Tokyo - Day 5 Tokyo Disney Sea. Thursday, December 15, 2016


Today was an early start - got everyone up at 5:30am to catch the first shuttle bus to DisneySea. Good thing too - although the gates opened at 8am, we got there at 7:15am and there were already long lineups at the gate.

We didn't really know what to expect, we just heard that it was a must see. There were only a few rides that were different from Disneyland (and that we would want to go on) that I could tell: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Venetian Gondolas, Raging Spirits, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

It was too cold for the gondola ride and the Raging Spirits lineup was too long. We ended up going on: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Indiana Jones, Sinbad's Storybook Voyage, Aquatopia, Tower of Terror (Kirk and Kali), and Toy Story Mania (Elaine and Kyle). All the lineups were under 30 minutes except Tower if Terror (2hrs+) and Toy Story Mania (1hr).

We started with Journey to the Center of the Earth. The ride was pretty fun, but Kyle didn’t like the final drop!

Went through Ariel’s Undersea Playground. It was beautiful, but really for little kids, so we didn’t stay long.

Indiana Jones was next. Very nostalgic. We wandered around the park and took the Sinbad Voyage, and rode Aquatopia.

We ended off the rides with Toy Story and Tower of Terror. The park itself is pretty small. We were done pretty early, even having time for an early dinner. The kids wanted to go on the Toy Story ride again but the wait was now over 2-1/2hrs so we said no (bah humbug).

Flavoured popcorn is popular. The Disney map showed the locations of all the different popcorn stands. We didn't try any of the popcorn but did try the alien mochi. They looked super cute!

There were tons of people carrying and wearing paraphernalia of a little stuffed bear. We were in Disney and surrounded by this bear - who is it??? We HAD to find out. It seems that Duffy is the big thing here in Japan. It is also the big thing in the souvenir shops! Not Mickey, not Minnie, not Nemo, not Star Wars, or any other Disney character.

Finished off by walking about and going through the souvenir shops. We ended pretty early so we took the Disney monorail to the Maihama train station to head back to the hotel.

To avoid the crazy rush hour train traffic we decided to get off at Tokyo Station to see what was around and delay our trip back into Shinjuku.

We tried to get a glimpse of the Imperial Palace but it was behind a huge fence of trees. We walked around a bit but the area looked like a business district so not much for us to do, but we did have time to eat a couple snacks...

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