Colours of Life: An Indian Perspective Shruti Mehta

On Display October 4 to December 14, 2019

Visit scenes of traditional life and nature in India by artist, psychologist, yoga teacher, and author: Shruti Mehta. Using oils, watercolor, and mixed media, the artist captures visions of life’s simple pleasures while growing up in a multi-generational household.

Shruti Mehta

Shruti Mehta began painting in watercolor and oils at age twelve in her hometown of Ahmedabad, India. She earned a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Gujarat University in India, and a Master of Arts in Human Services from St. Edwards University. She is a licensed mental health counselor. She authored Yog Sanskriti, the Culture of Yoga (2019). She currently serves on the board of the Creative Arts Society and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two daughters.

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