Kennedy Jackson digital photography 1, period 6

This was for painting with lights. we had to move a flash light while holding down the picture button to take the picture.
Multiplicity assignment with Patricia.
Framing of fall.
Photographers choice.
this was taken for a framing assignment, it took a million tries to get a good photo.

Artist statement

I make my art because I like to see the creativity and different ideas that come to mind in a visual picture that I can see, anything really inspires me to make art just depends on what I'm looking at and what perspective you look at it. My art represents and signifies the creative ideas I think and want to see and puts it into a picture to see it, my art is unique and special because i made it and its my own work just like everyone else art is special and unique because they made it and its there own work. My art means a lot to me because its my way of expressing my creativity and different ideas.

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