Winter Breath A Transformation Workshop : Body & Breath

Connecting Body & Breath

As we enter into the depths of winter the days shorten and the darkness looms. It is the season of deep healing, and nourishment. We take this time to replenish and strengthen our foundation for being; needing not be afraid of the dark as it is simply a time to be still in the silence..

'The body never lies'

Martha Graham

Your body speaks of personal truths stored as an anthology of wisdom. Everything is told through the body be it of the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The physical body emanates somatic intelligence. once we start to align and become aware of the subtleties, self healing happens.

The transformation workshop : connecting body and breath; Is designated for absolute beginners and those who have had previous breathwork experience. Leanne is training in the Alchemy of Breath programme and has been facilitating workshops, classes and teaching quality in movement for over 10 years since the start of her former dance school.

Leanne creates a safe container to enable participants to come fully into presence. When we intuitively listen to our bodies. Give space to the form and allow whatever wants to arise in that moment to surface, profound healing takes place.

We stimulate the body's natural capacity to release trauma and stuck emotions that gets locked in the body when we suffer pain, distress or shock. Through this process we gain clarity and insights that bring greater levels of body awareness and profound healing and peace.

About Breathwork

The Alchemy of Breath presents breathers a way to expand their consciousness and enhance their self awareness to bring peace, presence to their internal and external world.

Breathwork allows us to retrieve the fractured parts of ourselves that may have been forgotten or abandoned through trauma. It allows us to unlock the unconscious or any underlying emotions that may be preventing us from living a joyous, fulfilled life. Breathwork brings about a new level of body awareness. It brings peace, presence, vitality and will increase your overall wellbeing.

Life is a continuous reflection of the inner; as we move and breathe, life responds. The deeper we align the breathe with body the more self realisation and awareness will follow. When we refine our breathe we transform the way we live.

Workshop Information


Friday 15th March 7.00pm-9.00pm

Please arrive 5min early to start at 7.00pm


The Lotus Room: 36, Momentum Place, Nook Lane, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 6EF


Full Price £21

We cannot give refunds but will generally transfer you to another session if cancelled given 48 hours notice.

What to bring

• Wear loose clothing as we will be moving around and dancing

• Journal and pens

• Water bottle

• Meditation shawl or blanket

• Cushion if you desire your own personal one

Sacred Crafts Shop

There will be a Sacred Crafts Shop if you wish to treat yourself. There will be crystals, jewellery, Peruvian shamanic textiles and cacao for sale.

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