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What does it take to be a good citizen?

A good citizen is someone who obeys and follows the law. If a citizen of a country or anywhere in the world such as a home and certain places there are certain certain responsibilities required to be followed. The responsibilities may include not committing treason, paying city and state taxes and putting your dishes in the sink after using them. As a citizen you also have rights. The rights you have include freedom of speech, having the right and authority to vote and supporting your favorite football or basketball team during one of their games. Having rights and responsibilities are two of the main things that have to do with being a good citizen.

In a direct democracy, all 5 of the limits on the government are used. For example, in the USA and in other places that use or have a direct democracy that use separation of powers in the government. A direct democracy used against some other types of government like autocracy or a dictatorship would be a better kind of choice considering both have at least one ruler. For example in a theocracy, the government can exist with other kinds of governments. But, those governments may not give their citizens rights or their leaders may be very controlling of the lives of the citizens themselves like a dictatorship or autocracy. These are both reasons why a direct democracy is the best kind of government.

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