What is Good Food? Good food to me is healthy and being able to eat it and not be grossed out by the smell or look.

Good food should be able to give you the energy and the power to get you through the day. It should be food that gives you potassium and puts good things in your body.
Good food should also be stuff that you enjoy to eat. Whether that be food filled with sugar or food that is filled with fat, whatever you enjoy.
Good food to me is also food that is grilled like steak and burgers. I like just the juicy and the savoriness of this kind of food.
Good food to me is also a dinner set up where there are lots of different things to eat. I like it this way because i don't like very many things so there are lots of choices of things to eat.
Good food to me is food that can be shared as a family, a food that we can all enjoy together. This way if eating is a very good habit to get into. Its both healthy and less stressful.
Good food is also food that is well cleansed and that you feel safe eating. Also food that goes together well like lettuce goes with a lot of things, its also very healthy.
Good food to me is also food that is hunted and you can be able to say that you supplied this food. Also you can be a part of the whole process of cleaning the meat so you know that it is to your standards.
Good food is also food that you can sit out on a lake and catch. One reason being its fun and it taste really good battered, its a cheap way of eating.
Good food to me is food that you grow from a baby and know what is in it from whats it been fed all its life. This way of raising your own food you get a sense of security
Good food to me is pork. You can get a lot of different varieties from the pork and this way you can also know what your food has been in and what its been eating.


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