Surf City Governmental Update March 5, 2021

Town Manager/Administration

Preparations for the upcoming season are in full gear. We are anticipating another busy summer which has town staff working in high gear preparing parking areas as well as reopening public restrooms. Staff continues to work diligently with Pivot Parking to get all the necessary systems in place for the paid parking season. As soon as the online portion of the program is set up, we will get that information out so that people can start purchasing season passes and setting up their accounts, please stay tuned!

It continues to be my pleasure to serve the Town and it's residents, if there's anything I can do for you please reach out! -Kyle Breuer, Town Manager kbreuer@surfcitync.gov

Mayor's Message

To read the Mayor's Message in full, please click here

USACE Nourishment Project

USACE, N. Topsail Beach and Town Staff meet February 25th via WebEx to gain a status update on the federal storm mitigation project. USACE has developed a draft policy waiver for real estate acquisition and parking/access analysis waiver. This draft has been sent for comments, it is expected to back from headquarters in Savannah, GA anytime. They expect to have the executed document by March 2021. USACE has been working with US Fish & Wildlife to widen the environmental windows. BOEM has requested a list of specific activities related to the BOEM leases. Once Fish and Wildlife receive public comment then BOEM can issue a permit for using sand sources outside of the 3-mile limit. Widening the environmental windows would allow contractors to dredge/place sand for a longer period of time, it will also cut down on timing and cost. Currently, regulations do not allow for dredging/sand placement from the middle of April to the middle of November of each calendar year. USACE held an industry day to receive feedback from contractors, there was great attendance from interested parties. For Surf City, we’re looking at an 18-month dredge timeframe with a 24-month contract. Surf City’s contract will overlap with NTB for an estimated one-year timeframe or total project timeframe of 36-months. Contract one will be for the Surf City portion of the project will begin at the Surf City Topsail Beach town line and run north estimating 6 million cubic yards of material. USACE’s data shows enough material to begin the Surf City portion of the project without the BOEM leases. After initial construction the contract will be amended to include areas to include BOEM leases available. The USACE have estimated to hopefully have a contracts out for bid with an awarded contract in September. At that time the contract would be given the notice to procced. Mobilization is could take between 45-60 days.

The federal project is estimated to add an additional 12 million cubic yards of sand to the beach, build a new dune that is projected to be 25’ wide and 14’ high and widen the beach with a 6’ high and 300’ wide berm. Oceanfront citizens should have already turned in the perpetual easements. If you have not received your oceanfront easement please contact clerk@surfcitync.gov or 910-328-4131x106. This is NOT the same easement that was previously signed in 2019. This is a new easement required by USACE for the new beach nourishment project.

Aerial plat maps for each oceanfront parcel have been loaded online. Oceanfront owners can view their property by using the link below, open the Key to find the corresponding map to your property.


Tuesday, April 6th Council Meeting Public Comments

To leave a public comment for the April 6th Council meeting, please call 910-338-5510 and leave a voicemail. Everyone will be provided a three-minute opportunity to record their comments. Comments will be played back at the April council meeting using an electronic platform. Each comment is considered a public record.

Watch the Council Meeting Live at: www.youtube.com/townofsurfcity

View the Agenda Packet at : http://www.surfcitync.gov/2224/Agendas-Minutes

Town Hall Update

Surf City Municipal Complex
Project Schedule


Above + Below:

Above + Below: Custom Home Exteriors finished the IPE wood porch wraps.

Above: Hanover Coatings began treating the IPE wood with Penofin Oil.

Below: With irrigation already in place, SuperScapes started landscaping this week.

Above + Below: Funston Company began final grading and placing asphalt.


Above + Below: Standard Glass Company installed interior glass in the Reception area.

Above: MDN Cabinets installed the Council Dias where Town Council members will conduct future town meetings.

Below: Signage, fixtures, and accessories continue to be installed throughout the site.

Above: TRI Solutions completed their installation of epoxy floors throughout the building, including the Sallyport.

