Statesboro-Aushanna Roberson-2/1/2020

“I want to send a gracious "Thank You" to those who voted for me. I work with a group of great people, so they have actually helped me become a better teaching professional. This year we all have had to adjust to a new normal, so I know many of my fellow teachers feel overwhelmed by all of the curveballs being thrown at us. It is humbling when someone else notices the work that you do in spite of all of their own challenges,” (Talmeshia Parker)

Talmeshia Parker has given 8 years of her life to teach in Bulloch County and is planning on giving more which is one of the many reasons we're thankful for her. Ms.Parker has been teaching for 10 years. Two of those years she taught in South Korea (if I could go to South Korea I would). Ms.Parker is a nail, hair and everything style type of person. She loves to pamper herself, which is why if she wasn't a teacher would open her own business for females or anybody who wants to pamper themselves. Self care is important to her. Getting things done her way, being open minded, and being stubborn is some of the ways Ms. Parker describes herself. Two of her favorite artists right now are Jasmine Sullivan( listen to her Heaux tales album) and Jhene Aiko( listen to her Chilombo album). They really do have some good music but you can tell one of her favorite categories of music is R&B. She also loves old school music (who doesn't, especially Tupac and TLC). When asked what she would do with $1,000,000 Ms. Parker said she would put that money towards her own school, family, and student loans. Her teaching methods now and how they were before Covid are different because there have been a lot of changes. She still makes it as fun as she can due to the circumstances. We want to give you a very big thank you Ms. Parker for teaching us and helping us become better students.

Statesboro-Ashaunna Roberson-11/19/2020

Melissa Anderson is the business teacher and the FBLA club leader. Mrs. Anderson loves Black Panther. She was never a super hero fan until Black Panther. Melissa Anderson is a crime show, game show lover. One of her biggest dreams is to be on Family feud while Steve Harvey is still there. "I mean who wouldn't want to be on there favorite show cause I would love too." Anyways, Mrs. Anderson is one of the many people who love traveling, and being out of the house. Being held up in the house is the worst. Covid-19 has done some good things and bad things in her life. One bad effect is that she can't travel like she wants. One good effect is that she got to do things she couldn't do when Covid-19 was not around. If she didn't want to be a business teacher she would have her own nonprofit organization about teaching older people and youth about business and how to keep a job. If you ever want to know anything about business go to her she can help.

Statesboro-10/12/20-Ashauna Roberson

For the month of September the Devil’s Advocate staff has chosen Mrs. Karen Tedders as teacher of the month.

She likes to see and teach “the whole child" as was said by several of her peers. This influenced the first question I asked Mrs.Tedders. What does it mean to teach the whole child? In her words, “Teaching the whole child means you have to create a good relationship with them. Understand them and teach in different ways to see how they learn.” Tedders is a science teacher who can teach and make boring things interesting. She keeps her classroom colorful and clean and she makes sure the kids have fun.

Tedders started teaching at Statesboro High when her daughter started here. Her passion has always been teaching and helping people. Some of her hobbies include hiking, camping, and coaching golf. When I was interviewing Mrs.Tedders it felt as if she gave off a sort of motherly vibe. She actually takes care of her students as if she were their parent.

Tedders feels like some of her kids would describe her as crazy, possibly stern at times. Ms. Tedders has high expectations for her kids. She motivates her kids to learn, and get good grades so they can graduate. Mrs.Tedders is just an all over good person.

Statesboro-9/10-Ashauna Roberson

We kick off this years Teacher of the month with the 2019-2020 teacher of the year Ms. Stephanie Deal.

"It was a complete surprise to be honored by fellow teachers and students as Teacher of the month" Ms.Stephanie Deal is a Statesboro high business teacher who specializes in student support services. In the little bit of time that I got to know and interview Ms.Deal, I could see she’s a very nice person she carries about other people and her students. Deal came from Effingham high school to Georgia southern where she got her teaching degree. If Deal wasn't a teacher for SHS she would teach kids in Uganda she loves going places outside of the USA. Traveling is one of her hobbies. She likes learning new things and learning people's background and their history. Spending time with family is important to her making sure that she sees and spends enough time with them. Loves talking like she could talk your ear off but she also likes just being alone and reading if she gets the chance. Deal was inspired to be a teacher by special kids from that day on. She wanted to be a teacher but she wanted to be an elementary school teacher. She became a high school teacher because that was the only position left when she came back from Uganda and now she can't see herself doing anything but teaching high schoolers. She loves talking about her students and watching her kids grow and graduate.