US Granite december 2016

A Quick note from Shawn


We’re almost to the end of the year! It’s amazing how fast it has gone by. 2016 has been another remarkable year in which many changes have been brought to our organization, as well as a lot of new faces to the team due to our growth. Looking back at previous years it is amazing to see how much we have progressed as a company. We have made enormous improvements in virtually aspects of our business. It is crazy to think that just a few short years ago we were templating off of sticks and cutting manually on a bridge saw. Now we utilize the latest technology which enables us to provide the best possible product to our customers. My personal favorite aspect of our growth is to see how many of our teammates have grown professionally throughout the years. We have many individuals who started with us who had ZERO experience in our field, and now are seasoned pros who day in and day out give 100% for the company. These individuals are what our organization is all about, and I hope to see some of the new faces in our company in the same light over the next few years. Thanks for your dedication towards making this company what it has become, and what it will continue to become as we remain the dominate fabricator in our market. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


Job of the month!

Project Name: Peppermill Reno Cashier Cage & Rewards Center

US Granite and Elite Stone are especially proud to present this months “Job of the Month”. After using a competitor for recent slab projects, the Peppermill Resort ownership decided it was time to look elsewhere. Based on their desire for higher quality fabrication and improved installation (as well as past relationships between the hotel, Shawn and John Sr.), we were given the chance to once again provide top-notch service to one of the regions premier resort casinos.

The project features stone provided by the hotel, which include: 2cm Wooden Jade Marble, 2cm Honey Onyx and 2cm Michelangelo Marble.

The Cashier countertops were fabricated through a combination of the Fusion Waterjet, Titan CNC as well as hands-on work. The edging was particularly challenging, as it consisted of a 2 ¼” Ogee Bullnose, 5” face and 1 ½” bottom bullnose – All individually glued together in the field.

The Rewards Center is particularly striking with back-lit, Honey onyx, die wall panels and chamfered Michelangelo marble base.

The biggest challenge facing us on both projects was timing and work areas. The hotel wanted both projects completed prior to Christmas and both areas remained operational during our installation. Our installers did a great job maintaining an efficient pace and clean work space. Based on our results, we also can look forward to additional projects at the Peppermill Reno, Western Village and Peppermill Wendover.


November and December Birthdays


  • Dene Hunter 11/3
  • Shane Hernandez 11/3
  • Rylie B Bradley 11/7
  • Fredi B Delgado 11/7
  • Jersaih Damian 11/7
  • Randy Valdez 11/13
  • Marcus L Jones 11/14
  • Kenneth R Witherow 11/14
  • Brandi Boothe 11/17
  • Jesus Hernandez 11/21
  • Justin D Perez 11/21
  • Jose L Rea Valadez 11/25
  • Justin Robles 11/29
  • Kegan J Talbert 11/30


  • Mario Lorenzana 12/1
  • Noe P Abrego 12/2
  • Bryan Evenson 12/3
  • Rene E Morales 12/6
  • Derek Meyer 12/17
  • Daniel E Frausto 12/22
  • Adrian Sanchez 12/31

Happy Workiversary!!!

8 years

  • Adrian Sanchez

5 years

  • Glen A Bennett

3 years

  • Elmer Agustin

1 year

  • Jose A Maturin-Aguilar
  • Erick Guevara
  • Jersaih Damian
  • Gualberto Meza
  • Hector Mata
  • Manuel Maldonado
  • Rodolfo Munoz

Look who joined US Granite!!!

  • Jose A Miranda
  • Shane Hernandez
  • Jose L Roque
  • Juan Bugarin-Rosales

Rockstar of the Month!!!!

Please congratulate December's Rockstar of the Month,

Marcus Jones

“No stopping this guy. Shows up ready to work even with metal sticking out of his body”

From day one Marcus has brought a tremendous work ethic, as well as a great attitude to USG. He almost always has a smile on his face, and is an absolute pleasure to be around. Marcus is a tremendous asset to the company and I foresee great things out of him in the future.

Please help us to congratulate Marcus on being the December Rockstar of the Month!!

Each month the Selected Rockstar will receive 1 paid day off and $100 gift card...

Paid day off must be approved by your manager and taken with 30 days..

Important dates coming up

  • US Granite Closed
  • Day after Christmas December 26
  • Day After New years January 2

Festivus is a made up secular holiday popularized and celebrated by the fans of the TV series, Seinfeld.