Above + Below: Last week, we hosted a Trade Appreciation Lunch, provided by Flavors Catering. Congratulations to the Trade Partners who won Lowes Gift Cards for their emphasis on safety.

Looking Ahead:


• Complete asphalt paving, striping, and signage

• Complete irrigation and landscaping

• Complete downspouts and condensate covers

• Complete exterior punch list

• Install radio tower

• Install BDA antenna


• Complete doors and hardware install

• Complete punch list activities

• Complete BDA install

• Install appliances

• Final inspections

• Final cleaning

Department Updates

Fire Department

Administrative Division

The fire department is well into the Ocean Rescue Strategic Plan. The internal SWOT analysis is complete along with the first of two public surveys. The SWOT analysis returned some great information that will help guide the plan moving forward. The first public survey received some significant responses as well. We are still processing those results. The second survey is complete, and we hope everyone will take a couple of minutes to complete it. The link is below.


The fire department has been in contact with USLA regarding their application as a Certified Aquatic Rescue Response Agency. Our application has passed the regional peer review evaluation process and now awaits approval from the certification board. The USLA Cert Board meets the last week in April and we should know something then whether we will be certified or not.

The apparatus committee meet with another manufacturer this week. We are confident that we will have three competitive bid packages to look through in the coming weeks.

The new diesel exhaust removable system is complete. The new system has two functions. The first is to remove all engine exhaust from the building during times the engines are running. This is accomplished with exhaust hoses that attached to each vehicle. The system will sense a pressure change and then uses a large fan to suck those exhaust fumes to the outside. These hoses release from the apparatus once they are out of the door. Additionally, the system has several air quality monitors that constantly survey the air in the bays. If the sensors detect any harmful vapors or fumes it will turn on the exhaust fans to remove the contaminated air. We are fortunate to have this system in both buildings through grant funding.

All staff have been working with human resources in response to COVID-19 related issues. Thankfully the fire department has only experienced isolated cases to this point.

Chief Wilson has finished the preliminary budget requests for the town. He is now working on the budget submittal process for the county. The fire department is required to present their budget to the county each year to justify the current fire tax rate in the Northeast Pender Fire District.

Chief Wilson was notified by the State Fire Marshal’s Office last week that Surf City Fire Department has been selected to receive an ISO Regrade Survey. This is a thorough inspection of the fire department and its ability to respond to emergencies in the fire district. The inspection looks at three factors; Communications, Water, and Fire Department Deployment. The county’s communication system has already been graded and counts for 10% of the overall grade. Inspectors will be gathering data on the current water system to identify water capacity and delivery. The water system has the largest impact on the grade at 50%. The final 40% is related to fire department deployment. During this portion of the inspection, the inspector will evaluate the department’s ability to affectively respond to structure fire related emergencies. This grade will determine what residents and businesses pay for fire insurance moving forward. I will keep you all informed on when this inspection will take place.

If you have any questions, please contact Chief Wilson at awilson@surfcitync.gov or (910) 329-1260.

Fire Prevention – Community Risk Reduction Division

Chief Burton has been working with the Special Events Committee on ordinance revisions.

Firefighter Van Pelt has been working on getting some community education materials out to the public via social media. This past year has been difficult to conduct our normal educational programs.

Firefighter Van Pelt has been working with the NFPA on the Community Risk Assessment Pilot Project.

Inspections Completed since the last update (02/18/2021 – 03/04/2021):

• Fire Protection System Inspection – 5

• Fire Safety Inspections – 11

• Foster Care - 1

• Plan Review – 2

Operations Division

The drive engine in Engine 23 that was rebuilt last month is back in the shop with additional engine issues.

Staff have been working with Cape Fear Community College to plan the biannual fire service facility training. This training will be held at the college’s fire training grounds. This allows staff to work on critical skills including; forcible entry, hose line advancement, live fire control, victim rescue, etc.

