Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing started in the prohibition days. When Bootleggers would run away from law enforcement. They had to have a quick car because if they didnt have a fast car they wouldn't be able to out run the law.

This is what the stock cars used to look like back then.

How the engines are built is pretty amazing. It is crazy how much horsepower and torque they can fit into that engine. They run off of race fuel im not to positive what kind of race fuel but it is probably high in octane.

Driver are a big role that plays in in stock car racing. If there were no race car drivers we wouldn't have any races.

I think that if there was not NASCAR there would be more people who get speeding tickets, because they have the need for speed and cant go race any where.

This is Kyle Bush after he won doing a burnout!


Created with images by tequilamike - "Tony Stewart on pit road" • trailersoftheeastcoast - "Bowman Gray Stadium Pre-Race Pit Area" • skeeze - "nascar auto racing track" • Ted Van Pelt - "Dover The NASCAR Masters Waltrip Allison" • jared422_80 - "Daytona Beach - Daytona International Speedway - Entrance Sign" • The Freewheeling Daredevil - "Dale Earnhardt 10th Anniversary Daytona 500 win Chevy Impala COT" • skeeze - "auto racing nascar car" • bshamblen - "Kyle Busch Burnout - NASCAR 2008 - Infineon Raceway"

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