrix and Patrix.

2. Their existence in a multiple dimensions.

3. Their symmetry.

4. Their duality as a particle or a wave.

My next supposition is that perhaps the basic elements of a Supercosmogram – that is to say flat (fields) Creons – are the most basic foundation of everything in the universe?

Maybe they are the Alphabet of the material world? Prima Materia, though additionally two-dimensional, at the threshold of the Big Bang? The artistic elementary particles of the world? And speaking in the language of myths:

Perhaps it is true that the entire universe is made of these scattered, and then duplicated and then re-glued together shells of the Cosmic Egg? If so, everything that exists must contain, like a broken hologram, all the elements of the Supercosmogram.

In this case, The Antonius Code confirms and explains the magical cosmic principle, which has been formulated by ancient thinkers:

As above – so below.

Amazing. It seems to be true that at the threshold of the Big Bang our Universe became one with its own ... symbol! If that is so, then the separation of Practice and Pattern followed?

And The Word became flesh! (The Bible, Gospel of John 1:9-18)

Let’s continue to explore the ramification:

The Supercosmogram, like a Mendeleev periodic table, allows one to predict elements of the structure of the Universe and also shows the evolutionary path of our current world. This path is traced by the Spiral, which opens the current world in the Alpha Point (Big Bang about 14 billion years ago), and closes it in the endless future at the Omega Point, which is a new – (Listen to it!) – immediate Alpha Point – the next Big Bang – for the next cycle of the world.

Into this next world enters (one would like to add: flat, two-dimensional) ESSENCE (Superconsciousness) of all collective experience of the preceding world. It should rather be said that this ESSENCE is absorbed ( inhaled ) into a new cycle.

One can say that just through these words “our” part of the spiral, which is equivalent to spring in the cycle of our universe, presents itself. We can understand this sentence more easily now, that we have The Antonius Code - The Omnium to help us.

If we accept the concept that every following cycle of the Universe has not only one but more spiral visible worlds (Multiverses) - then I can say, that all succeeding phenomena called Big Bang (the beginning of the cycle) and Big Crush (the end of the cycle) must occur at the same moment. (Symmetrically.) There’s no other way out. Such understanding it tells us the so-called Antonius Flower. (It contains 8 symmetrical spiral worlds.)

If you haven’t put aside this essay yet, are still a bit confused, and yet still curious about the structure of the Universe, seen with my artistic glasses, let us take another look at the Supercosmogram – Matrix, quarter by quarter, to find other intriguing mysteries.

At the beginning, I suggest that we look at the Supercosmogram as a ... symbolic color wheel.

Look at the colours and the quarters !

And so, one can assume, that the Big Bang of our current universe, begins in the first quarter of The Matrix, at point Alpha, with the color crimson.

In the first quarter of the Matrix, which I called KAOS, we can see an overwhelming dominance of dark energy (anti-gravitational energy or aspirational energy as in a vacuum.) It seems that this Energy has the task of quickly defining (and hence cosmological inflation*) the plan of the future world, including its borders.

*an extremely rapid exponential expansion of the early universe. Alan Guth developed the idea of cosmic inflationary univers.

The Essence of the former world is sucked into a new cycle.

Here, we can see Creo-monads and then Creons (Creonic fields) in a state of chaotic plasma. This is the Prima Materia. In a moment, Creons will bond to each other and arrange themselves in the direction of symmetry. In this phase of creation, those loose and duplicative Creons hypothetically are building Cosmotangrams from the eight Creons. This whole process is covered with a curtain, i.e., the microwave background radiation.

RAAntonius pinxit

This is my creo+artistic impression of the background microwave radiation with a possible reflection of the Symbol-Logos-Rule of the World, on it.

Quarter KAOS ends with the color red and turns into an orange-yellow quarter COSMOS.

It seems that here, at the very beginning of this yellow quarter, symmetry, first atoms and light appear. (Fiat lux!)

In this quarter, Cosmotangrams can now (hypothetically) arrange themselves into systems of higher degree – Cosmograms (16-element systems?) These Cosmo- grams become the building blocks of quarks, atoms, elements and molecules.

And here my ANTONIUS FLOR could work as a model of atom.

