Megan's Art Portfolio 3rd period

This is my charcoal self-portrait piece. The best part of this piece is the amount of highlights i used on my hair and face to show the direction of light. If I were to improve this piece I would put more highlights on my face.
This is my watercolor landscape piece. The best part of the piece is the mix of colors i used to show which places to focus more on. I would improve this piece by maybe painting from a different perspective. This is my least favorite piece because watercolor is not my best skill.
These are both of my ceramic pieces. One is a teapot and the other is the resurrection of Jesus. The best part of these pieces have to be the detail. To improve these pieces I would make sure I have enough glaze and smooth the sides out more.
This is the slide and dice drawing we did. The best part of this piece is the shading to show where the light comes from. I would improve this piece by making the contrast more visible.
This is one of the still-life paintings we did. The best in this piece is the highlights because you can distiinctly tell which objects are which. I would add more darks to exaggerate shadow.
This is the second still-life we did. The contrast in this piece is the besf part because you show where the light reflects. To improve this piece i would be a little more neater so no colors would accidently mix. This is my favorite piece because my contrast is very distinct.
This is the print-making piece I did of my cat. The best part of the piece is the colors because it pops out. To improve i wish i chose a different design because this design was a bit difficult.

My strengths as an artist has to be detail, contrast, and composition. My weaknesses are perspective. The advice i would give myself in the beginning of the year is to make sure to manage my time and be a little more neater. The overall grade I would give myself would be an A because I put so much effort into my art and do the best that I can.

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