2016 room22 refletions for justin

I feel I improved in financial literacy because I worked it all out and it worked out in the end!

Something important that i learn't was math because it helps you in your job when you get older!

The hardest thing was writing because I all ways get something wrong, I'm not there yet!

The best thing about the year was rainbow springs because I went on the big splash 8 times!

I enjoined learning about geometry because I like doing symmetry!

something I learn't about myself is that I have a spleen that cleans extra blood cells!

I have participated in school life by encouraging others by telling them their stronger than they think

Next year I hope I will write amazing stories to go in the library!

My goal for math is to do long division with big numbers.

My handwriting goal is to write neater in cursive by sloping more.

My goal in writing is to write lots more adjectives.

My goal in reading is in plays look up more so the class can hear.


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