Midterm Portfolio Carson bass

My Photos

Describe: In the photograph the boy is using his mind to make a chair float. There is a lot of dead plants/trees, the photo was taken at a school, there are no clouds in the sky's. The boy seems to be a student at the school, and dresses like hipster/skater.

Analyze: The photo's strongest composition point is offish with the chair floating in the air and the student on the other side of the photo making it seem unbalanced. The photo uses the shape of things with the treelike merging with the school in the background. The photo's target audience is probably younger people who like superhero and supernatural stories.

Interpret: The photo is meant to show that public schools help students and can make them smarter. People say that public schools are inferior to charter or private and this photo is meant to show that public schools are just as of educating students.

Evaluate: The photographer did an effective job of making the photo look real at first glance, but when you start to look at the details there are flaws. The shadow from the person who held the chair up is still there which makes the photo look off. The photo is well made and looks great but the photoshop job was sloppy. The photo was taken in a good location and with good lighting for what the photographer was trying to accomplish.

Describe: This photo was a remix of Rebecca Chitticks, she takes portraits then uses a filter to make the person look like a painting, she usually uses a solid color background but this one has a concrete texture. Paint strokes were added to the photo, and the boy looks like a cartoon. There is also neat lines that look warped and lines that look like they were spray painted. The photo seems child-like.

Analyze: The photographer used elements from Rebecca Chitticks' but put their own spin on it. The most apparent composition points are leading lines with the paint strokes, and the lines running across the photograph. Get close, because the picture doesn't have a lot of negative space and was taken close to Sean. And offish because there are paint strokes randomly placed throughout the photo, and the lines make the image less balanced.

Interpret: The paint strokes seem like they're bringing color and a positive feeling to a bleak setting. The photo is about self-confidence because the boy is confident and the colors are coming to his life because of it. The main message from this picture is to believe in yourself and your life will be better because of it.

Evaluate: I think the photo did a good job getting its message across and it looks different to most photos which was the artist's intention. The photo shop for the paint strokes was bad, there is spots of white that make the photo look sloppy, and not well made. Overall the photo is unique and uses the paint strokes and colors very well.

Describe: the photo is black and white, the branches are placed so there is a relatively clear path to the person standing on the other side. The person is in focus rather than the leaves/branches. There is a brick building in the background which can barely be seen. the first thing I noticed when i saw the photo was the person, which was probably what the photographer wanted.

Analyze: "Think inside the box" is a very strong composition point in this photo, the branches create a natural frame around the person's face. Balance is also a composition point in this photo because the person is in the center and everything seems like it was placed that way for a reason. The branches also contribute leading lines because the branches guide the viewer's eye throughout the photo. The black and white helps the photographer convey mood, and the texture of the leaves works very well in the photograph

Interpret: The photo has a gloomy and mysterious mood. This is partly because of the black and white filter and also because the whole photo seems strange, it doesn't make sense and provokes questions like "why is he looking through the tree?" or "where are they?" His facial expression helps the mysterious mood, he has a very serious face while in a strange setting.

Evaluate: The photo is bland and simple, there is not a lot happening in the photograph. This helps convey the mood and the photographer probably wanted a simple photo, the lack of elements in the photo can make it either very boring or it can be compelling and provoke thought. It does a good job of not being boring while still remaining simple.

Classmate's Photos

Describe: A teenage kid is leaning on a Mercedes infront of a brick building. The photo looks old and faded. The kid is wearing urban clothes and a black line is covering his eyes. There is not a lot of color or light in the photo, and the concrete is old and breaking. There is a lot of negative space in the photo.

Analyze: Balance is used in this photo because the kid is in the middle of the photo and seems relaxed. The filter makes the photo seem old and gives it a rough texture. The negative space in the photo adds "think inside the box" to the photo because other than the kid and the car there is not much else to look at. The photo is very simple and has an urban look.

Interpret: The photo has a rustic and distressed feel because the building, road, and car all look old and out of date. The photo seems lonely, and it has a depressing mood. The black line over his eyes also help with the lonely mood.

Evaluate: The photo has a strong mood and does not require deep thinking to understand because it cuts straight to the point. The photographer did a good job trying to include every aspect and composition point they wanted. There is little composition in this photo but the composition it does have is very strong.

Describe: A boy and girl are at picnic tables at a school, they are laughing and the girl is playfully choking the boy, the photographer put a 3-D effect on the boy and girl. The boy is sitting on the table and the girl is standing on the table, and the boy is holding a camera. The other tables are empty, the lights inside the school are off and the sky is white.

Analyze: The photo has elements of the composition point "offish" because the camera is tilted and the picture is unsymmetrical. The photo also uses "the layered look" because the picnic tables spread out give depth to the photo. The 3-D effect helps contribute to the mood.

Interpret: The mood in the photo is playful and happy, the boy and girl are laughing and enjoying the moment. They look like a couple which also makes the photo have a happy feel. The photo is a refreshing change of pace because it is cheerful rather than stressful, the 3-D also helps give a unique view.

Evaluate: The photo is well made and does an effective job conveying mood and composition. The photographer has a unique and youthful viewpoint that translates well into his photo's. The photo has a lot of unneeded space that dulls the photo down a little but the photo is still well done.

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