Staff have been working to complete this year’s hydrant maintenance program.

Fire crews have responded to an increase of motor vehicle accidents over the past couple of weeks. Several of these accidents have been out on 17 causing major traffic delays.

33 Emergency Responses since the last update (02/18/2021 – 03/04/2021):

• Automobile Accident – 8

• Medical assist, assist EMS crew – 15

• Service Call, other – 5

• Control Burn – 1

• Dispatched & cancelled – 3

• False Alarm – 2

Community Development - Building Inspections

Community Development - Planning

Technical Review Committee members met on February 18, 2021 to discuss:

• Triton Village Phase IIA

• Terraces Phase 1 Final Plat approval

The next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for March 11, 2021.

As spring approaches, we have seen an increase in the number of calls regarding lots for sale in our jurisdiction. Staff is spending a significant amount of time speaking with realtors, sellers and potential buyers regarding zoning and building questions. Also please note that most ocean front lots that are listed as nonconforming are referencing CAMA regulations and not zoning regulations. Our local CAMA representative is Jason Dail with the Wilmington CAMA office.

Once the contract for the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update has been reviewed by the attorney staff will move forward with execution of the contract. Stay tuned for information regarding this plan update and how our citizens can be a part of shaping the growth of our community.

Staff recently reviewed 5 submittals for the RFP for the Pavement Condition Survey. Staff scored the submittals and reached out to the highest scoring firm. We are currently working with the firm to negotiate a complete scope of work and fee. Once an agreement is reached, we will present to Council to request award of the contract. The Pavement Condition Survey grades all Town maintained streets and recommends the appropriate treatment for repair as well as providing a prioritized list of repairs. The recommendations will be used in the future for budgeting and prioritization purposes.

Community Development – GIS

Current projects:

• Parking map for the Beach Nourishment project.

• Town asset map to include roads, sidewalk, parks, building, sewer/water infrastructure and possible signs.

• Review and organization of existing data along with analysis of needed data.

• Creating a storyboard layout for our website.

Staff recently met with a GIS provider to discuss possible GIS solutions to provide the accuracy needed to stay in compliance with our permits. In the next few weeks we will purchase our new system and being checking our current data.

Community Development - Code Enforcement

This period saw an uptick in Zoning Violations with (4) of those being storage trailer/ container related and the others being off-site signs. I have reconfigured the way I am conducting business with off site signs and have begun to issue NOV's for the violation. Once the (30) day period has elapsed, any signs uncollected by their owners will be disposed of as will all future signs placed by that firm or individual. All municipal code violations are related to the bulk pick up in some form or fashion. Citizens still seem to be confused on what will be removed in a bulk item pick up, so there are several C&D debris piles out there that I am working on. Trash cart violations remain steady with the north end of the island taking more time and yielding more violations per usual. As we get ready to move into summer I will be putting forth an effort to stem the accumulation of debris left by vacationers utilizing the Solid Waste ordinance and will post an additional update to the Code Enforcement website.

Emergency Management

Since the last update, we have processed an additional 11 Key Card applications through the online request system. If you are a new Island resident or business owner, or you need a replacement Key Card, you can apply for one at www.surfcitync.gov/KeyCard anytime!

Since the last update, we have processed an additional 11 Key Card applications through the online request system. If you are a new Island resident or business owner, or you need a replacement Key Card, you can apply for one at www.surfcitync.gov/KeyCard anytime!

We have completed the bulk of the review portion of the Hurricane Isaias Public Assistance grant project and will be submitting the project for official consideration by FEMA by the end of the week. Up until this point, we have been working with our FEMA Grant Manager to make sure that any expenditure that is reimbursement eligible is included for consideration. We remain optimistic of the outcome moving forward.