Richard A Antonius and his idea about structure of atoms

WITHIN THE SPIRAL, in the quarter COSMOS, in its subsequent sectors, billions of stars, supernovas, white and black holes are formed. In the final stage of this quar- ter (the spectrum color of light yellow) the galaxies are formed and prepared for the formation of eco-systems and bio-systems. On this level, cosmic bodies are shaped to promote the development of life forms. Also, at this level the Milky Way, the Solar System and the planet Earth have been formed.


Now we are entering the quarter we can call BIOS. The beginning of this quarter is marked by the appearance of the first biological system, but not on the planet Earth yet, somewhere earlier, and as yet unknown to us, in a more advanced part of our cosmos.

I suppose, that in this quarter, the basic building material of the world is Creogram – the block consisting of 36 Creons (?).

Now, at this point in cosmic space, life and consciousness develop. This happens in the color spectrum within the bands of a light green to a dark blue.

Remember that life, like all of space, is housed within a thin line of the spiral. It is here that all organisms, living beings, sentient and finally thinking ones exist. And human beings are among them. It is here, somewhere in the BIOS quarter, where we live today. Here is where the observer comes to the world. Here, is where the self-conscious, so-called Wheeler’s U opens its eye, and after a while, we discover ... yes, The Antonius Code!

It is also here, where we, as mankind, are slowly progressing toward the official establishment of the first contact with the outer space civilizations. Oh, yes, the Antonius Code also indicates their existence.

What’s more, we cannot exclude the hypothesis that those civilizations have af- fected our existence on Earth. They, after all, developed earlier than human civilization. My intuition tells me, that we have many powerful cosmic neighbors.

No, no, my Reader, this pictogram – Crop circle – doesn’t exist yet. It appeared in my imagination. But, who knows, maybe it is just a matter of time?

The fourth quarter of the Matrix, reveals the fate of our world, and all cosmic civi- lizations, which are traveling in the direction of a common point. In the name of solidarity, in the face of the inevitable coming – still distant though – all civiliza- tions are heading towards the Omega Point.

To some extent, the Antonius Code affirms a religious doctrine, which describes the End of the World. It is going to happen in a very specific way. So, what is awaiting us in the future? In the most difficult to imagine fourth quarter, within the dark blue to the purple bands of color?

I assume, that in this quarter the world is built of the combination of 64 Creons (8 Cosmotangrams).

In this quarter, the culmination of the creation of the cycle of our universe takes place. Here, all”civilizations” will be united in a common task–to face the inevitable completion of the cycle Kaos-Cosmos-Bios-Noos. This common task is to prepare the ESSENCE of this world to move into the next segment of existence – into the next cycle of Creation. But first it will be necessary for NOOS-beings to reach the level of so called “super” or “God’s” consciousness, through the act of unification with the Supercosmogram. With this consciousness comes the full understanding of the meaning of existence, and also the full understanding of boundless love. (Whatever it is).

Creals by R A Antonius

This relocation will take place within the band of red – purple color when the spi- ral of existence reaches the Omega Point. It is here where the Antonius Code lo- cates the mythical concept of... the End of the World and the Last Judgement. (Closing the big O – so: O –mega)

It is possible that our visible world, our cosmos and its evolution within The Spiral is emerging from the Alpha Point and the Big Bang (which is kind of a White Hole) and is aiming inevitably to face what’s waiting at the other end – the Black Hole.

At the Omega Point, and on the very “bottom” of this Big Black Hole, the entire universe of Visible Matter (Luminous Matter – our Cosmos) will be squished closed to around a zero dimension of Singularity*.

*Singularity. Author applies this concept to the center of the Super- cosmogram and understands it as Point Zero, The Absolute, Eternity, or God.

In this moment, you can draw a bold conclusion, that it is only the Essence, which will align with the symbol of Supercosmogram, and thanks to that joining, willsurvive.

So all our hopes are in the Essence! But are we able to imagine the next level of Creation?

At this point, we once again call upon the ancient maxim:

As above – so below; as below – so above.

Then extremely close to Singularity (but not identical with it!) – the Omega Point, immediately becomes the Alpha Point, which opens the next cycle of Creation. Once again a new Universe will begin, fertilized and inspired by the Essence of the previous cycle.

