4B6 Jillian Curran my adventure to Ellis Island

Hi my name is Lilli Curran and I am going tell you about my trip. I came from Ireland and I am 10 years old. I traveled with my family and I am rich so I got in first class.Before we got on the boat they sticked a huck in my eye to see if I had a eye diseys I did not I was glad. But, I was criying because it hurt so bad. I went with my brother, father, and mother to see and live with my cousins,aunts and uncles, and grandparnts. I felt bad for the people that were not rich they had like no food and no bathroom. They also did not have a bed and alot of space. Once I snuck down to the poor people and gave them some food and blanckets and tolet paper and buckets I fond. I was so glad no one saw me my family told me to do a nice thing for them. I liked to write what was going on everywhere and seeing cool things. One day I woke up and I saw people writing thank you notes. I said you did not have to do that. All of them thanked me for saveing there lives. Once I woke up and I saw the staue of liberty I went down stairs to get my friends and brought them up they cried I also cried everyone was crieying. I lived with my family and that was my favorite.

  • adobe spark is a very good source
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Staute of liberty Facts

The torch means freedom

It came from France

Broken chain stands for freedom.

It is a monument.

This one disan of the flag.
This is the Ireland map.

I liked looking at the photos

I also like listening to the audio

One more thing I liked is fill each blank.


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