Fire Safety

Fire Safety is very important. Fire can kill.

There are lots of things you can do to keep safe in your home.

It is everyone's responsibility to be safe and to make sure that fires do not happen.

Knowing what to do if there is a fire can save your life and the lives of the people you live with.

Remember, if you see a fire then get out and stay out! Then call 999 straight away and ask for the Fire Service.

How do fire's start?

A Fire needs 3 things:

A fire needs fuel (something that will burn)

A fire needs Oxygen (the air we breathe)

A fire needs heat (something hot like a flame)

Dangers in your home

There may be lots of places a fire can start in your home. In the bedroom, the kitchen, living room, anywhere.

A fire can start very quickly. It’s a good idea to make a list of all the things in your home which might cause a fire. Talk about this with the people you live with.

Below are some animations showing hazards in various rooms around the house, can you spot the hazards? Why are they dangerous?

Top 5 causes of house fires

What do you think the top 5 causes of fires are?

The top 5 causes of fires in the UK are...

  1. Cooking appliances
  2. Smoking
  3. Electrical appliances
  4. Electrical distribution
  5. Candles

Our top tips to stay safe

Make a fire action plan

Fit smoke alarms. But, smoke alarms can be put in the wrong place, so check with someone first.

Blocked exit ways can be dangerous. Keep doorways clear.

Make sure windows are unlocked or that they have a key near them if you need to get out quickly.

If you need support to get in and out of bed then make sure you know how to contact them if there is a fire.

ALWAYS have a mobile phone next to your bed which is charged and has credit on it.

Fire action plan

Draw up an escape plan so that everyone in the house knows what to do if the smoke alarm goes off.

Decide your route out of the house.

Include alternative routes in case the way is blocked.

Make sure that everyone knows where to gather once they are out of the house.

Bedtime routine

It is a good idea to have a bed time routine which makes sure the house is safe before you go to to sleep

  1. Close inside doors.
  2. Switch off equipment at the sockets – phone chargers, TV, Heater, Kettle.
  3. Know where your keys are before you sleep.
  4. Make sure candles are put out.
  5. Check your escape route is clear.
  6. Take a mobile phone with you to bed and keep it on the bedside table.

What to do in a fire

Use your Fire Plan.

Stop what you are doing. Get out of the house.

If you are trapped in a room then get down on the floor, close the door and block the bottom of the door with bedding or clothes.

Do not go back in the house for anything!

Call 999 and ask for the Fire Service.

Tell the Fire Service who you are, where the fire is, what your address is. Stay on the phone if they ask you to and watch for the Fire Service arriving.

Fire Safety film

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