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Photomontage Art Project

Blue Bird On A Tree Branch

I found this image to be interesting because there are a lot of colours and i like the way the photo was put together to show the different texture colours of the bird and the surrounding area. This photo grabbed my attention because i like birds that are rarely seen, ones that have unique markings to them and in this photo you can see the different colours and markings on the bird.

I think that this photo has a strong composition because it shows value the lightness and darkness of tones and colours which captures the viewers attention. This work of art also shows variety there are the different shapes to form the picture and the different colours to help it stand out.

This artwork is inspiring and inform my own artwork because it gives me different ideas as to what to look for when working on a project like this , For example looking at lighting and where im taking the picture as well as how close i am to the object and other settings that will best bring out the details in the photo im trying to create.

I find this image interesting because Its different and unique it looks like a 3D picture with the way that each image was pieced together. This item grabbed my attention because it reminded me some what of the way an origami looks, and i think that this image was really nice with the contrast of white and black and a bit of colour to help it stand out.

I think that this image has a strong composition because it shows lots of Value and Space and the picture also shows movement/rhythm because when you look at the picture your eyes are drawn across the picture and not just focused on one thing.

This type of artwork inspires and informs me on improving my own artwork because it shows me different ways that i can piece together a picture to make it interesting as well as the types of lighting to look out for to make the picture perfect.

I find this image to be interesting because buildings now a days already have unique distinctive attributes to the way there being built and designed, With this photo even though its a bunch overlapping its easy to see the details of each building.

I think that this image has a strong composition because it shows contrast with some buildings looking small and others looking big giving it the cool effect for the photomontage that is being created here also another thing about the photo is that is shows Form a 3 dimensional object in the photo to make it interesting.

This artwork inspires and informs me on improving my own art work because it tells me that no matter the background/landscape of the photo anything can be turned into a photomontage as long as the photo is taken right and all the lines , line up equally to a point but not all the way to make it look like just a regular photo.

Photomontage Art Project Process Work

**Attempt #1 For My Photomontage Of Rusty**

This was my first attempt at creating my Photomontage and with this first attempt while i was taking the photos the lighting wasn't the best and with rusty moving some of the pictures came out with a blur. I also needed to be closer so that when i pieced together the pictures later on they would all fit evenly to create the photomontage.

Attempt #2 Of My Photomontage Of Rusty

Attempt #2 was a lot more successful when taking the photo's. As this time i had more lighting to help brighten the photo, I had better camera settings to insure that there wasn't going to be any blur, even if he had moved and this time rusty actually stayed still long enough for me to take pictures of him which helped me be sure this time that the photos where going to line up when i went to put them together to create the photomontage.

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