Editing in Premier basics of editing

Essential Editing Key Commands

Play in reverse: J

Stop: K

Play forward: L

Note: if you press J or L more than once, you can shuttle faster through clips. K will always stop. Try using these three keys to move around the timeline

Mark In: I

Mark out: O

Insert Edit: , (comma)

Overwrite Edit: . (period)

Navigating the timeline

Zoom in on the timeline: =

Zoom out on the timeline: -

Increase track height: CMD + =

Decrease track height: CMD + -

keyboard shortcut list

Workflow - Ingest and Proxy editing

Types of Edits

Insert Edit

An insert edit will take material from the source window and insert it in between clips in the timeline.

Overwrite Edit

An overwrite edit will take material from the source window and overwrite material in the timeline.

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