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Highlights weeks ending November 13, 2020

Welcome back Vera Guerra Adam and our morning assistant teacher Mrs. Anand you both have been missed!

Left: Our school friend Vera. Right: Mrs. Anand giving Oscar a language lesson. Everyone does wear masks in the classroom. They are removed for pictures only and eating of course!


We had two birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday Shout Outs to Albert Jacobs who is now 5 and Mariana Vilaca who turned 6!

In the middle picture Albert is blowing out his candle. Hooray!
Mariana invited friends to place the months of the year for the sun's rays.
The sun gives us heat and light.

I am so glad that we had the opportunity to celebrate with Mariana. Her family will be moving to Florida and this is her last week at Schoolhouse. We are sad to see you go but excited for your new adventure. Best wishes to the whole family!


After learning the names of the seven continents of our world, we begin exploring each individual continent. Starting with North America. North America is dominated by its three largest countries: Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Central America and the Caribbean are usually considered part of North America.

Vera working with the North America puzzle and control map.

Concentrating on the United States of America. We learned that this is our country. The capital of the United States is Washington D.C. Our President lives there.

While our country was having an Election for President, our classroom held their own election for their favorite cookie. On the ballot where the choices of the Sugar Cookie or the Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Hyunwoo filling out his ballot. Into the ballot box it goes.
Top Left: Mariana - Top Right: Vera - Bottom: Advit

After counting the ballots; the undisputed winner is the Chocolate Chip Cookie! Of course, we enjoyed eating some!

Special Thanks to Our Veterans

Thank you for bravely doing what you’re called to do so we can safely do what we’re free to do.

We talked about the most recognizable symbol of our country our Flag. The children enjoyed making their own flag as they counted and patterned the 13 red and white stripes.


In sensorial children were introduced to the three-dimensional shape of cube, sphere and cone. The Geometric Solids are one of many Montessori materials that challenge and shape a child's stereognosis sense, which is their ability to perceive and understand both the form and nature of objects through touch. By working with these materials, children become aware of how shapes form the basis for everyday objects.

Oscar and Vera are exploring how each Geometric Solid moves. The sphere and cone rolls.
Alexander found objects that match in shape.


The season of Autumn or Fall and the many shapes of leaves.

The Botany Cabinet is now available to work with. Some of the drawers contain leaf-shape insets and frames. The direct aim is to further develop visual discrimination. The children match the leaf insets to their matching frames. For a more abstract work the children can match the leaf insets to their matching form card.


Exploring Parts of the Leaf with the Botany Puzzle.

The petiole is where the leaf connects to the branch and how it gets it water from the plant. The blade is flat to catch the sun. The veins disperse and spread the water to the leaf. The margin is the area along the edge of the leaf.

Left: Julia - Middle: Reid - Right: Benjamin

Practical Life:

Leaf raking is the favorite work these weeks. Let your child help out at home.

Zeke on the Left and Benjamin on the Right, are welcome to rake leaves at my house.
Reid enjoyed being a tree dropping its leaves.
Julia beautiful fall!


The children enjoyed painting on the easel there were three steps to this painting project. The colors of fall are beautiful.

Coloring with an oil pastel.
Painting the sky with watercolor paint.
Sponge painting the leaves.
Fall Trees

My what a busy two weeks!

Moore next time;

Mrs. Moore


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