Surf City Governmental Update JUNE 11, 2021

Town Manager/Administration

Beginning June 15th, 2021, contractors working with the Town of Surf City will be conducting a water meter survey associated with the Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Project. The AMI Project is designed to enable two-way communication between the customer and Surf City Utilities, provide an increased ability to monitor water consumption, and provide more direct customer tools.

This initial phase of the project will last approximately six weeks with no interruption of service. During this time, surveyors will have vehicles marked as Surf City Contractors and will be accessing and documenting water meters and their surrounding areas that are located within three feet of the edge of the right-of-way. If a water meter area is inaccessible due to obstructions, including plants and structures, the service address will be marked and notified to be cleared by Town Staff as a second phase of the project at a later date in accordance with Sec. 18-26.C and 18.26.J of the Surf City Ordinance.

“(c) Where a meter is placed on the premises of an owner, a suitable place shall be provided by the owner for placing such meter, so as to be unobstructed and accessible at all times to the meter reader. No plantings or other items that can obstruct access shall be placed within a three (3) foot diameter of the meter.”

“(j) The owner shall not cover or block any utility assets such as manholes, cleanouts, meters, or valve boxes with landscaping, block walls, fencing or any other obstruction that limits access. If any incidences of this are discovered, obstructions will be removed to a point to regain access and not replaced. Any damages incurred by the owner for failure to comply will be at the owner’s expense and subject to applicable system repair fees found in the fee schedule.”

The final phase of the project will be to complete the installation of the new AMI meters and is scheduled for early December. The Town will continue to provide updates as the project progresses.

The Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget was adopted at Town Council's June meeting. We look forward to providing enhanced service delivery while remaining fiscally responsible, which the budget is a representation of.

It continues to be my pleasure to serve the Town and it's residents, if there's anything I can do for you please reach out! -Kyle Breuer, Town Manager kbreuer@surfcitync.gov

Federal Storm Mitigation Project: USACE, N. Topsail Beach and Town Staff meet June 10th via WebEx to gain a status update on the federal storm mitigation project. The town has received the Letter Report and the PPA for final review and execution, along with N. Topsail Beach and the South Atlantic Division. Staff is awaiting shoreline length data, of which, the USACE used to determine developed and un-developed properties. This data will be used as part of the cost share determination in our interlocal agreement with N. Topsail Beach. After the June 1st meeting staff will be ready to move forward with the Mayor’s execution of the PPA. N. Topsail Beach will still have to convene a meeting to vote on the final execution of the PPA. USACE has been working with US Fish & Wildlife to widen the environmental windows. BOEM has requested a list of specific activities related to the BOEM leases. Once Fish and Wildlife receive public comment then BOEM can issue a permit for using sand sources outside of the 3-mile limit. Widening the environmental windows would allow contractors to dredge/place sand for a longer period of time, it will also cut down on timing and cost. Currently, regulations do not allow for dredging/sand placement from the middle of April to the middle of November of each calendar year. For Surf City, we are looking at an 18-month dredge timeframe with a 24-month contract. Surf City’s contract will overlap with NTB for an estimated one-year timeframe or total project timeframe of 36-months. Contract one will be for the Surf City portion of the project will begin at the Surf City Topsail Beach town line and run north estimating 6 million cubic yards of material. USACE’s data shows enough material to begin the Surf City portion of the project without the BOEM leases. After initial construction the contract will be amended to include areas to include BOEM leases available. The USACE expects to go out for bids in August with an expected bid opening date of September 17th. This would allow for a contract award in October 2021 with an expected start time of December 2021.

The federal project is estimated to add an additional 12 million cubic yards of sand to the beach, build a new dune that is projected to be 25’ wide and 14’ high and widen the beach with a 6’ high and 300’ wide berm. Oceanfront citizens should have already turned in the perpetual easements. If you have not received your oceanfront easement please contact clerk@surfcitync.gov or 910-328-4131x106. This is NOT the same easement that was previously signed in 2019. This is a new easement required by USACE for the new beach nourishment project.