The past few weeks have been busy. The finalization of department budgets came due last Friday for submission to the Manager and Finance Director, so we conducted one last preliminary review of the proposed budget package prior to submission. Since the budget is a big piece in our roadmap for success in the coming fiscal year, we wanted to make sure that we had properly addressed all the prospective projects we would like to implement in the coming months. There is nothing worse than being mid-year and realizing that a project has gotten overlooked in the previous budget planning cycle! Our FY21-22 budget request was submitted on time and we look forward to discussing our recommendations further in the coming weeks.

Additionally, there has been considerable work with the IT Department regarding the new Municipal Complex, which is slated to come on line in less than a month. With the facility serving various purposes, we have been working diligently to make sure we have equipment and processes in place that are going to offer the highest levels of efficiency possible. This equates to much time spent on planning and logistics on the back end for the purpose of reducing down time on the front end. A project of this size will surely not be without some challenges early on, but we feel that the time spent ahead of opening day will reduce felt impacts and disruption of services as we phase into the building.

March 7th through the 13th marks the annual Severe Weather Preparedness Week here in North Carolina. This is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge and understanding of the severe weather threats that may impact you and your family. This is a campaign led by the National Weather Service with the purposes of educating the community on the hazards that they may face and providing information that can help mitigate the negative effects of those hazards. As we move through next week, make sure you follow the Wilmington National Weather Service office on the following platforms for some good information!

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NWSWilmingtonNC/

• Twitter: @NWSWilmingtonNC

• Instagram: @nwswilmingtonnc

• Web: https://www.weather.gov/ilm/SvrWxAwarenessWeek

We have been in contact with our AM Radio station vendor and have received good news! Our new station, SurfCityNC AM 1670, has passed all of the quality inspection and assurance tests and will be shipping soon! The vendor is finalizing the virtual broadcast feature of the system as well, so not only will everyone be able to tune their AM radio to our station for information, you will also be able to hear the same message streamed virtually as well. This is a new feature that our original system did not have and we are excited to bring that feature forward to the community! More information will be released once we have the system on hand and installed, so stay tuned!

Since the outset of the pandemic, we have been utilizing a communication resource called Bridge4PublicSafety, or as we call it internally, “the Bridge App.” The Bridge App is a tool that allows us to keep administrative and operational staff on the same informational level, or as we say in the EM community, provides for an accurate and consistent common operating picture. Having a solid common operating picture reduces data and informational errors that sometimes occur while moving between parties and increases efficiency in operations by reducing or completely removing the need to repeat the same information to multiple parties on more than one occasion. By having the same information available to all participants in a centrally located place like the Bridge App, staff can focus on executing their assigned tasks, as all the relevant information is readily and easily accessible. The Bridge App was an absolute gamechanger during COVID and the hurricane season, and we look forward to continuing its service as we move through 2021 and subsequent years to come.

With that, our usage of the system has gotten noticed, and the parent company of the app, Mobility4PS, has selected the Town of Surf City as the recipient for its Pioneer Award for “Most Transformational: Local Incident Response”. The citation for the award is as follows:

“The Town of Surf City, NC with a full-time population of less than 2,500 may be small by many standards, but they have a grand pioneering mindset when it comes to collaboration and serving their citizens. Facing the complex response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Surf City utilized collaboration technology to share information and provide a common operating picture for all local public safety components. By directly connecting Emergency Management, Police, Fire/EMS personnel on a common platform, they were able to provide access to needed information regardless of work location, time of day or device being used. The collaboration efforts and efficiently of their response to this public health crisis has been noted by other jurisdictions far outside the town limits of Surf City. They continue to show us all that size does not prevent an organization from being innovative, it just takes a pioneering spirit.”

We are grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to utilize this awesome resource, which was available at no cost to the taxpayers, and would like to extend our thanks to the staff at North Carolina Information Technology Services and the IT staff at Pender EMS and Fire for getting us linked up with the great folks over at Mobility4PS last year. Collaboration is the key to success, and we are thankful to have the partners we do, because as a collective team, we can handle just about any challenge that comes our way!

