Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight Year Diana tribuzio

The New York Times, Justin Gillis, January 18th, 2017


The debate of the Earth's rising temperature has become a heated one, specifically within our nation under a new administration. Despite the evidence, some refuse to believe that global warming is the product of human activity. Or some recognize it as our contribution, but don't believe there is anything that should be done about it. But the truth is, the global temperature average has been increasingly rising, and it has stained our hands. Since 2014, every year the Earth has received a new temperature to beat. These extreme temperatures pose a threat to more than the polar bears in the Arctic, but also to human society.

Temperature Change from 1880-2016

So, what does this mean for us?:

Of the 17 hottest years on record, 16 have now occurred since 2000. Global warming can intensify weather patterns, like el NiƱo, and this can be damaging. The increase of carbon dioxide emissions is directly related to human activities, and the burning of fossil fuels. Global warming leads to rising sea levels due to the melting of ice caps, this only isn't harmful for animals that live in these regions, but also for costal communities, because it can lead to increased flooding during storms, which have become more frequent and stronger due to climate change.

Learn more about global warming, and the greenhouse effect and its affects here:

In a time when the President of the United States refuses to believe global warming and climate change are a threat to our planet. It is important to make a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint! It can be as simple as biking once a week, rather than driving a car. Or even being on top of the maintain on your car helps your fuel burn more effectively, hence using less! Even just turning off your lights at home, can reduce your carbon footprint over time. Above is a graph with the temperature from the last year compared to the average within our own community, even though global warming may not feel like is affecting you, we certainly know its all around us.

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