Aerial plat maps for each oceanfront parcel have been loaded online. Oceanfront owners can view their property by using the link below, open the Key to find the corresponding map to your property. https://www.surfcitync.gov/2235/Beach-Nourishment

Advisory Boards:

If you are interested in volunteering for an advisory board or committee, please complete the application below and email it to clerk@townofsurfcity.com


Tuesday, July 6th Council Meeting Public Comments

To leave a public comment for the July 6th Council meeting, please call 910-338-5510 and leave a voicemail. Everyone will be provided a three-minute opportunity to record their comments. Comments will be played back at the July council meeting using an electronic platform. Each comment is considered a public record.

Watch the Council Meeting Live at: www.youtube.com/townofsurfcity

View the Agenda Packet at : http://www.surfcitync.gov/2224/Agendas-Minutes

Interactive Parking Map:

Click HERE to pull up the Interactive Map

May through October is Sea Turtle nesting season. You can do your part by turning off beachfront lighting at night. Although turtles do tend to prefer dark beaches, many nest on lighted shores, but when they do so, hatchlings’ lives are jeopardized. This threat comes from the way in which artificial lighting disrupts a critical nocturnal behavior of hatchlings—crawling from their nest to the sea.

Department Updates

Police Department

Operational Updates:

Calls for Service: In the past two weeks the Police Department responded to a total of 301 calls for service. This number incorporates officer-initiated calls, such as traffic stops in addition to our traditional calls such as reported calls, crimes in progress, assist citizens, traffic accidents, warrant service, town ordinance violations, etc.

Patrol Division Highlights: The Patrol Division arrested Seven (7) individuals during this reporting period. One carless and reckless driving, two for possession of narcotics, one for driving while impaired, and three for outstanding warrants. Also, they responded to Twenty-one (21) traffic crashes.

Activity Log Event Summary

Investigations Bi-Weekly Activity Report:


Felony Incidents Assigned to Criminal Investigation Division:

  • 21-2177 Juvenile Sexual Assault Case
  • 21-2165 Death Investigation
  • 21-2057 Stolen Motor Vehicle
  • 21-2040 Credit Card Fraud
  • 21-2036 Felony Larceny of Electric Bike

Investigator Activity:

  • Further investigation of death investigation (21-1892)
  • Obtained search warrants for prior assigned cases
  • Gathered evidence for processing at State Laboratory
  • Created case files for court
  • Downloaded all electronic files for investigative packets

Department Updates:

Congratulations to Officer Hamilton King who was sworn into our agency last week. Officer King worked for the Greenville, NC Police Department for two years before joining our department.

The Surf City Police Department received the North Carolina League of Municipalities Risk Management Accreditation Certification. The NC League came to our department and analyzed our daily operations. Areas reviewed were policies and procedures, training, use of force, internal and citizen complaint investigation procedures, evidence procedures, the K9 program and vehicle operations to name a few. We are very proud of each and every member of our staff for making this possible.


The following QR code can be scanned with a mobile phone’s camera which will open a text message and allow for quick tip submission: Departmental Website:


Web based anonymous tip submission: https://new.tipsubmit.com/en/forms/surfcitypolice.com/anonymous

Fire Department

Administrative Division

The fire department would like to welcome two new part-time personnel, FF Zach Fouty and Eric Wilfong. FF Fouty is a past employee that has come back to assist us with our part time needs. Mr. Wilfong comes to us from the Marine Corps and will work with our ocean rescue program.

Chief Wilson and Deputy Chief Hobbs attended the First Due Conference last week. They both sat in on several leadership and tactical training courses.

Chief Wilson has been working with Serve Pro and the insurance company to get the sewer damage cleaned up at the fire station. He has also started working on the rebuild process. Staff have moved upstairs and are working out of the training room. FF’s are utilizing the upstairs bunk room and two campers for sleeping quarters. They still do not have a working kitchen. Plans are being worked on to get new appliances in so the FF’s can utilize the kitchen during construction.

The fire department received a $5,000 grant to assist in the purchase of radio headsets for the new trucks. These safety devices will improve communication and allow firefighters to protect their hearing while responding to calls.

