St. George Street BY: MAleda

One of my favorite things to do in Saint Augustine was go to Saint George Street. When I stepped on Saint George Street I smelled the most amazing smell i ever smelled. I already knew that this was going to be fun. The smells were so good .It smelled like ice cream, candy, pizza, and popcorn.
First, were the sights. The sights were beautiful all the shops, dogs, and trees. The people all looked very happy and everybody loved the sights. All the dogs were so nice and cute. I wanted to cuddle with them so badly. I saw a lot of carriage riders around. The carriages were beautiful and so were the horse's.
Second, is the smells. The smells were so good I wanted to eat everything there was.It was really good when we went to pizzalley's pizzeria it was delicious. The smell of ice cream was so refreshing and good i had some myself and it was wonderful.In my opinion one of my favorite thing to do was go to the candy store and the smells were very delicious. I wished i could just eat all of the candy that was there.The fudge looked really good.
Third,shops the shops are the best part of the trip for me.My favorite shop is the sunburst crystal shop. The Crystal shop is a jewelry store and my friend Annika and I went in it twice. It was the most beautiful store ever. Annika got a choker, a crystal pink pig for her sister, earrings for me. And earrings for our teacher Mrs. Cully. I got two chokers for myself and they are very very pretty. Our mom s wanted us to get out of there because they knew we would be in there for ever. I went to the Sword shop and the swords were real i couldn't believe it the sword shop was really cool.
Thank you for listening about my amazing time on St. George Street. Hopefully you will go there one day and have a wonderful time in St, Augustine. St, George Street is a wonderful sight to see. I hope I can go there again I had a wonderful time ever.

My trip to St. Augustine

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