Internal Revenue Service By: Gabriel E. Necuze

Who is the I.R.S.?

  • The Internal Revenue Service are not just accountants and auditors who steal your money every April.
  • They are actually a bureau of the department of treasury.
  • They have to main duties tax collection and tax law enforcement.

Employee Benefits

  • Employees of the I.R.S. receive major benefits such as; health insurance, life insurance, and thrift savings plan.
  • Also, if you are an I.R.S. special agents you also receive a government issued vehicle as well as the cost of gas for the vehicle.

I.R.S. Special Agents

  • Currently the U.S. has 2,303 I.R.S. special agents.
  • These men and women study tax code in order to investigate and eventually bring to justice those who are not following the law.
  • The I.R.S. special agents most famous arrest is Al Capone.

Why the I.R.S.?

  • The I.R.S. would allow me to gain a new preceptive on the federal government.
  • Also, my skills in finance would be very useful and helpful in the position.
  • Finally, the I.R.S. would still allow me to pursue my love for law enforcement.



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