The fire department received its official inspection survey notice from the State Fire Marshal’s Office. We will have a regrade survey on September 27th. This survey will evaluate all facets of fire response from our dispatch center’s ability to process emergency calls, the water department’s ability to provide adequate water supply, the fire department’s ability to respond with adequate personnel and equipment, and the ability to provide educational programs, fire investigations and fire code inspections. This survey will give the department its official ISO grade. This grade will determine what our residents and businesses pay for fire insurance. The grading scale is from 1 – 10, with 10 being no fire protection and 1 being the best. The Surf City Fire Department is currently an ISO 5.

Chief Wilson met with two citizens this week to discuss the future of the ocean rescue program. One of the attendees was a woman who the Surf City Fire Department responded to last year due to her trying to rescue her daughter who was caught in a rip current. It was a great meeting and allowed Chief Wilson to explain the current program and steps taken over the past few years to enhance the service provided.

Chief Wilson will be out of town next week volunteering with the local Boy Scout Troop as an adult leader at Summer Camp. While there he will assist in merit badge instruction for fire, first aid, and emergency management.

If you have any questions, please contact Chief Wilson at awilson@surfcitync.gov or (910) 329-1260.

Fire Prevention – Community Risk Reduction Division

Chief Burton has been working with the Special Events Committee on ordinance revisions.

All fire inspectors have been working hard on completing the required continuing education before the end of the year.

Suppression staff have been working on updating all pre-incident surveys.

Firefighter Van Pelt has been working on community education and will be getting more information out soon.

Inspections Completed since the last update (05/27/2021 – 06/10/2021):

  • Fire Protection System Inspection – 5
  • Fire Safety Inspections – 11
  • Final C/O – 1
  • ALE – 1
  • Re-Inspection – 7
  • Plan Review – 3
  • Pre-incident Plan – 5

Operations Division

Emergency call response has increased significantly over the past few weeks. There was a 63% increase in overall emergency calls as compared to the last update. An increase in emergency calls is typically expected once the beach season arrives.

Beach condition flags and rescue cans have been placed in service for the season. They are located at beach accesses 13 through 23. That is the access at the fire station just north of Wilmington Ave through Charlotte Ave. There are signs at each of these accesses that provides details to what each color means. There are also signs at each of these accesses that describe when and how to use the recuse cans. These devices are checked daily by staff to ensure they are present and operational.

Staff have been busy with assisting the mitigation efforts at Station 25.

Ocean rescue staff have seen a tremendous number of holes being dug in the beach. These are being left unattended during the day and not being filled in at the end of the day. These holes present a huge safety risk for our rescue personnel along with other unsuspecting beach goers. It is important to educate the public on the dangers of large holes in the beach and the need to fill them in.

The Town of Surf City would like to remind you that digging holes on the beach, while fun, can present a dangerous situation if not properly taken care of. We ask that you fill all holes to help prevent injuries, to ensure emergency vehicles can travel down the beach strand unobstructed, and to help protect wildlife. Digging holes in excess of 12 inches deep requires the responsible party to fill it in before leaving it unsupervised, per Town Ordinance 4-2(b).

Ocean rescue training went well. All fulltime staff and many part-time and volunteer staff have completed the course. We are working on the makeup process now.

62 Emergency Responses since the last update (05/27/2021 – 06/10/2021):

  • Building Fire – 2
  • Brush Fire – 1
  • Dumpster Fire – 1
  • Surf Rescue – 2
  • Watercraft Rescue – 1
  • Automobile Accident – 5
  • Medical assist, assist EMS crew – 31
  • Elevator Rescue – 1
  • Search for person on land – 1
  • Service Call, other – 4
  • Dispatched & cancelled – 10
  • False Alarm – 3

Community Development - Planning

The Technical Review Committee will meet on June 17, 2021, to discuss the following items:

  • A proposed parking lot on N New River Drive
  • Additional residential units at 203 N New River Drive
  • Additional residential units at Sawgrass (decrease from original plan)
  • 311 S. Topsail Drive
  • Possible boat storage on NC 50

TRC has begun the process of reviewing our current design standards to ensure that they are up to date and that we do not have conflicts between departments. Members are currently reviewing street cross sections. Each month the TRC committee will review a topic and provide detailed changes. Zoning related changes will be taken to Planning Board and the Council for final approval. All other changes will be presented to Council only for approval.

