The P.E Field By Jack

Elevated perspective of The P.E Field

This is the field where I have had many memories. The reason I picked this place is because this place has amazing and playful times. This place we have P.E and Recess here. Sometimes we get free day in P.E. Everybody loves free day, you get to play any game you want. During P.E we have the best time ever. We play many fun games. We get to play a game called Castle Ball it is an amazing game. I love the P.E field!

From the corner of the P.E Field
People playing soccer

Sometimes we would have free day! Everybody loves free day you get to play any game you want. During P.E we would have the best time ever we would play many fun games like castle ball. Thats why i choose this place.

My SSEDS ornament

This is my ornament. I made an ornament for this My SSEDS project. Since I love football I made a field goal post and a football sticker with my name on it. I put pine tree needles to be decorative for the Christmas tree. I made this by taking pine needles from my awesome Christmas tree,I took a paint marker and drawing the field goal, and I took a birthday present sticker and put it on my ornament because it is a football. This is the front of my ornament

Back of My SSEDS ornament

This is the back of My SSEDS ornament. It is a soccer field. I did a soccer field because in our school soccer is big and we have The P.E field with soccer fields all over. I did this with a paper and a green sharpie. I hope you like my ornament.

my Diamante poem

This is My quote for The P.E Field

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