How to build a bridge Natalia Sanchez


  • Elmers glue bottle
  • 300 Popsicle sticks
  • Scotch tape
  • Newspaper
  • Paper clips

Step 1

Begin with laying newspaper over your working space

Step 2

Take your first popsicle stick and lay it flat on the table. Put a line of glue from half of the stick over. Take your second popsicle and line half of it up with the glue so only the two halves are connected and not the full stick. Continue lining the sticks up like this until you have a cluster of 4 sticks on each end using 8

Step 3

Since you will be using these for the two bottom sides make double the amounts of clusters. Repeat step two and make separate cluster of 2 fours, and 3 three's. (Double that amount for the other side) keep in mind, you will be using 6 sticks in a cluster of 3, ect.

Step 4

Take two of the clusters of three once dried overnight and put those together to make one big cluster of 6.

Step 5

Once each cluster has fully dried, connect them in a straight line. They should connect in the sequence of 4, 4, 3, 6. To connect the sticks you will slid two sets together. Their spaces in between should line up and make for an easy fit. Add glue on the tops to secure.

Step 6

Once the two sides have fully dried, add three sticks on the sides of where the middle cluster of 6 meet. Add glue around the columns you have made to secure and put a paper clip on the top of it to hold.

Step 7

While you wait for these columns to dry we will start making the arch clusters. Use the same directs in step 2 to put together these clusters. You will need 2 fours, and 2 threes. Remember to double that amount for the other side.

Step 8

In the second cluster of 4, you will be attaching your first cluster set of 3 to begin making the arch. Since there are gaps the two pieces should connect easily. Glue clusters together having the top piece at about a 45 degree angle.

Step 9

After connecting the top arch together, add glue in the connecting parts and let dry overnight.

Step 10

Now we will be making the colomns that support the arch up. Add sticks inbetween the gaps of our base part of the bridge. These sticks should sequence in the order: two, three, three, three, three two. The sticks should pop in easily.

Step 11

Once you have gotten the bottom part of the sticks in the base, slide the top part to fit in between the arches. The sticks should start and slant to line up where the base and arch pieces connect.

Step 12

Glue each new connecting part and let dry overnight. Repeat steps 8-12 for the other side

Step 13

We are now done with the sides of our bridge and will begin connecting both of our sides to our bridge.

To connect both sides add X's by crossing two sticks on the top of each side attach to them. Glue at the connecting points of each X to the bridge, and tape down to hold in place while it dries. You will be added into these X's to fill any area that does not have a support column directly underneath.

Step 14

After you let those dry overnight, add 2-4 (however many fit) sticks straight across from the two sides to add extra support underneath the X's you have placed.

Step 15

Add glue to the sticks and let dry.

Step 16

To the very bottom of the bridge you will be adding V shaped sticks. Add four sets of V's space evenly and let sit after glued.

The bridge is complete!

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