As with all of our closing remarks, take some time to visit Ready.gov for some excellent information on preparedness actions you can take now to become more aware and better prepared for a variety of hazards and situations that may present themselves. Taking a few minutes to become better prepared today may make a beneficial difference responding or recovering from an emergency or disaster tomorrow!

If you are starting out and need a little help in becoming better prepared, visit www.ready.gov/plan to find useful information on disaster planning for you and your household. Once you get a plan developed and in place, visit www.ready.gov/kit for guidance on getting your disaster kit properly set up and stocked. Finally, head over to www.surfcitync.gov/codered and get signed up for CodeRED emergency alerts.

Remember, it is important that everyone in your household be familiar with the preparedness plans and use of the preparedness kits for the benefits they provide to be fully realized. Practice using your plan and kit as a group often, so when the time comes and you need to put everything into motion because things are not going so great, you and your family will be better positioned to come out of the situation in a much better way.

Information Technology

Municipal Building Update

Initial Information Technology department budget request completed last week, scheduled for review next week.

Low voltage installation is on track at the new Municipal Building. All wires have been pulled to their corresponding locations and the MDF rack has been located on site. Patch panels and ladder racks installed.

Access Control is underway. All wires have been pulled and door hardware currently being installed. Remaining work includes terminating and installing the control panels, as well as configuration.

Evaluation of printer TCO scheduled for review in the coming weeks.

Currently working with vendors and putting together an A/V package for the town council room.

I am also researching and putting together a shopping list for new networking devices and other gear to connect everything at the new location.

We have had a few quotes and sales calls regarding the surveillance system at the new complex. However, I have found a system that will save the town money both initially and in the long run. Even though it is cost-saving, it is also a very robust and scalable solution. I am putting together the needed equipment and costs now. EM Director Horne has offered assistance to install low voltage at any additional locations where it is needed, as well as to assist in the camera installations. We are always looking for ways to save the town money.

We are still waiting for a proposal regarding the sound system for the Council room.

Police Department

Operational Updates:

Call for Service: In the past two weeks the police department responded to a total of 172 calls for service. This number incorporates officer-initiated calls, such as traffic stops in addition to our traditional calls such as reported calls, crimes in progress, assist citizens, traffic accidents, warrant service, town ordinance violations, etc.

Patrol Division Highlights: The patrol division arrested six (6) individuals during this reporting period. Three for outstanding warrants and three for driving while impaired. Also, they responded to six (6) traffic crashes.

During the month of February 2021, the patrol division conducted 12 school bus operations that are designed to identify illegal school bus passing violations. During the 12 operations, 3 citation was issued for illegally passing a stopped school bus. We will continue to conduct these operations to ensure our children are safe.

Weekly Crime Stat Comparisons:


Felony Incidents Assigned to Criminal Investigation Division

• 21-0709 Obtain Property by False Pretenses/Active

• 21-0696 Breaking & Entering/Closed (Victim refused to prosecute)

• 21-0694 Breaking & Entering/Closed (Unfounded)

• 21-0669 Unattended Death Investigation/Closed

• 21-0659 Obtain Property by False Pretenses/Active

• 21-0650 Larceny by Employee/Closed by Arrest

• 21-0601 Forgery of Check/Active

• 21-0662 Cyberstalking/Active

Investigator Activity

• Investigators assisted patrol division in obtaining search warrant in reference to a Speeding to Elude Arrest incident

• Completed 2020 Annual Departmental Evaluations

• Actively working Cyberstalking case involving juveniles

#9PMROUTINE: Follow us on Facebook for our Wednesday 9PM reminders.

TipSubmit: The following QR code can be scanned with a mobile phone’s camera which will open a text message and allow for quick tip submission: Departmental Website:


Web based anonymous tip submission: https://new.tipsubmit.com/en/forms/surfcitypolice.com/anonymous

Utilities Department

The Water Treatment Plant produced on average four hundred and fifty-five thousand gallons of water per day since February 19th. This is a nineteen percent increase over the same period last year. The utility department, along with outside contractors, have completed collecting data for a study of tidal movement in the Intercoastal Waterway. The purpose of this study is to research more ecologically friendly disposal options for brine generated by the Water Treatment Plant.

