Camp Tecumseh LivE THIRD

I go to a camp every year called camp Tecumseh. Many people have heard of it but some may not have. It is a christian camp that I feel truly brings me closer to God in so many ways. Their motto is "Live Third" which means God first, others second I am third. If you want to go check out this camp here is a link to their website.

At camp we did many fun things like zip lining and swimming and many more. I found this video on youtube that I think you should watch to get a feel for what we do at camp Tecumseh.

At camp I always go knowing and wanting to make so many friends. I've been going for about 8 years now and I know so many people and have made some great memories. But, it is also fun meeting new people each year and finding new friendships. Going to camp I never know what to pack so heres a list of things that could help you pack your next trip to camp.

These are just some pictures for some very good friends I met at camp. Here's a link to the website where you can find some camp pictures.

Here's a video I made showing you some of the fun things that we do at camp.

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