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Park Wedding Option
Rockville, MD


Congratulations on your decision to marry! You are so blessed to have found love. There is much to do in planning your event starting with a venue, vendors, invitations, licensure, and finally contacting me. This is because without all of the above elements neither would planning would be complete, nor would I have sufficient information for my agenda.

After we speak, you will reveal your affiliations, ceremony option, and the style you prefer for the wedding. Although planning is available, it is costly since this is Washington Metro! You must book venues sometimes 1-1/2 years in advance! Of course, your home, a restaurant, public parks, and gazebos are great as well. Sometimes you may need a special license for the parks.

Go ahead and choose your options, then email, text, or call Better and Beautiful! I'll be waiting to help you create a better and beautiful event.

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