The Collections and Distribution division completed one hundred and sixty-two work orders and forty-two locate request since February 4th, 2021. The Utility Department, in conjunction with outside contractors began tank maintenance on the water tower on the island February 16th, 2021. This Tower was successfully isolated from the system with no change to system pressure or volume. This work should be completed by March 31st.

During the next three months, town contractors will be testing existing backflow devices and installing new backflow devices on high hazard water connections. Per state plumbing and utility codes, any water connection designated as high hazard must have a testable backflow device and be tested annually. This is a service the town provides. The contractor performing this work is Westbrook and Jarman. Before performing any work on or near a resident’s property, the contractor will identify themselves and explain the purpose of the work.

The utility department has published the 2020 Annual Report for the wastewater treatment and collections systems. This report informs the public on sewer system is maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. This report is available at the below link.


Should anyone have any questions or concerns about Surf City utilities, please call Town Staff at 910-329-1055.

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Programs and Events

Program Registration – See something you are interested in? Register here: https://surfcity.recdesk.com/Community/Home or for more information contact our staff at 910-328-4887.

Surf City Summer Camp – We're gearing up for another year of Surf City Summer Camp & we hope you'll join us for another year of adventures! We excited to be able to partner with Holly Ridge again so we can serve more kids in our community.

Registration opened March 1st and it's filling up fast. Get your spot today!

Surf City Summer Camp at Holly Ridge – Another year, and another great partnership with our neighbors. The Town of Surf City and the Town of Holly Ridge have teamed up to expand Surf City Summer Camp again this year. Enjoy the same summer camp we all love in Holly Ridge.

Registration opened March 1st and it is filling up fast. Get your spot today!

Surf City Explorers Camp (Spring Break Edition) - Spring Break is just around the corner, and parents we've got you covered! Space is limited, so be sure to register online today!

Tennis Programs – We are excited to “serve” you these tennis programs for all ages. Sign-up today and see what all the “racquet” is about.

Adult Spring Softball – Registration is open. Season is April 7th – May 3rd. Come swing for the fence with us!

Adult Spring Soccer – Registration is open. Season is March 21st – May 16th. Join the fun!

Adult Indoor Volleyball – Registration is closed. Season is January 11th – March 22nd.

Adult Futsal – Registration is closed. Season is January 7th – March 21st.

Adult Basketball (Under age 35) – Registration is closed. Season is February 10th – March 31st. Come hoop it up with us.

Adult Basketball (Age 35 and over) – Registration is closed. Season is February 9th – March 30th. Don’t miss out.

Teen Volleyball – Registration is open. Season is March 13th – May 15th. Come volley with us!

Teen Basketball – Registration is open. Season is March 13th – May 15th. Jump into a spot soon!

Youth Basketball – Registration closed. Season is January 9th – February 28th.

Youth Spring Soccer – Registration is closed. Season is March 13th – May 15th. Come score a GOOOOOOOOAL!

2021 Easter EGG-Stravanganza - Hop on over to register for our Easter EGG-stravaganza pickup event!

Wellness Classes – It is that time of year! Beach season is approaching, so time to work off all the extra holiday food we consumed. Come get your fitness room pass today and participate in our wellness/fitness classes. Reclaim your beach body before the Spring.

Parks and Facilities

Playgrounds – All playgrounds are open

Public Restrooms – Public restrooms have been winterized for the season. They will reopen when the weather gets warmer.

Soundside Park – Open for use. Plans to install an ADA kayak/canoe/SUP dock to allow people to have a place to launch from have been finalized. The new amenity is tentatively scheduled to arrive and be constructed in the Spring.

