Australian Radio Valves Made in Australia or imported

Australian Radio valve advertisements.

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STC is shown representing Raytheon, later they made valves under the Brimar brand. The name STC originated in 1925 when I.T & T. took over Western Electric's overseas manufacturing operations. The Brimar valve making operation started in 1933 but STC in Australia was representing Raytheon in 1935. It may have been that initially Brimar was not interested in the export market, just another little mystery.
Above: The Australian AWA 100 was found in a collection in San Carlos, California in 1968. It had a brass UV base soldered to the bottom of the B4 base and you can see the solder remains. The100 is identical in appearance to the MOV R5V.
How Max Dupain made an AWA Radiotron valve advertisement ...

Firstly he photographed a violinist, most likely on a 4inch by 5inch negative. Then he made another single photograph comprising the valve, valve box and globe. Lastly he made a composite or montage. There are two ways to achieve this ...

The photo montage was achieved either as a double exposure in a negative, or more likely there were two separate negatives and each one was exposed in the darkroom onto a single photographic paper.


From Radio Waves magazine, special AWA Anniversary issue P26 -27 (July 2013)
1927 AWA Valve chart. Type 55 may be a 201A type
Making AWA valves, Knox street, Sydney, 1924
Making AWA valves, circa 1950, Photograph: Max Dupain, copyright Eric Sierins.
All images in enhanced form: International Copyright The Australian Radio Museum, Silicon Chip Magazine (especially for Radio and Hobbies clippings) and Kevin Poulter.
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Kevin Poulter, Curator, Australian Radio Museum


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