Surf City Governmental Update October 15, 2021

Town Manager/Administration

Town staff has completed the ISLAND portion of the vegetative debris pickup and will move to the MAINLAND next week.

Pickup for THE MAINLAND PORTION OF TOWN will be completed October 18-22. This is NOT a bulk item or construction debris pickup. Please have all vegetation out by the curb NO LATER THAN Sunday evening on your scheduled pickup week and neatly stack yard debris along the right of way. Vegetation may not be greater than 6” in diameter or longer than 4 feet in length. Do not bag debris.

Town Staff will be completing the pick-up, please give them room while working.

It continues to be my pleasure to serve the Town and it's residents, if there's anything I can do for you please reach out! -Kyle Breuer, Town Manager kbreuer@surfcitync.gov

Federal Storm Mitigation Project:

Representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers will be in attendance at the December 7, 2021 Town Council Meeting. They will be present to provide an update to the Town as well as to answer questions from the public. 

The federal project is estimated to add an additional 12 million cubic yards of sand to the beach, build a new dune that is projected to be 25’ wide and 14’ high and widen the beach with a 6’ high and 300’ wide berm. Oceanfront citizens should have already turned in the perpetual easements. If you have not received your oceanfront easement please contact clerk@surfcitync.gov or 910-328-4131x106. This is NOT the same easement that was previously signed in 2019. This is a new easement required by USACE for the new beach nourishment project.

Aerial plat maps for each oceanfront parcel have been loaded online. Oceanfront owners can view their property by using the link below, open the Key to find the corresponding map to your property. http://www.surfcitync.gov/2235/Beach-Nourishment

May through October is Sea Turtle nesting season. You can do your part by turning off beachfront lighting at night. Although turtles do tend to prefer dark beaches, many nest on lighted shores, but when they do so, hatchlings’ lives are jeopardized. This threat comes from the way in which artificial lighting disrupts a critical nocturnal behavior of hatchlings—crawling from their nest to the sea.

Department Updates

Police Department

Operational Updates:

Calls for Service: In the past two weeks the Police Department responded to a total of 203 calls for service. This number incorporates officer-initiated calls, such as traffic stops in addition to our traditional calls such as reported calls, crimes in progress, assist citizens, traffic accidents, warrant service, town ordinance violations, etc.

Patrol Division Highlights: The Patrol Division made seven arrests during this reporting period. Three individuals for driving while impaired, one for possession of a controlled substance, and three for outstanding warrants. Officers also responded to ten traffic crashes this reporting period.

Department Highlight

K9 Ace and Corporal Benson at Safety Day outside of Lowe's of Surf City!

A Bike for Every Child:

Photo: Sgt. B. Bailey

Surf City PD donated 7 bicycles to this great charity!

Surf City Police Annual Training:

Photo: CPR Recertification for our Surf City team!

Activity Log Event Summary

Investigations Bi-Weekly Activity Report:


Incidents Assigned to Criminal Investigation Division

21-3771 Identity Theft

21-4164 Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle/Larceny of Firearm

21-4133 Assault by Strangulation

Investigator Activity:

- Conducted narcotics surveillance on several locations

- Assisting patrol with suspicious subject/possible stalking incident

- Attended Taser-Shotgun training

- Developed intelligence on situational matters

- Obtained warrants for Identity Theft case

- Assist S.R.O. with possible sexual battery of minor

- Assisted patrol with subject who fled on foot that had felony warrants


The following QR code can be scanned with a mobile phone’s camera which will open a text message and allow for quick tip submission: Departmental Website:


Web based anonymous tip submission: https://new.tipsubmit.com/en/forms/surfcitypolice.com/anonymous

Fire Department

Administrative Division

Station 25 Update – The interior doors have been installed and the showers are complete. The baseboard should start next week. I am hoping the ceiling tile company can come next week to fix a few things before the FRP is completed in the bathrooms. Once the FRP is complete all fixtures can be reinstalled. The kitchen cabinets are still a few weeks out.

Chief Wilson will be attending the Pender County Commissioner’s Meeting next week for the fire study discussion. If anything comes up in the affects Surf City, I will inform the manager and council. The county chiefs are waiting for this meeting to happen before continuing their discussion on the topics. They all plan to meet in the coming weeks.

Several fire department staff members have been working with James Horne and Emergency Management to strengthen the Town’s Incident Management Team. This training is beneficial to all and will enhance the Town’s ability to have several trained personnel for all types of events.

The fire department would like to thank Fire Marshal Burton and Firefighter Van Pelt for assisting with the employee appreciation committee. The festivities last week where well planned and executed. From all the fire department staff we would like to thank the town for putting together a great event.

If you have any questions, please contact Chief Wilson at awilson@surfcitync.gov or (910) 329-1260.

