So Much to Do.......... such Little Time Essential time savers for teachers by Christina Fink

Lesson Planning Made Easy

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time fitting everything that I have to do into one, 24-hour period. Being a wife, a parent, a full-time teacher, and a graduate student is exhausting and I don't have a minute to spare. I not only want to get everything accomplished, but want to do it well. I do not want to sacrifice quality in any area of my life (which is virtually impossible). That is why Teachers Pay Teachers is such a life saver for me. Teaching animal classification, Meta-cognition, Contractions, and Geometry to your first graders all in one day? Of course you are. Need to keep those little learners actively engaged? Of course you do! You don't have time to reinvent the wheel, but you will certainly have time to search for amazing lessons or activities for each one of these topics, download them, copy, cut, and laminate them, and teach each one with enthusiasm IF you follow this link to register for your free account and get started today!

Here is an example of a wonderful addition to a lesson on animal classification.

Teaching the same curriculum again this year?

Wanna spice up your teaching?

Need some inspiration for this? Enter...

Remember that time that you don't seem to have? Well, you can certainly lose track of it when you are browsing through all of the world's best ideas on Pinterest. You will find all of the inspiration that your little heart desires, on any topic imaginable. When you find a blog, website, resource, idea, photo, etc. you simply pin it to a board of your choosing. If you are diligent about organizing your boards you will be able to find those amazing ideas any time you want to recreate them. Or perhaps you are collaborating with your teammates, show them what your ideas look like or share your finds in the blink of an eye. When you click on the pin it will take you to the blog site, Teachers Pay Teachers, flicker, where ever the pin originated from in order to gather more information so that you can make your dream a reality.

have your students been sitting for a while? Do they need to get up and move?


are your students all zinged up over the amazing lessons that you just presented?

Time to Reel them back in with Go Noodle!

Go Noodle is the perfect place for students to get their wiggles out by dancing, jumping, singing, and exercising. Or, they can work their brains with brainercise or focus with a flow activity.

Now you need a way to manage classroom behavior right?

Class dojo is a fantastic, fun, easy informative way to keep track of student behaviors and share this information with families too!

You choose the categories. you award points or take points away based on student behavior. students can see their points and what they are earning them for right on the screen. earn a certain point value, earn a reward!

Parents will appreciate how detailed the reports are and will have talking points to have meaningful discussions with their children about what they are doing well in class, and what they need to work on. Below you will see a snapshot of a screen, student names and points earned, as well as categories at the bottom.

i hope that you have found some interesting ways to save yourself a little time.

Now, get out there and try it for yourself!


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