Virginia By KAylee Fiedler

What state is shaped like a triangle and is also know as the Mother of Presidents? If you guessed Virginia,

then you are correct. There are many famous people who were born in Virginia. For example, the one and only

George Washington, the very first president! There are also some beautiful locations in Virginia. In fact, Virginia

has some of the most beautiful land in the country. There are also many attractions and fun things to do in

Virginia. Most people go to the wonderful beach to cool down in the nice water. Virginia is a beautiful and

wonderful state to go to.

The population and the amount of famous people in Virginia is astonishingly interesting. In

fact, there were 8 presidents that were born in this very state. Additionally, Virginia's nickname is the

Mother of Presidents. The presidents names were Thomas Jefferson (3ird president), James Madison (4th

president), James Monroe (5th president),William Henry Harrison (9th president), John Tyler (10th

president), Zackary Tayler (12th president), Woodrow Wilson (28th president), and there is the most famous president of all, George Washington (1st president). Will There was also many other famous people that lived in Virginia. For example, the famous singer Ella Fitzgerald, and football player, Michael Vick. Now the population of the entire state (in 2015), 8,382,993 people. All of these facts prove how Virginia is a very interesting place.

George Washington

The locations in Virginia are amazingly fun and warm. The American Revolution and the Civil War actually

happened in Virginia. Virginia was named after a queen of England, known as the "Virgin Queen". The best

place to go on a vacation is Virginia's largest city, Virginia Beach. It has beautiful beaches and wonderful

places to go, (Virginia has some of the most beautiful land in the country). Although Virginia Beach has some

beaches it is not the only place to go relax and cool down in the water, there are many beaches all over the

state. For example, you could go to Yorktown or Portsmouth. Even though the beaches are very interesting

there is also an army base right there in Virginia! All of these facts makes Virginia's locations seem like some

interesting places.

Virginia has many attractions and fun things to go do and see. For example, there are many beaches

scattered all across the state. People can also go to a park and run all around. Although swimming, playing

in the sand and playing at parks is very fun tourist can also learn some history about Virgins and about the

awesome land marks in Virginia. People can visit presidents homes and they can visit the very battlefields of

Thomas Jefferson's home

the American Revolution and the Civil War! Another way to learn history at Virginia is a going to a museum. A

suggestion is "Virginia Museum of Fine Arts" (in Richmond), "Virginia Museum of Natural History" (in

Martinsville) or "Frontier Culture Museum" (in Staunton).

Clearly then, Virginia is a wonderful place to go have fun, relax and take a vacation. In conclusion, there is

a surprising amount of presidents who lived in Virginia and there are many attractions and fun things to go

do. Finally, there are also many beautiful locations all over this state.

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