Fire Prevention – Community Risk Reduction Division

Chief Burton has been working with Planning on the new Business Registration Program.

FF Van Pelt worked with Lowes Home Improvement to sponsor a public safety day in their parking lot. This event was free and offered all types of safety education and demonstrations. There was a great turnout from all types of Emergency Services and other safety-oriented partners.

Operations Division

As the vacation season winds down the fire department is seeing a reduction in emergency call response. We are still seeing increased numbers on the weekends just not during the week, which is typical for this time of year.

The fire department have removed the beach condition flags for the season. They have also discontinued scheduled beach patrols. You may see them on the beach from time-to-time but there will not be any scheduled patrols. That being said, please know that we will still respond to any type of emergency on the beach strand.

The contact data from the ocean rescue patrols has been compiled. We started this new data collection program in June and had to work out some initial kinks in how and what data we wanted to collect. I would estimate that the data collected is a representation of about 75% of the total contacts for the season. This accounts for lost days at the beginning of the season and working through the training aspect. The ocean staff recorded 1,267 total contacts. There were 21rescue calls where people were removed from the beach, with no deaths recorded. The highest number of rescues were around the pier. Staff made over eleven hundred contacts to deliver various safety and prevention messages. The busiest days of the week were Monday and Friday. There are graphs below to outline these data points.

Staff have been working with all new firefighters to get them up-to-speed on our operational procedures.

2021 Ocean Rescue Beach Contact Data

Community Development - Planning

We would like to thank everyone who has taken a moment to take our Comprehensive Land Use Plan update survey. So far, we have received 1,981 responses. This survey will be up through at least October 31st. If you have not had a chance to take it and would like to it can be found at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SCLUP

Development Review Project Status

Active Projects being reviewed by our Technical Review Committee:

1. Carwash – located on outparcel in front of Publix (P-21-29)

2. Modwash – Carwash by Harris Teeter (P-21-41)

3. Bluewater (P-21-21)

4. Diehl Commercial Building (next to Dollar Tree) (P-21-50)

On Council/Planning Board upcoming agendas (review complete):

5. Publix outparcel subdivision

• Recommended for Approval - October 14th Planning Board Agenda

• November 3rd Council Meeting Agenda

6. Turco Project – Phase 1

• Recommended for Approval - October 14th Planning Board Agenda

• November 3rd Council Meeting Agenda

7. Osprey Point Phase 2 Site Plan

• Recommended for Approval - October 14th Planning Board Agenda

• November 3rd Council Meeting Agenda

8. Magnolia Reserve Conditional Zoning request

• Recommended for Approval - October 14th Planning Board Agenda

• December 7th Council Meeting Agenda – Public Hearing

9. NC 50 Boat Storage (p-21-27)

• Recommended for Approval – September 9th Planning Board Agenda

• November 3rd Council Meeting Agenda – Special Use permit

The next Technical Review Committee meeting will be held on October 21, 2021.

Our next Planning Board meeting was held on November 11th. All items will need to be submitted by October 29th.

Upcoming Town Projects

The Business Registration portal launched on October 11th. This program will help staff ensure that Town Ordinances are being adhered to. This database will also help with Town communications on upcoming initiatives. Once the data has been collected Town staff will work to create a master list of businesses by type to place on our website for public use. This list will ONLY show the business name and website.

Town staff is also working on a policy for the maintenance of Town Right of Ways per our ordinances. Providing a clear area adjacent to roadways decreases the potential for accidents, damage to utilities, and allows for less restrictive access during an emergency. This initiative will begin late fall/early winter with an educational campaign to ensure residents are aware of the ordinances as well as where private property ends and street right of ways begin.

Community Development – GIS

Currently our GIS Analyst is familiarizing himself with our existing data as well as reorganizing data in older formats to ensure it works with our current GIS mapping software. Time was also spent collecting data in the field so that an updated beach access map can be provided prior to our next summer beach season.

Staff will continue to collect data to update and maintain our asset map. In the future we will continue to build this map with additional information.

Community Management – Permitting/Administration


Our online permitting systems allows the applicant to manage all aspects of the permitting process. Please ensure that you are utilizing Viewpoint to submit applications, make inquiries, and request inspections. This will increase efficiency and allow you to receive responses in a more timely manner.

Community Development - Building Inspections

Emergency Management

The past couple of weeks have been focused on administrative responsibilities such as plan reviews and equipment inventory requirements. While sometimes monotonous, these taskings are integral in ensuring operational capacity and efficacy. These activities also reacquaint staff with planning packages and pieces of equipment that may not be utilized on a high-tempo basis, such has contingency communication items and specialized, mission-specific tools.