The deadline to submit to the July 8, 2021, Planning Board meeting is Friday June 25, 2021.

At the June 1, 2021, Council meeting, Council approved a contract with the Cape Fear Council of Governments to provide planning services related to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Staff met with representatives of the COG this week to discuss a timeline for the project. We will meet with the oversite committee in either July or August to begin the project. A public input period will follow these meetings. As previously noted, this plan will shape the development practices of the Town for the next 20 years as well as provide guidance for the upcoming ordinance rewrite. Staff encourages our community members and stakeholders to be active in this process.

Volkert Engineering has completed the field work associated with the Pavement Condition Survey and has started analyzing the data. Volkert met with staff to discuss the preliminary findings of the report and discuss the layout of the final report. The final report will provide direction to determine which Town owned streets need to be resurfaced/repaired first and what treatments are needed.

The North Carolina Coastal Federation is in the early stages of preparing a watershed management plan for Stump Sound. Planning staff will be a stakeholder in this process. As the project moves forward and updates occur, we will be sure to share them here.

Community Management – Permitting/Administration


Our online permitting systems allows the applicant to manage all aspects of the permitting process. Please ensure that you are utilizing Viewpoint to submit applications, make inquiries, and request inspections. This will increase efficiency and allow you to receive responses in a more timely manner.

Staff is working with Viewpoint to increase the ability for the system to autofill for our registered users. This should help decrease the amount of time taken to fill out applications by all fields auto populating once the business name is entered. We hope to have this available to the public by mid-summer.

Community Development – GIS

Our GIS staff continues to work with various departments updating our asset map as well as providing department specific maps as needed.

Community Development - Code Enforcement

Now that the season has begun in earnest I have observed a sharp increase in violations of Chapter 15-4 of the code. For the last (2) reporting periods I have stressed the importance of ensuring an adequate number of trash carts are at each property and that the tenants utilizing the property are placing all waste within those containers. Solid waste will become my focus as we progress through the summer in an effort to keep the community clean for both our full-time residents and those visiting our beautiful coastal town. As a reminder, the bulk pick up was conducted in May and there will not be another until September, please refrain from placing bulk items, vegetative debris, and construction debris in the right of way as doing so will result in a citation. As the summer continues, please remember I am here to serve the needs of the town and you can call/ e-mail me at 910 550 2516 or scott.hitchings@surfcitync.gov. If you have a complaint or a concern, I invite you to submit it (anonymously) to Code Enforcement by going to the town website and using the following link https://surfcitync.viewpointcloud.com/categories/1079.

Community Development - Building Inspection

Emergency Management

Things have started slowing down on the IT side of things, at least as far as direct support from EM goes. With that, we have been realigning with our core mission of emergency management tasks. To name a few, we met with our NCEM Area Coordinator and discussed areas of opportunity, as well as expectations and concerns for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season. We also met with the Pender County Emergency Manager as well to discuss much of the same. Also, congratulations to Tommy Batson on his selection to serve in that position. We have worked with him for many years and look forward to working alongside him and his staff in the years to come!

We had some interesting “weather days” since the last update, with the most notable being the extremely rainy 24 hours on June 3rd. In fact, unofficial totals from some of our community weather stations registered a whopping 10” of rain over 24 hours. This is an extraordinary amount of rainfall, of which caused widespread surface flooding of many areas throughout town. Unfortunately, when we receive rainfall at such a rate, the stormwater system gets overrun and flooding ensues. We always encourage our community members to never drive on a flooded street, as such practice is inherently dangerous. However, if you chose to do so, slow down! You are more likely to damage your vehicle or become involved in an accident if you speed through standing water. Also, stay in your lane of travel and be courteous of others.

We will be hosting the Hampstead Ham’s this weekend at the EOC for their monthly meeting where we will walk through what an activation will look like, current capabilities, and areas within communication where we can improve. We are extremely fortunate to have established a relationship with the organization and the truly awesome folks that make up their membership as they have been integral in emergency operations since Hurricane Florence. We look forward to gaining their insights to increase communication capability and efficiency moving forward!

