The Body Issue Dan Link

The Common misconception within society is that women are the only ones that struggle with body Image.

Men struggle with body image just as much, if not more than women. Mainly young men involved in high school wrestling.

High school wrestlers particularly struggle with nutrition and are often encouraged to skip meals.

Coaches need to be involved in mentoring programs to ensure their athletes are eating right.
In order to compete safely, proper nutrition is essential.

If high school wrestlers were properly educated on nutrition, they would not struggle with their body image as much and compete safely.

Mentoring programs would ensure these high school wrestlers are not skipping meals or struggling with malnutrition.

High school wrestlers also have to maintain a certain weight in order to compete within a particular weight class.

The skipping of meals to reach a certain body image and maintain weight can lead to eating disorders and other health risks.

Coached being involved in mentoring programs with young high school wrestler will all high school wrestlers to be educated on proper nutrition and lead to less struggle with body image.


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