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I think that Mount Everest is worth the risk but it isn't at the same time. Mount Everest is a very hard mountain to climb. If you have the experience of climbing mountains before and have done enough training in order to do so or even have climbed the mountain before. If you have and really want to do it again then I feel like it is a good idea. If you lack the experience and training or all of the above then I don't think it safe. Along with the fact that you need to have the confidence to climb the mountain and patience to stay acclimatized during the expedition. If you are to eager or feel to eager to climb the mountain and have no experience with mountain climbing, I think you should reconsider your choices of this accomplishment and goal.

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What does it take to be a good citizen?

A good citizen is someone who obeys and follows the law. If a citizen of a country or anywhere in the world such as a home and certain places there are certain certain responsibilities required to be followed. The responsibilities may include not committing treason, paying city and state taxes and putting your dishes in the sink after using them. As a citizen you also have rights. The rights you have include freedom of speech, having the right and authority to vote and supporting your favorite football or basketball team during one of their games. Having rights and responsibilities are two of the main things that have to do with being a good citizen.

In a direct democracy, all 5 of the limits on the government are used. For example, in the USA and in other places that use or have a direct democracy that use separation of powers in the government. A direct democracy used against some other types of government like autocracy or a dictatorship would be a better kind of choice considering both have at least one ruler. For example in a theocracy, the government can exist with other kinds of governments. But, those governments may not give their citizens rights or their leaders may be very controlling of the lives of the citizens themselves like a dictatorship or autocracy. These are both reasons why a direct democracy is the best kind of government.

Having a valuable resource affects a region in many ways such as good and bad. Having oil, in this case is good for some things and not for others. Oil can help a country with a lot of things. It can also destroy of hunt a country a lot.

Countries that have oil are very lucky especially if they have a lot of it. Oils like gas or gasoline can power cars. The more cars people have or buses driven give people the opportunity to drive to get to places faster. When crude oil and natural gas are pumped from the ground and distributed to the people of a country. The gas and oil can help power cars and transportation but also can give jobs to people to pump the gas.

Countries that have oil can be very unlucky as well because countries that don't have oil can try and steal it. The oil can be hijacked or taken from a country by being stolen or taken because of laws or war. Small countries that don't have oil may have issues but not as many people will be affected as compared to big or medium sized countries with a bigger amount of people.

These are just two examples of how having a valuable resource, like oil can affect a region. Being positively and negatively affected can be compared and have a 50/50 affect on a region. Some or all countries can be affected in Good and bad ways but there are many thins to prevent that.

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