We will be conducting a test of the CodeRED emergency alert system on June 15th at 2:30pm. The alert content will clearly state “This is a test of the CodeRED emergency alert system.” If you are signed up to receive CodeRED alerts, or you think you are signed up to receive them and you don’t get the test notification, contact CodeRED customer support at 1-866-939-0911 to inquire further.

If you are not signed up, visit our signup page at www.surfcitync.gov/codered and get signed up today! When you sign up, take the time to create a “managed account” instead of a “guest account.” Managed accounts allow you to modify your account in the future, adding or removing certain types of alerts, or discontinuing the service should you move, or just no longer be interested in receiving them.

June 1st has come and gone, and we all know what that means; the start of hurricane season! Go check out ready.gov for some useful information to better prepare yourself and your household now! Regardless of what the “official” forecast reflects for any given season, it only takes ONE storm to make for a “bad” season!

If you are starting out and need a little help in becoming better prepared, visit www.ready.gov/plan to find useful information on disaster planning for you and your household. Once you get a plan developed and in place, visit www.ready.gov/kit for guidance on getting your disaster kit properly set up and stocked. Finally, head over to www.surfcitync.gov/codered and get signed up for CodeRED emergency alerts.

Remember, it is important that everyone in your household be familiar with the preparedness plans and use of the preparedness kits to receive the benefits they provide. Practice using your plan and kit as a group often, so when the time comes and you need to put everything into motion because things are not going so great, you and your family will be better positioned to come out of the situation in a much better way.

For more information on the Re-Entry Pass system managed by Pivot Parking, please see the info graphic here. Once you have reviewed the instructions and you are ready to apply, visit the application page and complete the form. If you already have one of the original Key Cards issued by the Town, we will honor it for an additional year, but we recommend going ahead and getting the Re-Entry decal issued from Pivot Parking at your earliest convenience. Should you need assistance with applying for your Re-Entry Decal, please contact Pivot Parking directly at 1-833-467-4868, visit their office at 305 N New River Drive (the old Police Dept) or by emailing surfcityparkingpermit@pivotparking.com.

Information Technology

Thank you to the EM Director for all of your assistance, we couldn’t have pulled this off in time without you! See the Emergency Management update for even more information on what we have been up to.

Meetings - Two meetings were live-streamed since the last update. To view past discussions, visit our YouTube page.

Council Meeting - May 4th, 2021

Council Workshop - May 21st, 2021

Tickets - Tickets remain steady. These requests are mostly day-to-day requests from employees ranging from remote assistance, on-site support, and purchase or installation of equipment. Urgent requests have been handled the best that I can when you consider the urgency of larger tasks at the new Municipal Complex.

Municipal Building Update - The new phone system for the Police Department has been installed and is currently in use. Only two phones remain to finalize the project. This new phone system Increases the capabilities and interoperability between departments.

There have been problems getting CenturyLink to start installing POTS lines to get fax lines back up and operational. I am actively working on a solution in an attempt to take care of this swiftly.

Access control is still being polished, and we continue to work on the last few doors.

In collaboration with the Emergency Management Director, we have been making significant headway and knocking out the technology needs at the new building. A good bit of our time was spent preparing the Council Chambers/EOC with audio and video equipment. The equipment arrived earlier this month. We began planning, and the installation went quickly and smoothly. We have held a couple of internal meetings to test the equipment and have been very pleased with its performance. We will continue to fine-tune it, and I look forward to all improvements.

This month we have installed and configured seven televisions, 25 over-head speakers, a wireless microphone system along with a networked charging station, two HD pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras for streaming, 70V speaker amp, HDbaseT transmitters and receivers, HDMI matrix, other backend audio/video equipment for production and live streaming meeting.

