Acceleration Island Caleb Scott, Preston Purser, Chris brown, HuNter RowCliffE

Constitution: Community purpose: To provide safe haven from the poverty of the world. Responsibilities of members: Members of the community will have to contribute by working and jobs are determined by interest similar to that of the giver. Basic set of rules: If law enforcement views something that they see as wrong then they will take them to prison and they will go on trial where the whole community will determine if he or she is guilty or innocent and the severity of the punishment. System of money: Gold coins and debit cards will be used as currency as well as trading is available. Transportation options: For water transportation there will be a kayak, for air transportation there will be a electric plane, and for ground there will be a bike. Climate: The climate will be similar to Florida it will have rain at night and it will be sunny during the day

Map of Acceleration Island

Acceleration Island currency is gold and debit cards we accept trading too.

Our Community is on the water.

We offer boating and fishing

Great spots for swimming

Long streach of coast

Many different houses to live in

Our community is off the coast of Jamaica.

Developing Jobs

Many IT jobs.

There are many distribution jobs.

Many data center jobs.

In the community there are lots of jobs on the dock

In the community you could train to be a fighter pilot.

Many house options to choose from.

Acceleration Island: motto is live life to it's potential.

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