TYPES- dry and wet. Dry food is known as "Kibble". Kibble is usually packaged in feed bags. The wet food is usually packaged in cans. Dry food contains 7-10% of water and wet feed holds close to 78% of water.

BRANDS- IAMS, Friskies, Purina and Science Diet ect.

FORMULAS ( KITTENS)* 3 oz. goat’s milk, 3 oz. water, 4oz. plain full-fat yogurt, 3 egg yolks* (Adults) get fed 1-2 times a day with dry feed with proportions appropriate to their size and weight.


SHORTHAIRED- you use a fine metal tooth comb to run through your cat's fur. after the comb has been run through their fur, you use a rubber brush to take out all of the lose fur.

LONGHAIRED- you use a wide-toothed comb to untangle all of the knots. you will then use a wired or brissle brush to take out all of the lose hair in their coat.

BATHS- the water for cats should not be too hot or too cold, it should be just in the middle. the shampoo you would use is strictly for cats and only cats. the container you use for the cast soul only be filled 3-4 inches full of water. you want to gently pour or spray the cat's back to get them used to the water. you want to make sure all of the shampoo is out of their coat and then you dry them with dry warm towel.


CAT PUBERTY- cats start to mature when they are 5-6 months old. They tend to be fully mature when they reach 10 months old. Normally cats won't go in to heat until they reach 10 months old of age. Cats typically cycle through their heating season every 2-3 weeks and they last about a week.

GESTATION PERIOD- this cycle lasts 64-67 days on average.

LABOR- a day or two before the cat goes into labor she get more anxious and restless. she will begin to dilate. the first kitten of the litter will typically show up within an hour of labor.After the first kitten it will take the momma ten minutes to an hour.

AFTER BIRTH- the cat will have normal bleeding spots and have some discharge.


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