Another advantage to this is that we are looking forward to the time savings now that we will no longer have to set up and break down for each meeting. This always made it difficult to have stable meetings also as the equipment would often have slight changes after reconnecting. The old gear is decommissioned and we had our last workshop meeting on May 21st, 20201 at the Welcome Center. We had moved most of the AV equipment over to the new building, so we had little to work with. Unfortunately, this left us with an audio-only recording, which I put together and uploaded to YouTube later that day. There were issues with the equipment, and it was not of excellent quality, but it will allow you to listen in if you would like.

Other News - I hope to spend the near future wrapping up expenditures for the current budget and hitting some tickets that have been waiting patiently. I will also be working closely with EM as we determine stand up and tear down of the EOC. We are preparing for the upcoming hurricane season and doing our best to be ready for what might be thrown at us.

Utilities Department

The Water Treatment Plant produced on average eight hundred and twelve thousand gallons of water per day since May 13th. This is a nineteen percent decrease over the same period last year.

The Collections and Distribution division completed three-hundred and eleven work orders and eighty-six locate request since May 13th, 2021. The Utility Department along with Suez kicked off the Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) project this week. Over the next six months, staff and contractors will be surveying water meters, installing equipment on the water towers, intergrading billing and data software, and replacing every meter in town. Many portions of this project will be running concurrently. However, the first-time contractors will be seen in the public is June 17th. At this time a survey team will be looking at current infrastructure for accessibility and planning. If a resident has anything within three feet of a meter box, it will need to be removed. As we approach milestones that affect the general public, notices will be sent out. The intent of this project is to maintain current technology and provide better service to the citizens of Surf City. If you would like more information about this project, please contact the utility department.

The utility department has published the 2020 Annual Consumer Confidence Report for the water treatment and distribution system. This report informs the public that the water system is maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. This report is available at the below link.


Should anyone have any questions or concerns about Surf City utilities, please call Town Staff at 910-329-1055.

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Summer Hours

Surf City Welcome & Event Center Weekend Hours Updated – Saturday & Sunday: 10AM-2PM

Programs and Events

Program Registration – See something you are interested in? Register here: https://surfcity.recdesk.com/Community/Home or for more information contact our staff at 910-328-4887.

Surf City After School Program – We are excited to offer a new after school program this coming school year. Registration opens June 1st, so mark your calendar because spaces will go fast.

Surf City Summer Camp – Surf City Summer Camp is officially under way! The kids are having a blast at both the Surf City and Holly Ridge location.

Tennis Programs – We are excited to “serve” you these tennis programs for all ages. Sign-up today and see what all the “racquet” is about.

Adult Fall Soccer – Registration is open. Season is September 12th – November 14th. Kick into some fun.

Adult Summer Softball – Registration is open until June 23rd. Season is July 7th – August 9th. Come catch the fever!

Adult Summer Basketball – Registration is closed. Season is June 8th – August 18th.

Adult Spring Soccer – Registration is closed. Season is March 21st – June 13th.

Teen Fall Volleyball – Registration is open. Season is September 18th – November 13th. Jump in the rotation.

Teen Volleyball (Ages 16-19) – Registration is closed. Season is April 24th – June 26th.

Youth T-ball/Coach Pitch – Registration is closed. Season is June 1st-July 1st.

Youth Fall Soccer – Registration is open. Season is September 18th – November 13th. Get you a spot!

Youth Fall Volleyball – Registration is open. Season is September 18th – November 13th. Come serve it up!

Youth Flag Football – Registration is open. Season is October 16th – December 11th. Touchdowns are waiting.

Wellness Classes – It is that time of year! Beach season is here, so time to tone up. Come get your fitness room pass today and participate in our wellness/fitness classes. Reclaim your beach body.

Sip, Shop, and Stroll – Come join us for another line-up of great events. Enjoy good food, music, and beverages during the summer on June 11th, July 23rd, and August 13th. We will have some shopping vendors onsite as well, so come support local businesses. See you there!

Kids Freshwater Fishing Day – Another great partnership has been formed! This time we have partnered with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission on a great fishing opportunity. Register online today and get a spot. The pond at the Community Center is the site for this event and it is being stocked with catfish the week before. A lifetime fishing license will be raffled for two people statewide that participate in this Statewide event.

