Spring Break 2017 Tobias Hampel

The theme of this pictures is glow and I took it from down low on the corniche, I didn't want it to look like this but because the f number was large little light came in causing the background of the plants and what held the light all to appear to be gone which I thought was cool.
This pictures theme is architecture because I really like how it look across the water and then the buildings. I While the picture isn't the greatest and I actually wanted to use it for reflection I still choose to use it because I found that with the wavy reflection of the buildings made it look more alive.
The theme of this picture is doorway and after learning about converging lines I could have stepped further back to make the doorway funnel onto the tree. I took this picture because I thought the doorway looked really cool.
The theme of this photo is where you stand. This is because this little plant can be interpreted in many different ways from exactly what I said 'where you stand'. For example I stood low before it showing the struggle of growing through the rocks while from the top you would never see this. I like this picture because of the weird focus in the middle and not in the back or front of the picture.
The theme of this photo is colors. This is because the yellow in the background, in the ball and on the grass are the same, but different shades and focus causing the ball to be highlighted (also because of size). I also like this photo because if you look closely the ball is bigger than the goal in the background.
The theme of this picture is friends because when the ants were walking on the plants it looked like they were playing and having fun. This picture has a really cool shallow field of depth really only focusing on the first ant making it stand out.
The theme of this photo on the bottom right is on the move. This is because our little tortoise was moving from hole a in our garden to hole b. While for humans it takes 10 big steps it takes the little tortoise 15 minutes causing it to be on the move. Also, this picture is cool because of the black creepy eyes. The theme of this picture on the top is respect. Our dog, Mika, in this moment was commanded to sit and she did so in respect at the same time her eyes were looking out the window at a cat again in respect. Also the eye and nose look cool in the lines of thirds and the background really make the contrasting colors pop. The theme of this picture on the bottom left is upside down. This is the theme because even though the water is coming from the ground it looks as if it was coming from the opposite or the top from my sister mouth. While there are people in the background which is distracting I like it because I think it was a creative photo.
The theme of this hard to get photo of a fly is peace. The theme might not immediately be understood, but if you think about flies they are always zooming through the air and right when I shot this picture this fly wasn't doing so since it was experiencing peace. I really like this picture because of how hard it was to get and it looks cool, but disgusting as well.

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