The Harn Museum A Good Life Experience

The Harn Museum

Going to the Harn Museum was a truly wonderful experience. The artwork really called out to me here, and with friends it became an unforgettable experience. I truly believe that experiencing activities such as art museums are extremely key to finding one's own "Good Life."

Untitled by John Chamberlain

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This piece really spoke to me. This aluminum foil ball is really something that must be seen in person. One cannot fully appreciate the majesty of this work until coming face to face with it. In just a picture, one may just see an aluminum ball, but in person, everything is clear. Staring into the folds of this ball of aluminum foil was like starring into the folds of the universe. This ball is so deep and rigid, and filled with color and vibrancy. This technique was definitely a risk for the artist John Chamberlain, but it was well worth it. This giant ball of aluminum coated in acrylic , lacquer and polyresin isn't just a ball of aluminum. It's a metaphor for the inner workings of ones soul, and that is beauty that a picture just cannot do justice.

Zandvoort by Frank Stella

Design of the Museum

The design of the Harn museum is simply superb. This picture is a wonderful example of this. The Harn uses every inch of space efficiently. I was especially drawn to this magnificent sculpture on the wall. This whole wing of the museum was just amazing to me. This wing is the same place that I found the aluminum ball I mentioned early. The piece shown above is called "Zandvoort" and is one of my favorites. The design of the museum was perfect for this piece, allowing this behemoth to be perfectly mounted on the wall. I saw this piece all the way across the museum and was immediately drawn to it. The placement, lighting, and vibrant colors were perfect in every way. This piece reminds me of a sea of metal, that in which we see our reflection through the chaos and vibrant colors.

Green Square by Richard Anuszkiewicz

Art and Core Values

One of my core values is simplicity, and vibrancy being shown through that. This green square really spoke to me. Looking into this big green square almost made me weep. I try to live a simple life, and be a simple man, and this piece exemplified everything I could ever explain about simplicity. From the simple colors to the simple shape, this piece is amazing. Additionally, it is simply titled "Green Square" and that alone is more beautiful than anything words can describe. This piece of art has helped me discover more about my value of simplicity than anything I have ever seen.

Florida Landscape by William Morris Hunt

Art and the Good Life

Honestly, and truly, this is my favorite painting out of every painting I've ever seen. This painting reminds me of the long walks I used to take in New Smyrna with my dog Dixie. Dixie may be dead now, but the memory of her is still very much alive. When I look at this painting, I get to experience the "Good Life" of those sunny days with my Labrador Retriever. When I stare into this painting titled "Florida Landscape" it's like I'm still there with my beloved pup Doobie (that was her second name, short for doob-eye-ous). For me, this painting relates most to the Good Life themes of remembering and sharing the Good Life. When I stare into this painting it reminds me what it means to share this wonderful life with another living being, and that is something truly priceless.

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