One day, while composing further Creograms, and from them the Creals, I created a figure, that resembled a stylized angel.

Matrix Patrix and SACRIX

Creograms taking shapes of stylized angels began to fascinate me so much that I made a whole series of works in which they appear as symbols of The Sacred – the Sacred hidden, together with Beauty, in the cyclic process of creating the worlds.

A multicreal - angelic pattern by R A Antonius

Again, I went back to the ancient myths. Let’s take the Bible. Here it speaks about the myriad of angels, which at the very moment of creation filled the space “between heaven and earth.” Perhaps these biblical words are a distant echo of events at the very beginning of the birth of our cycle? Could it be, that these Creons – are... Angels?

R A Antonius - Angels cosmotangram 11

Angels, those essential entities from the previous Universe? And if so, then everything, all matter, space and we... are made up... of Angels! And (yes!) of the Angels who came from the previous cycle of the existence? And is it so, that the super-beings (noo-beings) of our current universe... will become angels for the next world? And why not?

That’s why I entitled one of my first Creo+Art paintings in iconic red:

“Angels are Building the World”.

Suddenly it seemed to me that, with this vision, the world became more beautiful.

But, stop! Let’s return to our modest Earth, to my little studio, (more economical than the laboratory at CERN!) and to my Creons that are lying down all over like autumn leaves.

I am an artist that is why, all the scientific, mathematical and logical analysis of the Antonius Code I leave to scientists. Although, I do sounder one condition: I am willing to leave it to those, who possess, as the great Albert Einstein, the soul of an artist, a big sense of humor and sensitivity to beauty.

On my desktop

Who knows, maybe in the future – when science can no longer afford the incredi- bly expensive machines exploring the fundamental secrets of matter – such as the Hadron Collider at CERN – this witty, artistic Antonius Code will be helpful in the search for the ”God Particle”?

A small correction to the construction of CERN, or the artistic vision of the Collider of the Creonic Fields.

Maybe then we could visualize the first mathematical calculations and equations, from which I – being an artist – stayed away?

Well, perhaps, with this one delightful exception, namely this symbolic and elegant equation, which for me, became my own SPECTACULAR REALISATION.

This artistic equation indicates the existence of the Sacred and Spirit. RAAntonius pinxit.

Meanwhile, as a graphic artist and a painter, I walk within my magic world of the Antonius Code equipped, not with a magnifying glass of a sage, but rather, with the artist’s pen, brush, and computer. I must admit that I do it more enthusiastically because my Creons and my Creals are still charming me with their beauty, surprising me with their infinite richness, and every day, are welcoming me with new stories.


When I was getting ready to create my Creo+Art paintings, I decided to start with a few key paintings, which would fulfill the function of a review board. By showing the paintings at exhibitions, I wanted to facilitate the understanding of the Antonius Code.

RAAntonius Sacrix - Esheroid 1

Dear reader, an admirer of art and metaphysics, you are reading the essay, written by an artist who is also a visionary.

The first experiment with Creo+Art pelengator.

This essay offers an unconventional cosmological hypothesis, and also presents a new, previously unknown, visual world. It is common knowledge, that every bold hypothesis or daring theory purports to resolve many unresolved problems. And so it is, and will be, with the Antonius Code - The Omnium.

Yesterday, on the door of my studio, solemnly and with a noise (of hammer), I nailed up a sheet of paper, with a very revealing thesis:

Sooner rather than later, I will begin to write the CREO+Art -The Omnium Manifesto. My Creo+Art style will appear on exhibitions around the world and as animated films on festivals.

Creo+Art portrait - Ella Antonius

Dear reader. Now I will look forward to your thoughtful and valuable comments. I’ll be waiting for your email at this email address:


If I have succeeded through this story, and my works, in piquing your interested in the most profound secrets of the world and its connections with beauty, science and the sacred, and no less a degree of humor – then, I believe, I have achieved my artistic goal.

The Creator of The Antonius Code - The Author of ”The Omnium”.

Richard A. Antonius Creo+Art Artist

RAAntonius - Fogloy1

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R.A.Antonius literature in English: Garish Decadent or An Old Man My Age.

Translated by Danuta Antoniszczak. Valerie Fischel offered her assistance in the translation process.


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The Antonius Code by Richard A Antonius