RIFLES 5 Week 7 Combat infantryman's Course Starting Mar 2017

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RIFLES Jobs will be following the men of RIFLES 5 Platoon as they start their journey from civilians to Riflemen. 47 RIFLES Recruits started their 26 week Combat Infantryman's Course on Sunday 12th March 2017 and from now on will be known as Riflemen (Rfn). Read about their journey, their struggles, the highs, and the lows as we show you week by week what it is like to be trained by the best instructors the British Army has to offer as they strive to become a fully trained Riflemen. Each week we will bring you stories, photographs as well as introducing you to the Riflemen.

Week Seven Story

Week Seven Story

Week 7 is consumed by IntroEx3, the third installment of our fieldcraft training. The aim of this exercise is to continue developing our ability to survive in the field. We also continue learning skills that will help us in tactical situations later in the course.

We start the exercise learning how to set up a Patrol Harbour. This is a location we use as a base when carrying out operations near the enemy. It is not designed for comfort, it is a place which we can defend if necessary or leave quickly without leaving any trace of our presence.

The start of our tactical training includes how to move when under enemy fire. Although difficult at first, 'fire and manoeuvre' quickly becomes second nature and will be the basis of how we move around the battlefield from now on.

We also learn how to identify an enemy and pass on this information to the rest of our team. This is called 'target indication' and has been one of the most difficult things to do since the beginning of modern warfare.

The final part of our exercise concentrates on how to deal with unexpected events such as being ambushed. This adds the extra complication of being caught off guard and shows the Riflemen how a simple task can be made so much more difficult with the added pressure of enemy fire.

Look forward to week eight

Next week we continue our physical and mental development when our mental resilience coaches add their expertise to a PT session. We also spend a couple of days on the ranges where we will develop our shooting to a professional level.‚Äč

Some Photographs from the Week

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