Hitler Rise To Power

The end of World War I caused troubled times for Germany. They owed a great debt and it was simply too much for Germany. The people wanted somebody to blame. Hitler who served in World War I was told to infiltrate the DAP, a political party, and find out what it's goal was. Hitler was accepted into it and eventually the name changed to the NSDAP, and then the Nazi Party.

Hitler started doing public speaking to large groups to help gain power for the Nazis. He complained about the Treaty of Versailles, he spoke of how unfairly other nations treated Germany. He blamed the defeat on it's politicians. He claimed them to be traitors and said they were Marxists, capitalists, and Jews. This developed somebody to blame for all of Germany's problems. Thousands of people joined the Nazi's now and he then used the swastika as their symbol. In July 1921 Hitler went to Berlin to see other nationalist groups, while he was gone the Nazi Party formed an alliance with a group of Socialists. Hitler rushed back to Munich and threatened his resignation. The committee decided to let him become their leader, their fuhrer.

Hitler was inspired by Mussolini who staged a march on Rome. Hitler then decided to do the same with Munich. In Bavaria he kidnapped 3 speakers and took control. Hitler then moved on to the Bavarian Defense Ministry, but were outnumbered and captured. In jail Hitler wrote the book "Mein Kampf". When Hitler was released he attempted to run for President, but the Nazi party only made up 3% of the total seats. However around this time the Great Depression started and Hitler took control once more and then gained up to six million votes and now held 38% of the seats. However Hitler still lost and was in second to Hindenburg.

Hitler eventually was appointed chancellor of Germany. After a few years Hitler took over the economy and the Nazi Party was the only legal party in Germany. When Hindenburg died, Hitler became the Fuhrer of Germany. Hitler's army increased. As it increased he made pacts with other countries, and then attacked poland and after that the Soviet Union. As his army continued to grow, the holocaust began.

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