2017 - 2018 IMPACT REPORT

This past year, you did something radical. While most of the world ignores the plight of the Congolese people, you chose to INVEST in students at the Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo (UCBC) - Congolese women and men who want to change their country for the better. Your generous contribution to the NEXT 500 Future Leaders of Congo campaign is truly an investment in a new generation of leaders.

Your gifts provide scholarships that lift the financial barriers for students in need, enabling them to gain a life-changing education and shape a new narrative of 21st century Democratic Republic of Congo.

At the outset of this campaign, our initial target of $900,000 per year was based on an ideal enrollment of 500. Due to multiple, external challenges, we did not reach that level, but sacrificial donors like you made it possible for every single one of our 347 enrolled students in 2017-18 to complete the year. I am humbled to report that a total of $644,400 was raised during this first year of the campaign. This exceeded our scholarship need by $20,000, which helped us provide additional subsidies for the most needy students.

By giving to the NEXT 500 campaign, you join a Christ-centered community that nurtures these students, inspires passion, and provides resources and space to address the most difficult challenges of their time.

On behalf of our sisters and brothers in Congo, we are excited to share with you a glimpse of the impact your gifts have made on the lives of these young leaders, who, as you will read, are already impacting others! Your faithful commitment to these amazing women and men is helping to write a new story in Congo.



We often show the impact of your gifts through numbers. But, it is important to remember these numbers represent extraordinary young men and women committed to writing a new story in Congo. Here are just a few snapshots of how your generosity helped 2018 graduates become the future leaders of Congo.


Mumbere graduated at the top of the 2018 class in Economics. His hard work landed him a position at a prominent local bank.


Orante graduated in Management and Business Administration. She was recruited by Cacao Congo in Goma as an accountant. As the name suggests, the company harvests some of the world’s best cacao.


Reagan, a graduate in Communications, now serves as a radio operator for the international NGO, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).


A graduate in Communications, Rose joined the DRC health ministry team to assist with the Ebola response.


A graduate in Applied Sciences, Espoir now works with the World Health Organization’s ICT Data Section for the Ebola response.


Our country is where it is, and is in great need of the men and women you have made of us; masterpieces for the development of our country because we now have the connection between intellect, spirit and action. At UCBC, we had a holistic training through courses, research, chapel, work program, but even more through moments of reflection and solidarity with one another. We extend our warm appreciation for the tireless work of Congo Initiative, and to you, our partners, for a just, more integrated and holistic transformation of Congolese society."

- Aganze Mugurukar, President of the Class of 2018


At UCBC, women find a community that encourages and supports their desire to lead. The student-led group Women’s Voices continues to promote gender equality in the community and inspire new approaches to addressing challenges women face. Your gifts empower women to lead!


This year, the percentage of female students grew rom 33% to 37%.


Inspired by Women’s Voices, women in leadership roles increased from 12% to 30%.

I’m thankful for Women's Voices (WV) because it has made me a better me. Before joining the group I was shy, not able to stand and speak in public. It was hard for me to believe that other people can trust me...But because of WV, I was elected as the group's president and I became free and started to speak in public and developed partnerships with other women organizations. I have gained confidence and now as a graduate, I feel ready to integrate what I learned into my professional life.”

- Laetita Tsibola, President of Women’s Voices


Your gifts equipped students with an education that goes beyond the classroom, providing hands-on learning that serves the common good. Whether on campus or in their communities, students are provided the space to think critically about challenges and how to find solutions. Students completed...


Service Learning Projects


Work Program Sessions

UCBC’s Integrated Research Institute (IRI) has become a leader in land governance reform and agribusiness innovation. Led by UCBC alumni, IRI’s Sharing the Land (STL) and Agribusiness Center are becoming well-known throughout Congo and provide unique opportunities for UCBC students to gain practical experience through research and internships. Students witness what is possible with a UCBC education and the impact they can make to transform their country.

A UCBC Agribusiness studnet, Kavugho Kangano, visits a coffee washing station near Beni during her internship.


I do not know how to express myself to thank you for this great gift for us. I have responsibility to pay the academic fees for two students and I assure you it is not easy these days to find the money with the situation we are going through. I thank the Lord because I just had the grace to benefit from the scholarship for my two daughters.”

- Mrs. Masika Tuvuli, UCBC Parent


After just one year of the NEXT 500 campaign, your gifts are already TRANSFORMING lives in Congo. As the people of Beni face a fragile situation shaped by insecurity, political instability, and an Ebola outbreak, they look to UCBC students and alumni who inspire hope, act compassionately, and lead with integrity - young women and men working tirelessly to write a new story in Congo. This is made possible by your faithful commitment to invest in these future leaders. Through your generosity, you equip students with a transformative education to respond to the needs of their communities, as shown in this Impact Report.

Would you renew your commitment to these students by making a year-end gift today? We thank you in advance for your continued partnership!

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