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How do you approach success? Do you approach it as whatever happens, it happens kind of attitude? Or do you approach it as whatever it takes kind of attitude?

The choice is yours, obviously. If you don't approach selling or even in life that success is your duty, then you will not create consistent desirable result. On some days you feel great because you closed a few deals, and other days you almost feel like quitting. So you must approach success as your duty, obligation, and responsibility as Grant Cardone says.

Think about all the things that you're obliged to do. Maybe you've thought about your rent or mortgage, or maybe your car insurance, or the phone bill? Yes most likely. What about non financial obligations such as attending a special occasion where you have to deal with your distant relatives or your in-laws?

There are so many things in life that we must to do just to survive, and those can be called our obligations. Most of the time we don't even like to do those things, but we do them anyway because we have to. It's more than a "I have to", sometimes those things are a must-do and the only reason why they are a must is because we already know the consequences would be painful if we don't do what necessary.

I think the reason why we don't do this to our goals and dreams is either because they're not big enough, or we're too complacent with where we are. In one of his best selling books "The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Betweem Success and Failure" he writes that one of the things we must do is 10X our goals, so that we don't become disinterested or disengaged on our journey.

I get that it's much easier to fall into our comfort zone aka the average, or what is considered normal in our society than reach for what we truly want in our lives. Most likely than not, our goals and dreams have obstacles that have yet to be conquered, so it can get discouraging at times. So we end up saying to ourselves, "Where I am isn't so bad, I think I'm just going to stay where I am." Although it's comfortable to do that, we don't want get to into that mindset because our life stays in an illusion where things seems fine but in reality, we are actually degrading ourselves and running out of time.

Now look, what if we took that same attitude of obligations and bring it to our goals and dreams? What if we compare how our desired end results versus where we're at the moment? And not that just intellectually, but have our emotions involved every single day as we experience how truly great life would be if we just arrived to our desires. Like every single day, and every single waking moment, we have this attraction towards what we want, and it turns into an urgency to get ourselves moving. If we get ourselves into that level of burning desire, then we got no choice but to actually go for it. Our obligations would turn into, "I got no choice but to be successful" and I think we'd find the journey more satisfying.

One way we can do that is to write our goals every single day, or even better how Grant writes his goals twice a day. He actually has a product called the 10X Planner where you can not only write down your daily goals, but also write how you're going to chunk down the day so it's easier to accomplish them, check it out here. Once right after waking up in the morning and one more right before going to sleep.

Let's face it, there are so many distractions in life and by writing our goals daily, our minds and our emotions would truly be focused on taking the right actions towards what we really want, which is success. But if we're not writing down our goals everyday, it is harder for us to stay on track. The reason we have to write our goals down is to keep the prize in our eyes as much as possible. And when we don't have the prize in our sight, we get distracted, and we don't get a chance to take our success as a duty, obligation, and responsibility

Watch Grant in this small video clip about commitment to success!

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