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1980's was Emcees. 1990's was Rap. 2000's was HipHop. 2010's was Pop. 2020's HipPOP

The Love For Music

How It Drives, Motivates, Calms, and Pushes You To New Heights

Music. The beginning, the climax, and the ending of all things we interact with throughout life. Music is so much more than an artist stepping into a studio and reciting words over a particular melody.

Music is the center of many life-changing events. Over the years, music has assisted with setting the mood of any event.

Think about it….

From the time you wake up in the morning grabbing your coffee to your commute to work and back, music plays its part. Music can prepare you for a nerve-wrecking event. Music can calm you. Music makes you laugh and cry, sometimes all within one song.

Music is one of the most effective ways of communication. This is not just in today’s world, but even back in the days before radios and records and 8-tracks and cassettes and CDs, most all cultures participated in the making of music.

DoGood in Charlotte, North Carolina 2015, celebrating both her birthday and the rebirth of some of the greatest talents to ever hit the rap scene: Keith Murray, Method Man, Redman, and EPMD.
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RoSee Murphy