The story of us And our quest

The Story Of Us And Our Quest

There have been so many beginning I'm not quite sure which I'll begin with there's been a tavern, well more than one I should say.theres been a church and a ship that can explore galaxies. There's been so many but I guess I'll begin with a half elf,a dwarf,and a human whose journeys lasted what seems like countless lifetimes.

Chapter 1: a beginning for fools

The resounding thud on the dirty stone road was nothing new.i had taken my share of getting drunk and thrown out a bar but never so quickly until I met this dwarf. I was barely on my third glass of mead when he entered. Pickaxe on his shoulder and a spring I his step. He smiled at me as he entered.ordinary Dwarves weren't know for their cheery nature, He on the other hand was no ordinary dwarf. He raised a hand and exclaimed.

"a mead if you would bar keep, my gullet thirst from work." His voice was grizzled but soft. He took a seat at the bar a chair off from me.his legs dangled in the chair almost comically. I looked into my glass and took a Hefty swing. Life is such a weird thing sometimes, Me a bastard half elf siting in a human bar drinking next to a dwarf. I made a quick grin at the comically questioning of my current existence.

"Do you always drink alone" the dwarf said next to me. He chugged down a swallow of ale and jesters at me. I expected a more harsh tone from such a rough race. I've never really met a dwarf who opened with being curious or frankly with out a fist coming to my face. I took a little long to respond and his blue eyes waited for a answer.

"Not alone just with me,myself,and I". I sipped my drink.

"Hm not exactly the talking sort are ya lad."

"I prefer booze over people,I just so happen to..." a sudden crash caught my attention. The sound of glass echoed in the bar. Both me and the dwarf turned to see what had made the noise. We saw a man seated at a nearby table leg fully extended having knocked over the bar maid as she walked by.

"Whatcha doin ya git" she exclaimed furious. She was covered in booze and had several cuts from the glass.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't see you beyond that huge tush of yours." His accent was terrible and his guttural laughter was just as bad. The table was all humans, disgusting humans. I felt a light flicker inside me as my anger rose. My glass flew on its own landing straight into his face, his laughing stopped and he fell to the floor hopefully out of this soon to be brawl. His three friends weren't the smartest bunch but they all easily had a upper hand 3 vs 1 was not good odds especially when they were over twice my size. The one closest to me landed a blow center mass I felt and heard a snap inside as it landed. Then the unexpected happened. A mug exploded on the back of the mans head as the dwarf swung it into him. The odds were evened as the second one went down. Now I know what everyone is thinking even odds, even fight, we win. Unfortunately the next half hour consisted of our asses getting kicked until guards showed up, threw us out, and arrested the humans. Battered and bruised me and the dwarf sat in a alley near the bar. My cloths were frayed and fist was bleeding on the ground making a small pool below me.

"Well fought my friend." The dwarf said spitting out a gob of blood.

"You didn't have to do that." I said wondering why he tried to help.

"Aye, You simply beat me to the punch. Besides a good dwarf never runs from a good fight."

"More like a good ass kicking."

"Well it is what it is. You seem like good people. how would you like a job."

"Sorry but swinging a pickaxe does not seem like my idea of a good time." I was tired and felt my body being limp.

"How does 20 gold and your own horse sound."

"Like a trap." He chuckled at my comment.

"It does doesn't it." He smiled. "Well what if I said you won't have to swing a pickaxe at all."

"It screams rape dungeon a lot."he seemed to ignore the remark.

"I'll give you all that and all you have to do is come with me. I need someone I can trust, I'm about to leave on a adventure of great importance and I could use a friend. Normally a half elf would be a dwarfs last choice but your better than most people I've met in this town." He winced at the word friend.i pondered the idea but ultimately I just didn't care either way and gold is good.

"Fine, fuck it I don't really care anyways but I'll leave when I want and do as I please, got a problem with that and I'm Dante not half elf, bush beard" I felt my body give as I slowly began to pass out.

"Got it, I'm buni copper-bottom the third but buni will do." Is the last thing I heard before I doubled over and passed out.

And that is where I met buni The last dwarf of stone pillar. A builder,A fighter,and a good friend until the very end.

(End chapter)

Chapter 2: the dwarf named buni

that night I dreamt of home for the first time in a long time,.I wish I could say it was a pleasant memory but wasn't, Being a half-elf wasn't easy. My mother was exiled from her people. The elves showed no love for half borns. My father the ever noble man disappeared not like he really cared in the first place. We lived in an exile commune, it wasn't anything fancy but it was home.

Miss Kelly lived a few houses over. Me and her daughter got along great. We would constantly get in trouble, don't swim in the lake, don't steal miss Kelly's pie. it was a blissful time when I didn't know anything until it was all gone. nothing but ash remains there, ash and death.

