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Culture Of Mexico


This is a map of Mexico, where we plan to hold the next FIFA World Cup

Tourism Hot Spots

Mexico has many tourist attractions, in the first picture it shows Monte Alban it was once the capital of the Zapotec people. The next picture (next to it) is San Miguel de Allende, it was founded by a San Franciscan Monk. It played a big role in the war for Mexican independence from Spain. Today, it is best known for its colonial architecture. The one on the bottom left is El Tajin, most of the buildings at the site were constructed between 600 – 900 AD. We don't know which civilization

Interesting Facts About Mexico

There are however a lot of intresting facts about Mexico, The official name of Mexico is Estados Únidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States), The Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico has made it into the new list of Seven Wonders of the World. It is second most visited archaeological site of Mexico, The left stripe is green in color and stands for hope and the independence movement, The right stripe is red in color symbolizing the blood of the Mexican heroes, and The stripe in the middle is white and represents purity of the catholic faith.


This relates to our unit, Latin America because Mexico is in Latin America. Plus the picture is from the Aztecs. The Aztecs are a tribe in central Mexico.

Government & Economics

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