Surf City’s Kids Fishing Tournament - Come join us with for another great fishing event. Our annual Kid’s Fishing Tournament, sponsored by East Coast Sports, is back at Soundside Park on June 19th (9am-12pm). The first 200 kids will receive a free fishing rod and reel. Pre-registration opened May 1st online at surfcity.recdesk.com.

Movies In the Park – They are back! Come relax after a long day on the beach with movies in the park. Fun for the entire family!

Parks and Facilities

Playgrounds – Open

Public Restrooms – Open

Soundside Park –Plans to install an ADA kayak/canoe/SUP dock to allow people to have a place to launch from have been finalized. The dock has arrived on site and the post are waiting to be installed by a barge. At that point the contractor will begin to put the dock together. A grand opening date will be set in a Press Release.

Nelva Albury Park – Open

Kenneth Batts Family Park – Open. New playground mulch has been installed.

Disc Golf Course – Open for use. We are working on plans to relocate our disc golf course to the new park land located on J.H. Batts Road. The 9-hole course will be expanded to an 18-hole course once completed.

Dog Park – Open for use. Please be safe and responsible while using this area.

Earl G. & Inez Batts Recreation Complex – The Town of Surf City acquired approximately 60 acres of new parkland adjacent to the existing Surf City Community Center and Athletic Complex land. The Town currently has applied for over $1million in grant funding through the PARTF, LWCF, and other private organizations. Plans for this land include a skatepark, walking trails, 100% inclusive playground, 18-hole disc golf course, sand volleyball courts, and more. We plan to keep everyone updated as we get responses to the grant applications, which will allow us to move forward on this project. Currently, we have completed the survey and conceptual plan and Master Plan.

Town Council did officially name the new park in honor of the family whom the land was acquired, the Batt’s family. The new park name is the Earl G. & Inez Batts Recreation Complex.

Skatepark & Inclusive Playground Update – The skatepark is a $400,000 project and the inclusive playground is a $225,000 project. We are waiting on the results of the LWCF grant, which should be in March/April 2021, and we are waiting on the PARTF grant results, which will be in August/September 2021. If awarded these grants, it will provide $1million of funding toward Phase I of this total project, which includes skatepark, inclusive playground, sand volleyball courts, restrooms, shelter, trails, and outdoor pickleball courts.

Memorial Bench Program – The Memorial Bench Program continues to be a great way for people to honor a loved one. The Town has received a lot of request for bench dedications in the last couple months. If you are interested in placing a bench in honor of a loved one call us at (910) 328-4887.

Beach Wheelchair Program - At the Town of Surf City, we take pride in being able to offer our beach wheelchair rental program to individuals who may not otherwise be able to experience or enjoy our beautiful beaches! But as our community continues to grow, so does our demand for rentals and we need YOUR help!

We are excited to announce we have ordered 9 new beach wheelchairs with sponsorship funding. THANK YOU! Our community is the best!

If you or someone you know may be interested in sponsoring a beach wheelchair, please contact us at parksandrec@surfcitync.gov or 910-328-4887.

Community Center – Open for normal operation. Visit our website and Facebook page for information on activities. Call ahead to get open gym times.

Welcome Center – The Welcome Center is available for rentals Friday (after 5pm) to Sunday for your special occasion or business meeting. Current Executive Order No. 181 restrictions limit indoor capacity to 30 and outdoor to 50, so please plan accordingly.

We have taken the time off to make some great improvements to this building inside and out. Stay tuned as you will see the exterior transformation which includes a $10k furniture package staff applied for and won for this facility. The Lowe’s Hero’s Project awarded the Town a grant for $2,500 worth of improvements. They constructed a BEAUTIFUL arbor on the newly renovated deck and re-landscaped the parking lots. We are very excited and grateful for these funding opportunities, and the time and effort donated by these volunteers. The siding project as been completed to add a very “beachy” vibe to this amazing facility.

To discuss your event options, call (910) 328-2716.

Beach and Public Accesses

Rip Current and Public Access Flags – The rip current and public beach access flags have been installed. We are working to update signage, please be patient. Please know where you are in case of emergencies and know how to identify rip currents.

