Nikita Gill by Kathryn beaudry

Nikita Gill is a 24 year old writer who enjoys writing short stories as well as poems. Nikita lives in England and found her passion for writing when she was 12 during a school assignment. She recently wrote a poetry book, her first book, called Your Soul is a River. A Kardashian inspired her to put her work on Instagram after seeing the popularity. She is most popular on Instagram, where she publishes all her work. Nikita's goal is to be able to relate to people, to empathize with their pain, to let them know they are not alone in the world.

A Girl, An Ocean

Lessons from Hera and Hercules

The Truth About Your Heart


I have chosen to analyze the poem below called A Thousand Version of You. I found this poem and many others by Nikita talk a lot about life, love and lessons. I have found a few poetry terms that can be described with this poem;

  • Hyperbole: an exaggerated statement often used for irony, ex: "you have shed a thousand skins"
  • End-stopping line: a line that ends in a full pause, ex: " are today."
  • Diction (informal): the writer talks as if having informal conversation with someone.
  • Blank Verse: no rhyming to be found.

My Poems

Your life is precious


get back up


It was very difficult to write a long poem keeping the same theme so i decided to write 3 short poems. They turned out better than I could've imagined. In the future, I could try working on more elaborate poetic devices to enhance my poems but I think they're good. I tried using Nikita's themes of life, love and lessons to create my poems. From reading all of Nikita's poetry I have learned some interesting techniques and a different kind of writing style. Before I thought poetry was about rhyming or structure but after reading her work, I realized it's more about the way it makes you feel and the message a poem is trying to give. Her poems taught me lots of things and just made me reflect on life and seeing it in a different light. I chose A Thousands Versions of You because it taught me the most I think of all her poems, that you go through so much in life and you're constantly changing but in the end you're still the same person but better because you've been through so much. Even though she is not a very well known poet, her poetry spoke to me and I could relate to it and take some of the advice she was trying to share.



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