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In your education you have a lot of choices to do, but usually you are pretty confuse to know which one is the best. That's why I am going to share my story with you and bring some statistic and fact to you: I am from France and a year and a half ago I choose to become exchange student during my high school years, the process is not easy and fast but it worth it. When I arrived in the US in the state of Utah it was a shock because I didn't know how speak English I was scared to not understand what my host family or anybody can tell me, I met my host family and they were nice but the difference of lifestyle was huge and in this moment you need to have a lot of adaptation because everything is so different and you don't have anybody familiar next to you so you are kind a "alone", but it was part of the challenge. After a few week everything is working in natural way despite the struggling language, that's why you need to work on it and at this moment you realize how much speaking with people is important. The school is a great place to make friends and improve your language, anyway at the beginning you are lost and not use to see everybody around you speak English and have different rules but again it is "adaptation". Once you are more confident with your host family, school and the language everything become easier and more natural, of course your real family is not here so you need to gain in independence and know how to take care of yourself. After a few months in the US you see how much nothing is impossible, you don't have this fear of the distance because anywhere look so close and easy to go, you can project you to go at a college in England and after that go in the US or anywhere in the world to work because you want tot travel and become very curious you can't stop traveling when you tested it. I don't regret this trip at all, you are different inside after this experience, more mature, experience and have a big vision of the future. This is can be a good way to make you ready for your professional life and have something more than someone next to you to be hire in a company. Well it was a short summarize of how a year of exchange student can change your mind and see the world in a different way.

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