Victoria Cruises by: mackenzie irving


Victoria Cruises is rated five stars and received a collection of awards. The cruise line began in New York in 1993. It goes though the Yangtze River in China, which is the third largest river in the world. The ship is refurbished every year. It holds between 200-400 passengers.


Victoria Cruises has countless things to do on the boat. Their is a beauty salon where you can get your hair done or get a massage. They have a fitness room so you can workout with a variety of equipment. They also offer a laundry service, but no dry cleaning and it is not open on the first or last day of the cruise. Along with that ,there is a reading room if you need a quit place to work or just want to relax and read a book.


The food is made by an award-winning chef. It is a single seating Chinese buffet that is offered at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A farewell banquet will be held on the last night of the cruise. The food is without charge for the pre-booking upgraded executive Superior Cabins and Suites, but the passengers from the Superior Cabins on other decks will be charged.


Contact us at 1-880-348-8084 or go to our website for more information


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