"Blood boiling in the crimson scene of death and gore, bodies burned alive and how theirs screams will be made lore. Death to the halflings, death to them all, burn all the fledglings, burn them to their core. Leave nothing left not even the whores." Death and more death oh how I've wanted death more than anything that day. Flesh flayed from my skin. Nails driven deep in my bones. Mothers head oh god her head. They made me watch. They made me live it a thousand times. Until we were all but alive. Did I die that day I don't quite remember. I remember the white clocks they wore as they butchered us. I remember the smell of ash and bodies burning one by one but was I alive in the end.

I awoke in a cold sweat. My body tingled was it from the nightmare or the booze.i tried to stand and wobbled then fell hitting the wooden ground hard, definately the booze. I looked around me to see a unfamiliar carriage. How did I get here I thought I passed out in a alley. The bruises and scraps from last night were all dressed and wrapped. My clock removed no where to be seen along with all my other possessions I was all but naked. If it wasn't for my dressing I'd say I was either being raped, enslaved, or mugged or some combination of the three. Luckily I still had pants. Indecency as nice as it may be is not a polite thing to do out in the open.i could smell something nice being cooked outside. My stomach ached from having not eaten real food in awhile.i could hear a man humming a jolly tune from outside the cart.

I pushed my way out of the flaps of the cart to find a dwarf he seemed pleased to see me.

"Hi there sleeping death. You have me quite the fright last night when you went and took a nap on me suddenly after our brawl." Buni said.

"Is that what happened, where are we?" I asked looking around to see nothing familiar besides trees.

"About an 10 minute ride from town. City's aren't really my style besides the herbs here are far better than the crap they sell if I saw a healer." He said pouring a mixture into a bowl. "Come sit shall we discuss this job over breakfast." He said handing me a bowl. I took the food and had a seat on a log near the fire. I took several spoonful the soup was great. I'd never tried anything like it. The taste was a little salty but the meat was fresh and the vegetable well cooked.

"So what's this job I've blindly agreed to."I said curious. Drinking and agreeing to a job was really not a good idea, well neither was spending my last cooper on booze but I guess everything works out somehow or another.

"Oh, well we're gonna kill a dragon." He said very casually. So casually I spit out my recent mouth full.

"Me and you. Kill a dragon. What absurd amount of dream grass are you on.

"None, why it's just killing a dragon what so hard about that."

"We are talking about a dragon, right. Big fire breathing lizard usually pissed off and killing entire city's at a time." I said in disbelief. Killing a dragon is a impressive feat and he's talking about it like it's nothing.

"I never said the job was easy and I just want your help. I'm not asking you to fight with me to the death just travel with me, Help me out here and there." He said almost pleading. His offer wasn't bad if I didn't have to fight the dragon and still make that much I'd still be set for awhile. Even if this fool gets himself killed it'd be worth it in the end, besides that with no job and no money left I might as well.

"I can still leave when ever I want. Right?" He seemed concerned by the idea.

"Of course, I'll give you the horse and half the gold up front but if you make it to the end, I'll give the rest."withholding half is a smart move If I was a less honest person I'd take the money and run but this dwarf has me curious besides traveling is what I was doing anyways.

"Alright, sounds fair. Not like I really care anyways. When do we depart then."

"Tomorrow morning, unless you need to tie up anything."

"Not a care here." I said stretching.

We spent the rest of the evening discussing our traveling life. He had been a traveler for awhile like me. He is even apart of a small adventurers guild back in a small town not far from the nearby town of lost. The people that mayor it seemed to have a sense of humor because they named it found. Lost and found I wonder if they understood how bad of a joke that is. He loved talking and was a social enough man, he had several adventures before but when I asked why the dragon he got quite and changed the subject. I could see it made him uncomfortable to talk about so I let it slide.

"So why you not have anyone else you could ask family or friends." I asked seeing the pained look on his face as I finished.

"I've done something terrible." He said refusing to make eye contact. "No dwarf should even have done what I did and yet I did. Ancient customs broken and no friends or family to return to. That is why I picked you because your someone I don't know."

"Because I'm disposable." The conversation ended in silence there. After a long eerie pause and several more spoonfuls of awkward soup. He broke the silence.

"Well we better get back into town and get ready I'll alert the adventures guild you'll be traveling with me. We'll look into getting you a horse along the way for now the cart will be your bed and seat on this ride."

"Thanks" I said with some level of dismay. The awkward silence had passed but it left me with a strange feeling. Could I really trust this dwarf. People aren't trustworthy and his price is still high.

> Chapter 3 really lost

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