Celebrated on December 23, the holiday was created by writer DanO’Keefe who introduced it in a Seinfeld episode called The Strike.

Made-up Holiday

In the episode, first aired in December 1997, the holiday is conceived by the father of George Costanza one of the show's central characters. In the episode, Frank Costanza reveals that he came up with Festivus as a response to the commercialization of Christmas.

According to reports, Festivus was initially created in February 1966 by Dan O’Keefe’s father, who made up this holiday to celebrate an anniversary with his wife.

Since the airing of the first Seinfeld episode featuring Festivus, the holiday has become popular among the fans of the show.

How to Celebrate?

Host a Festivus party in accordance with the traditions set by the episode.

According to Festivus tradition, the Festivus meal is accompanied with the airing of grievances, where every guest tells every other guest how they have disappointed them over the year. So tell all your guests how disappointed you are in them.

Follow the meal with feats of strength, where the head of the household wrestles with other guests, and the feats end only when the head is pinned to the ground.

Greet people by saying “Happy Festivus” or “a Festivus for the rest of us”.

…that an unadorned aluminum pole is generally considered as the symbol of Festivus?

Did you know????

  • December 27th is National Chocolate Day
  • Bingo Month
  • National Read a New Book Month
  • Universal Human Rights Month
  • The term Yuletide comes from a Norse tradition of cutting and burning a tree to bring in the Winter Solstice. This was to last through 12 days – later known as the 12 days of Christmas
  • • All the gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas would equal 364 gifts
  • On December 4, 1791, The Observer newspaper (the first Sunday newspaper) was first published in Britain.
  • On December 7, 1941, The United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese planes which killed more than 2,300 Americans.
  • National Stress Free Family Holiday Month
  • On December 29, 1862, the bowling bowl was invented.
  • On December 3, 1967, the first heart transplant was completed.
  • On December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers made their first flight.
  • On December 14, 1791, the Bill of Rights was passed.

Getting to know you

This will be a section with interesting facts, trivia or something about a different person or two each month

All about Safety

Happy holidays to all and a safe New Year from the safety Dept.

Remember that hard hats are not just a fashion statement but a necessity. They are also mandatory at any job site where there is an overhead hazard. It’s not to create a rule to follow, but to protect employees from unfortunate incidents involving struck by hazards. Struck by or falling hazards are the number five most reported injury by OSHA. And it’s believed that that number could be cut in almost half if those reporting had been wearing their hard hat. So please for your own well being wear an OSHA/ANSI rated hard hat on any job site with an overhead hazard.

Another fun safety fact is safety glasses although they look super cool they serve a purpose. That purpose is to protect the eyes of the person wearing them from several hazards associated with the work we do. So even though they might look on top of our forehead like sunglasses to get the full affect we really should wear them over our eyes. Hazards do not care about title or money or how many kids we have, everyone is equal if an incident occurs. The only difference is whether we use the PPE we have to protect ourselves or not. Don’t be that guy who loses an eye with a pair of safety glasses resting on his fore head.

As most everyone knows Mike is stepping into a different role and will not be in Reno much anymore. I will be taking over for him. My name is Joe Walters if you have an incident or any questions regarding safety feel free to give me a call my number is (775) 232-2727. I would be more than happy to answer any questions or help in any way possible. I always say our job is to help make sure everyone makes it home the same way they came in with except with a little more money in their pocket. I hope everyone has a great holiday.

In an effort to promote a more healthy workforce CDI Nevada is pumped to roll out the new EMPLOYEE WELLNESS REIMBUSEMENT PROGRAM!

From January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 you can retain receipts for up to $250 total of qualified wellness expenses. The receipts will need to be submitted by January 12th, 2018 and reimbursements will be issued at the end of January.

Qualified Wellness Expenses

• Sport and Recreation event fees such as 5K’s, 10K’s, mudder competitions and marathons

• Weight management/weight loss program fees

• Sport and Recreation lesson fees such as dance lessons, tennis or swimming lessons

• Group Exercise and Personal Training fees

• Fitness center, health club, studio or aquatic center membership fees

• Ski Lift Tickets

• Exercise Equipment

• National Parks entry or parking fees

Please reach out to me if you have questions about what will be covered. The goal is for us to work towards a more fit and healthy life style, activities, memberships or fees not listed above may be eligible for reimbursement. Please contact me to confirm eligibility


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