Staff met with several LMR (land-mobile radio) vendors over the recent past to discuss the proposed single-site radio system, which was accepted as part of the Town’s Capital Improvement Project in FY 22-23. Like many other projects currently being considered, supply chain disruptions and difficulty in acquiring complex electronic componentry will likely extend the radio system’s timeline of implementation. Regardless, we will continue to pursue the project into the future, adjusting our posture as needed.

Incident Management Team training continues, with an additional class conducted this week for the Logistics Section. The introductory course for the Planning Section will be completed in the coming weeks, at which time we can start moving into more team-centered training, such as scenario-based tabletop exercises and functional drills. As always, it is incredibly humbling to have the opportunity to work with such dedicated professionals.

If you are new to planning and preparedness and need a little help, visit www.ready.gov/plan to find useful information on disaster planning for you and your household. Once you get a plan developed and in place, visit www.ready.gov/kit for guidance on getting your disaster kit properly set up and stocked. Finally, head over to www.surfcitync.gov/codered and get signed up for CodeRED emergency alerts.

Remember, it is important that everyone in your household be familiar with the preparedness plans and use of the preparedness kits to receive the benefits they provide. Practice using your plan and kit as a group often, so when the time comes and you need to put everything into motion because things are not going so great, you and your family will be better positioned to come out of the situation in a much better way.

For more information on the Re-Entry Pass system managed by Pivot Parking, please see the info graphic here. Once you have reviewed the instructions and you are ready to apply, visit the application page and complete the form. If you already have one of the original Key Cards issued by the Town, we will honor it for an additional year, but we recommend going ahead and getting the Re-Entry decal issued from Pivot Parking at your earliest convenience. Should you need assistance with applying for your Re-Entry Decal, please contact Pivot Parking directly at 1-833-467-4868, visit their office at 305 N New River Drive (the old Police Dept) or by emailing surfcityparkingpermit@pivotparking.com.

Utilities Department

The Water Treatment Plant produced on average seven hundred and thirty-three thousand gallons of water per day since September 30th. This is an eight and half percent increase over the same period last year

The Collections and Distribution division completed two hundred and twenty-nine work orders and sixty locate request since September 30th, 2021. The Utility Department along with Suez completed the survey potion of the Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) project on August 12th. Over the next two months, town staff will be repairing deficiencies in the current water system in preparation for the final phase of the project. If a property has any plantings or obstructions within three feet of the meter box, this area will need to be cleared. The new meter reading system needs approximately three inches from the top of meter to the lower lip of the box. If your current box does not have this space, town staff will be raising your meter box. A mass water meter change out is currently scheduled for mid-November. During this time every water meter will be changed out and water will be interrupted to the individual house for about five minutes during this change over. This process should be complete in mid-February. As we approach milestones that affect the general public, notices will be sent out. The intent of this project is to maintain current technology and provide better service to the citizens of Surf City. If you would like more information about this project, please contact the utility department.

The utility department has published the 2020 Annual Consumer Confidence Report for the water treatment and distribution system. This report informs the public that the water system is maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. This report is available at the below link.


Should anyone have any questions or concerns about Surf City utilities, please call Town Staff at 910-329-1055.

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Surf City Welcome & Event Center Weekend Hours Updated – Saturday & Sunday: 10AM-2PM

Parks and Facilities

Earl G. & Inez Batts Recreation Complex – The Town of Surf City acquired approximately 53.8-acres of new parkland adjacent to the existing Surf City Community Center and Athletic Complex land. The Town currently has applied for over $1.5million in grant funding through the PARTF, LWCF, and other private organizations. Plans for this land include a skatepark, walking trails, 100% inclusive playground, 18-hole disc golf course, sand volleyball courts, multi-use fields, and more. We plan to keep everyone updated as we get responses to the grant applications, which will allow us to move forward on this project. Currently, we have completed the survey, wetland delineation, conceptual plan, and Master Plan.

Town Council did officially name the new park in honor of the family whom the land was acquired, the Batt’s family. The new park name is the Earl G. & Inez Batts Recreation Complex.

Phase 1 Update – The current plans for this phase include a skatepark, inclusive playground, two sand volleyball courts, shelter/restrooms, trails, 18-hole disc golf course and additional parking. The skatepark is a $400,000 - $500,000 project and the inclusive playground is a $225,000 project. We have been conditionally awarded $500,000 in LWCF grant funding, and we have been awarded $500,000 in PARTF funding for this project. This is a $1.4 million project and current projected funding will cover the complete cost of Phase 1.

Phase 2 Update - In September of 2021, plans to pursue two lighted multi-use fields were approved. A LWCF grant for $500,000 has been submitted for this $1 million phase. We will continue to seek funding through grants to complete this portion of the project.

Skatepark Design Team – Are you passionate about skateboarding?

Surf City Parks, Recreation, & Tourism is currently seeking applications for our Skatepark Design Team! If you are interested in being involved in the design & development of the new skatepark, please complete the form linked below & submit to Chad Merritt at cmerritt@surfcitync.gov by Monday, November 1st at 5pm.


