Integumentary System: Why It Is What It Is Madie Mckenzie


nail plate- over lies nail bed

Sebaceous gland- secrete oils for hair

Sebum- oil produced by sebaceous gland

nail bed- specialized epithelial cell

nail- keratinized epithelial tissue at ends of fingers and toes

apocrine gland- sweat gland that becomes active with emotions do

eccrine gland- sweat gland that helps in regulating body temperature

arrector pili muscle- helps hair to stand on end

hair follicle- tube-like depression in the epidermis and dermis that contains hairs

hair root- ends of hair that gets nutrients from blood vessels

Lunula- whiteish, thickened, crescent shaped region at the base of nails

the integumentary system helps regulate body temp. by how the different layers of the skin has different functions. There is the epidermis, dermis, and the hypodermis. All the hair follicles, nerves, and such things are here. The adipose cells in the skin help keep us warm when we need it.

Layers of skin:


Created with images by diongillard - "Skin" • Ridderhof - "background concrete stone" • seier+seier - "m.g. bindesbøll, thorvaldsen's museum, copenhagen, 1839-1847"

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