Signage is being updated soon with the addition of 3 new beach accesses.

Ordinance Reminder – Staff have been going out multiple times a week to remove unattended beach equipment between the hours of 10pm and 7am. Leaving beach equipment out on the beach overnight is against Town Ordinance (See Section II, Chapter 4, Sec. 4-12, Sec. 4-13, Sec. 4-14). The reason items cannot be left out on the beach overnight is:

1. It hinders Sea Turtles from nesting, if they encounter obstructions on the beach.

2. It hinders emergency vehicles from being able to move freely on the beach during the night, if needed.

3. High tides and storms may take the equipment into the ocean, which has a negative effect on wildlife and our environment.

4. High winds could blow the equipment into someone or their property.

Equipment picked up by staff during the hours of 10pm-7am are disposed of and not retrievable. Please make sure you do your part to follow this simple ordinance.

Beautification Committee

The Surf City Beautification Committee would like to congratulate Surf City Line for being chosen as the June 2021 Beautification Business of the month! The new look is beautiful. Great eats and an amazing view. Go check it out!

The Surf City Beautification Committee congratulates the Williams Family at 1423 N. Shore Drive for winning the Beautification Home of the Month award for June 2021. We are proud to be able to showcase their beautiful new home. They have an amazing view of the Surf City beach.

There are so many beautiful businesses and homes in Surf City, who will be next? Nominate your favorite business or home by submitting the business name or property owner name, a photo or two, and the address to beautification@surfcitync.gov. The Beautification Committee votes on the candidates the third Tuesday of the month.

Facilities, Grounds, & Streets

Highlights - The crews have been working hard to keep our facilities and grounds safe. Please give them space when they are out and about so they can continue to complete these tasks in a safe manner..

Crews have been working to clear S. Shore bike lane.

Cleaning up after the heavy rains has kept crews busy.

Crews are working with the Surf City Middle School to install Sand Volleyball Courts at the school for the kids during the summer.

The crews continue working on preparing public parking lots in between their daily task.

Crews have started to work on the new disc golf course and trail project but will be a little delayed as they work on the parking areas. They should be back on this soon.

Maintenance staff have been working to clear areas around the pond at the Community Center to prepare for the Kids Fishing Day. They continue to help with setting up other special events.

Street Sweeper – We have purchased a new sweeper. While we wait for ours to come in we have a loaner that has been very busy. Thanks for your patience.

Clean, clean, clean is the name of the game, and that is just what they do. Thank you so much for keeping Surf City a clean place to live and play.

When they are not busy fighting hurricanes and pandemics, these ladies and gentlemen enjoy things like:

  • Long walks on the beach picking up trash.
  • The soothing sounds of mowing the parks, right-of-ways, and Town property.
  • Sweet smells of cleaning facilities.
  • Relaxing hikes around Town while picking up roadside litter.
  • The rhythmic task of repairing beach accesses.
  • The filling of potholes along the streets of Surf City.
  • The rewarding sights of newly landscaped grounds.
  • Early morning “pre-sunrise” beach rides while removing unattended beach equipment.
  • A nice sweeping of the streets and sidewalks.
  • Completing the lovely playground inspections.
  • Applying herbicide to pesky weeds.
  • Drive-in movies… the setting up part.
  • Designing parking lots for our beach goers.

They are never strangers to fun task in Surf City. When you see them out, say hello and thank you.


• Secured reimbursement of $7,983,187 from FEMA for Beach Renourishment from Hurricane Florence. Will receive the funds by the end of the month. Will be working on the closing documents to receive the remaining 25% ($2,661,062).

• Secured reimbursement of $188,044.91 from FEMA for the New Townhall project. Will receive the funds by the end of the month. Will be working on the closing documents to receive the remaining 25% ($298,825).

• Golden Leaf Grant - Will be working on the closing documents to receive the remaining 25% ($159,102) for the New Townhall project.

• Analyzing the FY 20/21 budget to prepare for closing out the year.

• Finance will be performing the necessary steps to implement the FY 21/22 adopted budget.

Chamber Corner

Please make sure to visit the Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce for updates and happenings https://www.topsailchamber.org/