A Walk Through the Woods Easton, pennsylvania

After a long Thanksgiving night in New Jersey, I headed to Easton, Pennsylvania. All of the sudden, I was at an amazing house in the woods. My roommate’s mother had invited us to stay over the weekend. I was experiencing a whole new season since it was the first time I saw an autumn. I planned ahead for a morning walk wondering about the pictures I wanted to take. The naked trees, the orange leaves resting on the ground, the sun shining through the woods, I had already pictured the scene on my head.

As I framed it

I woke up early excited about my little morning journey. I felt adventure was waiting for me. After a good family breakfast, I headed into the woods like a little a boy who starts to experience the world. The colors, the weather, the dramatic scene, it all felt as it was the best day to be alive.

The water drop wood.

I walked for an hour and for a moment I wanted to get lost among those trees. I even lied down on the ground to bond with nature (a highly recommended practice). The silence was enjoyable. I could actually listen to my thoughts.

From the bottom up.

On my way back, I bumped into Chacho (my roommate’s cousin). He is a great kid but the virtual world is his most lived reality. By virtual world I’m referring to video games. He rarely plays outside or breathes intensely after a long run for no particular reason. Being a kid these days is not as fun. There a lack of freedom and a decrease in connection with the physical world. Anyway, he seemed to be having a special day. According to his family, he is impossible to get photographed. In his daily milieu, to capture him on camera would have been a mission but not in this place, not this day, not even that moment.


We jumped into Marc’s truck (my roommate’s father in law) and screamed vigorously while the truck was shaking us along the way. Chacho was so happy that he had become the main character on his own game. He wasn’t just being part of the scene, he was feeling it.

Child Wonder
There is only one life to experience

The morning and the overall experience made me reflect about life and how we can get out of track without moving a finger.

The Road

At the end of the road you realize there is much more left to walk. No all roads have been built yet, nor they will. Imagination takes us to places only we could see. Don't let anybody live your life based on their standards or stereotypes. Go out there, explore, experiment, LIVE and build your own roads.

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Andres Martinez

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