The Science Boat Challenge by: Amelie galbraith

Buoyancy means the the ability or tendency to float in water or other liquids. For something to be buoyant it depends on the weight of water displaced by the boat. If the weight of displaced water is larger than the weight of the boat, then the boat is buoyant and will float. I designed my boat to be as buoyant as possible. I hollowed out the cylinders on the sides to make it float better. I made the boat as light as possible by making my shapes as thin as I could.

3D blueprint
Actual Boat

Due to an error with the printing my boat was missing two sides which affected the stability of the boat, making it possible for water to come in. Another error was a hole in one cylinder, causing the boat to get water logged. A good thing was that the cylinders helped the boat from rocking, which meant not as much water would come in. For the two missing sides, my teacher, Ms.Luburic had the idea to use a hot glue gun to make a glue wall. Comparing my boat to others, it was probably one of the smallest boats. A lot of other students boats were really heavy, causing them to submerge when too much mass was added. If given the chance to reprint the boat I would try and reprint the boat instead of fixing them with tape or glue as well as the un-printed walls

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