Inject Creativity Live Wednesday 17th November 2021

Clara Galan

Joining us from Barcelona, Spain, she heads up the ACE and other education community programs for Adobe across the globe.

She joined us to share a summary of the year, and to thank everyone for their involvement. If you want to see more of Clara's work, check out her playlist on the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel:

Ali Blackwell

Building on the idea of how to use vector and create shapes, Ali demonstrated some tools that extend Adobe Illustrator for students beyond just 'painting' with the paint brush, but creating shapes with increasing complexity that interact.

What is a vector drawing?

From: https://www.adobe.com/au/creativecloud/illustration/discover/vector-art.html

Vector artwork is art that's made up of vector graphics. These graphics are points, lines, curves and shapes that are based on mathematical formulas. When you scale a vector image file, it isn't low resolution and there's no loss of quality, so it can be sized to however large or small you need it to be... Any art made with vector illustration software like Adobe Illustrator is considered vector art.

Vector is like drawing with mathematical algorithms that remove the restriction of increasing or decreasing scale. You can make your picture as small as a business card or as big as a building without any pixilation impacting the quality.

Mark Christie

From the Northern Territory Department of Education, Mark joins us to demonstrate how he has created interconnected Spark Pages (or other assets) exploring the hyperlink function as a Table of Contents.

Created By
Erin Raethke


Created with images by merlinlightpainting - "abstract painting wallpaper" • Gam-Ol - "research mechanical technical" • rauschenberger - "wallpaper vector color"