Recreation Programs and Events

Program Registration – See something you are interested in? Register here: https://surfcity.recdesk.com/Community/Home or for more information contact our staff at 910-328-4887.

Surf City After School Program – We are excited to offer a new after school program this year. Registration remains open.

Essential Oils Diffuser Bracelet Class - Come join us in another make and take version of Essential Oils. Who knew health and wellness could be so fun!

Tot Time – It is back! Bring your tot for some free play in Soundside Park. Parents will have the opportunity to socialize with other parents all while enhancing your tot’s social life too.

Tot Time: Art Exploration – Tot Time has a new edition! Come and join us to explore your child’s creative side.

Ballet & Tap Class

Ballet, Tap, & Jazz Class – Lets dance! Get on those dance shoes and come join the excitement.

2021 Holiday Basketball Clinic – End the year by joining us in the basketball clinic. See you there!

2021 Holiday Volleyball Clinic – Holiday volleyball is always fun. Register today!

Adult Futsal – Registration is open. Season is January 13th – March 10th. Come see what all the fun is about.

Youth Futsal – Registration is open. Season is January 8th – February 26th. Who is ready for some indoor fun for the winter?

Wellness Classes – The holidays are approaching, stay ahead of that delicious food. Come get your fitness room pass today and participate in our wellness/fitness classes.

Barre Basics – Another great fitness class to ensure you are a healthier version of yourself. Come join our amazing instructor Candace King in Barre Basics.

Cycling – Ready, set, GO! We are off and cycling with instructor Shannon for 60 minutes. Get your spot in the class today, you are not going to want to miss it.

Senior Fit – Here is a great program at your own pace. Join our instructor Candace as she provides an exercise program for your senior lifestyle. All fitness levels are welcome.

Memorial Bench Program – The Memorial Bench Program continues to be a great way for people to honor a loved one. The Town has received a lot of request for bench dedications in the last couple months. If you are interested in placing a bench in honor of a loved one call us at (910) 328-4887.

Tourism and Special Events

Fall Fest at Soundside Park – Come join us at the annual Fall Fest at Soundside Park on October 23rd from 3:30-6pm. Your family can enjoy food, inflatables, live music, and more. "It's fall ya’ll!"

In partnership The East Daily Download, Surf City has sponsored a number of promotional videos to highlight some of the great things the Town has to offer, please check these out and tell a friend!

Surf City Community Center

Surf City Special Events

Surf City Welcome Center

Beautification Committee

Congratulations to Surf Dog Bites and Brews for being chosen as the October 2021 Beautification Business of the month! Be sure to stop in for some bites while enjoying their new outdoor space!

There are so many beautiful businesses in Surf City, who will be next? Nominate your favorite business by submitting the business name, a photo or two, and the address to beautification@surfcitync.gov. The Beautification Committee votes on the candidates the third Tuesday of the month.

We would like to congratulate 180 Atkinson Road for being chosen as the October 2021 Beautification Home of the Month! We loved featuring their incredible intracoastal home!

There are so many beautiful homes in Surf City, who will be next? Nominate your favorite home by submitting the property owner’s name, a photo or two, and the address to beautification@surfcitync.gov. The Beautification Committee votes on the candidates the third Tuesday of the month.

Beach and Public Accesses

Rip Current and Public Access Flags – The rip current and public beach access flags are up for informational purposes. New rule signage was installed. Please know where you are in case of emergencies and know how to identify rip currents.

Ordinance Reminder – Staff have been going out multiple times a week to remove unattended beach equipment between the hours of 10pm and 7am. Leaving beach equipment out on the beach overnight is against Town Ordinance (See Section II, Chapter 4, Sec. 4-12, Sec. 4-13, Sec. 4-14). The reason items cannot be left out on the beach overnight is:

1. It hinders Sea Turtles from nesting, if they encounter obstructions on the beach.

2. It hinders emergency vehicles from being able to move freely on the beach during the night, if needed.

3. High tides and storms may take the equipment into the ocean, which has a negative effect on wildlife and our environment.

4. High winds could blow the equipment into someone or their property.

Equipment picked up by staff during the hours of 10pm-7am are disposed of and not retrievable. Please make sure you do your part to follow this simple ordinance.


• Working on the 6-30-2021 year-end financial statements.

• Continue to work on assorted items related to the audit.

• Prepared various schedules for the financial statements.

• Finance mailed out the tax bills.

• Prepared Project ordinance for phase one of the Earl G. & Inez Batts Recreation Complex project.

• Prepared financial analysis of FY 20/21 year-end financial results.

Chamber Corner

Please make sure to visit the Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce for updates and happenings https://www.topsailchamber.org/