Katniss Everdeen By Estefania Mance

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Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.I will never give up.I should try me best.No one will forget me.Not my look,not my name.Katniss.The girl who was on fire.

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Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire

About me

I’m Katniss Everdeen.I’m a sixteen year old. I was born in District 12. I live there with my younger sister Prim and my mother. I get angry fast and I’m so unpatient.I always care for others and I think I’m a lovely person.My father died in a mining accident. I didn't have many friends as a child.Gale is my best friend. I have meet him in the woods and we both hunt and get food for our family.I’m an excellent hunter and archer skilled just like my father. Me and my father shared singing ability, too. Since my father dead in the explosion I have become a provider for my family and collect food for them.I love my sister so much and my mother too.I can do everthing for them and this is one reason I’m in the Hunger Games and I took Prim’s place for a tribute.I never give up and I think everyone admirs me for this fact.I am a hopeful person,too.Sometimes I’m not confident in myself and my abilities but the score 11 that was the best of all in practices at the training center gives me courage.It seems like everything I do goes well.I think I'm lucky and blessed.

My latest blog entry

I have a little sister,Prim.Prim is my everything and my biggest weakness.She was a very little girl when our dad died in the mine exposion.The numbness of his loss had passed and the pain would hit me out of nowwhere,doubing me over,racking my body with sobs.I was terrified because my mother didn’t do anything to get a job after that.She was locked in some dark world of sadness,but at the time,all I knew was that I had lost not only a father,but a mother as well.Prim was just seven,so I took over as a head of the family.There was no choice.I tired so much for the family especially for my sister Prim.She was so little and my mother could no longer care for us.I was worried.I remember my tiny sister when she cried everytime.I remember her fear for the community home.It would crush her like a bug.I remember that she tried to get the things in order for the family even she was only seven.It was dificult for me to see my sister like that.I felt worthless.I remember that no amount of pleading from Prim seemed to affect my mother.Everthing seems like impossible for us.

My interests and favorites

List skills, interests, and your character’s favorite things.

My favourite dish is lamb stew with died plums.

My favourite color is green.

Braid is my favourite hairstyle.

The bow and arrow is my weapon.

I love to sing.

I have many strengths and weaknesses in the games.

One of my weaknesses is that I’m rash and don't follow orders.

Haymitch would be the person who knows this the best.

Another weakness is that I don’t always think things through.

I do things without thinking twice.

One weakness is my family and friends.

I also have many strengths in the arena.

One strength is my talent with a bow and arrow. I can shoot anything, and when I kill something I always gets it in the eye so that the meat is not affected.

One other strength is that I know how to set snares and traps. I might not have the skill and balance of Gale, but I can still set them. I’m brave and intelligent.


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