Earl G. & Inez Batts Recreation Complex – The Town of Surf City acquired approximately 60 acres of new parkland adjacent to the existing Surf City Community Center and Athletic Complex land. The Town currently has applied for over $1million in grant funding through the PARTF, LWCF, and other private organizations. Plans for this land include a skatepark, walking trails, 100% inclusive playground, 18-hole disc golf course, sand volleyball courts, and more. We plan to keep everyone updated as we get responses to the grant applications, which will allow us to move forward on this project. Currently, we are working on a survey and site plan to be completed. Staff have begun to start on the disc golf course layout.

Town Council did officially name the new park in honor of the family whom the land was acquired, the Batt’s family. The new park name is the Earl G. & Inez Batts Recreation Complex.

Skatepark & Inclusive Playground Update – The skatepark is a $400,000 project and the inclusive playground is a $225,000 project. We are waiting on the results of the LWCF grant, which should be in March/April 2021, and we are waiting on the PARTF grant results, which will be in August/September 2021. If awarded these grants, it will provide $1million of funding toward Phase I of this total project, which includes skatepark, inclusive playground, sand volleyball courts, restrooms, shelter, trails, and outdoor pickleball courts.

Memorial Bench Program – The Memorial Bench Program continues to be a great way for people to honor a loved one. The Town has received a lot of request for bench dedications in the last couple months. If you are interested in placing a bench in honor of a loved one call us at (910) 328-4887.

Welcome Center – The Welcome Center is available for rentals Friday (after 5pm) to Sunday for your special occasion or business meeting. Current Executive Order No. 181 restrictions limit indoor capacity to 30 and outdoor to 50, so please plan accordingly.

We have taken the time off to make some great improvements to this building inside and out. Stay tuned as you will see the exterior transformation which includes a $10k furniture package staff applied for and won for this facility. The Lowe’s Hero’s Project awarded the Town a grant for $2,500 worth of improvements. They constructed a BEAUTIFUL arbor on the newly renovated deck and re-landscaped the parking lots. We are very excited and grateful for these funding opportunities, and the time and effort donated by these volunteers. The siding project as been completed to add a very “beachy” vibe to this amazing facility.

To discuss your event options, call (910) 328-2716.

Beautification Committee

The Surf City Beautification Committee would like to congratulate Access Realty for being chosen as the March 2021 Beautification Business of the month! Their new building is beautiful and is very coastal. Be sure to stop by to support your local business!

The Surf City Beautification Committee congratulates the owners of 4104 4th Street for winning the Beautification Home of the Month award for January 2021. We are proud to be able to showcase their beautiful home on the ICW.

There are so many beautiful businesses and homes in Surf City, who will be next? Nominate your favorite business or home by submitting the business name or property owner name, a photo or two, and the address to beautification@surfcitync.gov. The Beautification Committee votes on the candidates the third Tuesday of the month.

Facilities and Grounds

The crews have been working hard to keep our facilities and grounds safe. Please give them space when they are out and about so they can continue to complete these tasks in a safe manner.

The crews are all working on preparing public parking lots during the month of March.

Crews have started to work on the new disc golf course and trail project but will be a little delayed as they work on the parking areas. They should be back on this in April.

One-way roads are being created at Greensboro Ave and Goldsboro Ave. This project will be completed on March 15th. Please use caution as drivers learn the new traffic pattern.

N. Topsail Drive Paving Project – The Town has contracted Onslow Paving and Grading to pave N. Topsail Drive between Roland Ave and Shell Road. The project will start March 15th and it will take approximately one week to complete, pending weather.

We have purchased a new piece of equipment to help control sand and debris on the roads. It is scheduled to arrive at the end of March.

The maintenance staff installed a bike repair station at the base of the bridge on the mainland side. This repair station was provided by the Community & Clinical Connections for Prevention & Health Branch of the North Carolina Division of Public Health.

Chamber Corner

Please make sure to visit the Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce for updates and happenings https://www.topsailchamber.org/